134 Tons of Confiscated Marijuana goes up in smoke. Thoughts?? (14 photos)

This genius book weed burning was done via the Mexican Army. So blame them, not me.

  • DJwillflo

    There are no words… It’s hard to look at… I’ll never be able to get these images out of my brain…

    • troy

      Don't worry about it, it's Mexican brick weed. If it was tons of kind bud it would be worth crying over though

    • BilboMcPuffins


      burn that dirty schwag

    • nut

      Amen. At least it was dirty mek weed

  • Alex


  • yaneverknow

    hmmm, could use it as a gov't alternative to tax returns.

  • chiver132

    I am sure all of the people downwind from that fire had a much better day

  • Guest


  • avia

    never again…

  • Name

    Glad to see it happen. Be a lot less d-bags in this world if people would stop getting high,

    • Jack-Jack Lin

      that statement would be true if you were referring to alcohol.

      • Mikeb

        Scumbag steve im sure smokes weed. Scumbag steve is a d-bag. Therefore some d-bags smoke weed. So your argument is invalid. Either way a d-bag is a d-bag. It doesnt matter if the smoke or drink. Or do both.

        • susy sue

          but just cause someone smokes doesn't make them a d-bag

    • ashleyging

      People get high so they can deal with the "d-bags" who don't get high.

    • x_R3volv3r

      'if you were a man I'd punch you, I'd punch you right in the mouth'

    • AtomManhattan

      A wise man once said- 'Sobriety is a bore to the thinking man, and the alternative doesn't know any better.' Not saying if you don't indulge you're an idiot, but never the less, an intelligent man would know there's nothing wrong with pot. And it's pretty much common knowledge, that if you haven't smoked pot or are completely straight-edge – no one gives a fuck what you think.
      I wouldn't ask a priest for sex tips, now would I?

      • x_R3volv3r

        Well, unfortunately, that would depend on what denomination the priest was. ahem, catholic, for example.

      • Drunkula

        Enough time to be sober in death…

      • skippy

        no, because then you would be fucking little boys.

    • Yodagreenhead

      ignorance and fear i sense!

    • hapa_nerd

      A lot of people who use marijuana use it strictly as an herbal remedy for pain, loss of appetite, and various other medical issues. Think of all the people suffering from cancer who can't obtain marijuana legally to ease their pain. It's terrible. The real "d-bags" are those who abuse alcohol and other unnatural drugs- not people who benefit from the medicinal properties that an unnecessarily illegal plant has to offer.

      • mick

        Alcohol is much more harmful than weed, the american government is stupid for not realising it yet

        • Joel

          What makes you think the government doesn't realize that pot doesn't need to be illegal? The more we fear "dangerous drug users" the less we'll pay attention to even more dangerous politicians and corporations.

          • Jon

            That's American politics summed up as shortly as I've ever seen

        • non-smoker

          If it were about logic and facts, pot would be legal.

          But surprisingly, it's about money and power.

          The silly "war on drugs" is ridiculous to any intelligent person.

          (By the way, I don't even smoke the stuff.)

          • Neight

            It's about money and power? Are you high? Imagine the tax money the government would make on weed. Imagine the ability to almost completely crush drug cartels if government aided farms were growing the pot instead of said cartels. Politicans know it. It's only a matter of time before weed is legal, and I am very anti weed(for myself), I just see how it could be a good thing.

            • AnyoneForCoffee

              From my law enforcement background, I'd just like to fully subscribe to this opinion.

              You never get dopeheads beating the crap out of each other or innocent passers-by.

            • sam

              i agree. the only reason it hasn't been leagalized yet is because its easy for anyone to grow. if the government could find a way to corner the market they would be all over it. all any regular person has to do is throw a handful of seeds and the ground and wait for something to pop up. its a weed it will grow pretty much anywhere with little to no care. though chicken shit is the best fertalizer. uhhhh my parents were hippies and we lived on a farm lol

              • susy sue

                if youre looking for quantity over quality, sure.

              • lilix

                not for the good shit.
                id need a shitload of crack to smoke chicken shit

            • skippy

              The government doesn't believe they would make money from legalizing it, and they are probably right, think of all of the free money the confiscate from drug dealers.

              • dudette

                Not really, it costs more to bust drugs than to grow/make and sell drugs.

        • Moron

          Thank you Dr. Mick M.D. for letting us know your scientific findings on the danger of alcohol vs. weed.

