Farmer makes his son a homemade roller coaster. WTF not? (24 Photos)

  • Doofenshmirtz

    That's in southern Indiana…I drove right past it on my way to Princeton, Indiana a few years back. Also have seen it on a couple TV shows. Pretty cool…

    • Doofenshmirtz
    • amanda

      I live in Evansville, IN – home of homemade roller coasters and marker-faced sword wielders!

      • XOS

        live just outside eville about an hour…you sure this isnt holiday world's newest attraction?

  • osirisoflight

    cool i want to see a video of this thing in action

    • Doofenshmirtz
    • DCMOFO

      Not the best quality but still looks fun.

      • osirisoflight

        nice, thanks for the vid bro. that looks like a sweet ride.

  • equalizermax

    Best Dad Ever!!!

    • tim

      Incorrect. That title belongs to one of my coworkers who has a "World's #1 Dad" coffee mug.

    • Wavien

      I don't really think he built it for his son's amusement.. Probably more for his own.

  • Ramnath. Pai. P

    Father of the year….

  • ClamSlayer

    #24 That kid looks thrilled.

  • Nathan

    #24 Billy is no longer with us… :'-(

  • dastlast

    This idea is so much WIN! Even though I wouldn't bet my fortune on the whole thing being safe!

  • john

    nothing like the possibility of death to get the blood pumping

  • Bunker Punk

    Sketchy… #16

  • Kris

    Isn't this pretty old? I know i've seen this somewhere before..
    no harm done if it is old of course, just trying to figure out why it looks so familiar!

  • WTFever

    Needs a chivette flashing the camera.

  • @yoyowhatsup

    I'm sure this dude was on tv a few years back.
    The video is probably on youtube 🙂

    • Doofenshmirtz
  • rebel

    With most roller coasters, its the illusion of potential death… with this one… there are actual odds involved.

    …hhmmm…. death coaster betting….

  • Freddy

    What's really surprising is that it actually seems like he did an ok engineering and construction job. He has the double wheel thing going #18 and he even made a quality track #10

    I was expecting to see a mess of metal but this guy actually pulled this off quite nicely

  • James

    That thing is equal parts awesome and terrifying

  • WoogyMonster

    #15 Okay I'll ride it under one condition. Find her Tattoo girl has to straddle the tracks so I can ride through the gap.

  • David Plummer

    This is in Indiana… I drove by this thing EVERY WEEKEND when I was going to school.. its even more impressive in person!!

  • Kit Shop Guy

    simliar if not the same one a farmer in hamilton Ontario made….

  • bobo

    u know ur a redneck when

    • Sizzle

      You know you're a redneck when you can't be bothered to type the "y-o" in "you" or the "y-o-'-e" in "you're"?

  • Mike Engler

    sign me up!

  • JAKE

    There's our farm subsidies at work…

    • shane.

      don't be an idiot.

  • Lynne McNaught

    Ooooh I'll be that's safe….. :/

    • Lynne McNaught

      *bet! BET BET BET BET… Siiigh.

  • Bob

    Good fun but it does not look safe….

  • J.G

    #24 parenting fail? You must be this high to ride (puts hand on the ground)

    • Chris Poole

      you must be this high to ride *puts bong to face*

  • BigDingo

    #7 #23 wow that kid looks stoked

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