    • boozer

      ROFL you guys are funny, where the BOOOBS at

    • AZbtchs

      I've never met a d-bag who smoked. I think you're referring to alcohol…

      • Terryc

        I have met many of D-Bags who smoke weed and many of D-bags who drink alcohol. So all of your arguments are invalid. Becasue a d-bag is a d-bag no matter what they are doing.

    • DoctorOctavius

      I am almost positive that money is what converts regular people into d-bags.

    • elbruces

      I've known a lot of people who get high and I know a lot of people who think that getting high is morally wrong. And you know what? The "d-bags" are almost entirely in the latter group.

    • Rick

      Ur a complete moron. That is all.

    • Jon

      Ignore the troll, it only makes it happier when people respond like this

    • Dan Gross

      you suck.

    • lilix long

      kill yourself and never return
      itd be hard to do but…
      fuck you

  • http://www.facebook.com/CaitlinMBurke Caitlin Burke

    it breaks my heart to look at these photos, #13

    • Muke

      It's a plant. We can grow more. It's not that difficult.

  • SadChiver

    So wrong… so unbelievably wrong.

  • ashleyging

    what a sad, sad day. Wish i could have been there for the secondhand though. Good lordo.0

    • bud

      i like your booty

  • Anonymous

    next post better be Mexican Army goes up in smoke thoughts?

  • Lee

    What a waste. All that plastic. That’s really bad for the environment. I sure hope they recycled it all.

  • vicrom252

    The next post better be Mexican Army goes up in smoke thoughts?

    • kORD

      Meh. Wouldn't stop or solve anything. at all. Getting rid of the Mexican army would be like… flushing your toilet because your car won't run.

      • Plumber Mechanic Guy

        It worked!

    • yep

      I hope you aren't that unintelligent. I take it you are TOTALLY UNAWARE of how bad things are south of the border.

      People like you make me want to stab my brains out.

      • vicrom252

        Go for it

  • Jack-Jack Lin

    a part of me just died

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lauren-Williams/100000247609411 Lauren Williams

    Waahh #14

  • kORD

    Not that sad really. Brick weed can be destroyed by the ton and there will be tons and tons more. If it was a small home grow operation showing 10 plants with weeks of TLC in em on fire… well… then thats kind of disappointing.

    • Brick Lover

      How do they make it grow in the shape of a brick!? That's incredible!

      First Watermelon, Now Weed!??!!

  • kingston

    its just mexican brick weed, who smokes that dry ass seedy shit anyway

    • derp derp

      um, mexicans?

      • BzukaJoe

        I do when I'm craving a nice, deep headache

    • McBeastie

      My thoughts exactly. Now if this was a gallery of Humbolt police burning weed I'd be crying.

    • aleXTC

      damn weed snobs. Hey man , the reggie here in tucson is good as hell. plus sometimes i get tired of paying 50 bucks for 3.5 grams when i could get an oz of reg

    • zzz

      it's good for when you want to roll J's..

      • FlickMyBic

        lol you mean L's. a j of reg wouldn't give me a head-change.

    • carvaggio

      you know who smokes that weed? americans, thats why there's a drug war in mexico

  • tommybhoy

    Even before i seen the images a cried NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • steve

    yep…if it was maui wowee or thai stick i would be crying like a little girl

    • The Pointer


  • St.Christopher

    I hope all of them burn inhell.

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  • greg davis

    hope it was all schwag

  • AtomManhattan

    May as well be burning money. All I see is…oh, wait- is that Mexican weed? Screw it, you're doing the world a favor. We're snobs up here in VT, we only toke the primo heads.

    • hMMMM

      VT….HA, what a joke! You may get so-so product from Canada and Iroquois nation, but don't go braggin about beasters, boi. There are people here from the big cities that burn world-class premo, scientifically engineered and grown within optimal settings.

  • OneClownShoe

    Lucky for us, it grows on trees…er, in trees…no, wait…like a weed. Yes, that's it. Like a weed! 🙂

    • that_weed_guy


  • x_R3volv3r

    laughed out loud in the officer.
    strange looks. not exactly the kind of post I can explain to my coworkers.

    • x_R3volv3r

      *officer here, maybe?

      • x_R3volv3r

        *office here, maybe?

        • One more

          *office here, maybe?

    • badjob

      If you were in the officer I hope you get off the charges….. although if you laughed whilst in the officer, perhaps you were enjoying it and are looking forward to doing your time !

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