Operation Urgent Fury Grenada War (21 Photos)

The invasion of the island nation of Grenada by the United States of America and several other nations in response to a coup d’état by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard. From October 25, 1983, the United States, Barbados, Jamaica and members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States landed ships on Grenada, defeated Grenadian and Cuban resistance and overthrew Coard's government. October 25 is a national holiday of Grenada, called Thanksgiving Day, to commemorate this event.
Many of these photos came from Jeff Mcannally of "Bravo Company 2/505 Inf. 82nd Airborne on patrol in the jungle, air assaulting an objective, securing a compound and the medic of 2/505 preparing to return to the US on 23 Dec. 1983."
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • Will

    "the armed intervention in Grenada, which constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of that State"…not the first or the last time…

    7,600+ American troops versus 2,200 Third World troops… the easiest invasion ever?!

    & most of the American dead were killed by their own side…hmmm… USA! USA! USA!


    This website is clearly US military propaganda. Its a shame (and a little disturbing) that the Chive and other sites would bother linking to it.

    • trollradius

      No, this is a place for US service personnel to come and share photos and stories, since the armed forces are a sort of brotherhood that is hard to understand for people who have not served. From your statement it is obvious that you have not served and probably never thought to do anything for anyone other than yourself. I hope you know myself and many others have sacrificed years of our lives (plus those who were killed, wounded, or mentally scarred for the rest of their lives) to defend your right to freely spout out bullshit statements like this. Of course I'm sure you don't care since you've probably never had to sacrifice anything in your life. I bet you're another spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement and a big mouth when hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, but I guarantee you wouldn't have the balls to say it to my face or any other veteran.

    • brett

      i do agree and the fact that you have 6 dislikes to me is funny seeing that this is clear usa propoganda since all it shows is either something to do with sex or "how cool is it that we killed thousands of people in iraq".

  • Will

    When people fight, they fight for themselves, they go into battle for their regiment & risk their lives for their mates. I call bullshit on anyone that says they're fighting for my freedom or my freedom of speech, it's like fighting for a flag, bullshit. There's a lot of reasons for joining up (& maybe fighting too) but don't bullshit me or anyone else that you're doing it for 'us'. I think being a real soldier & fighting can be very honourable but some battles aren't honourable, invasions like Grenada & Iraq weren't. & if you think we owe you when you're fighting, maybe we do, but that would mean you owe all of 'us' for paying your wages when you're not… 🙂

    • trollradius

      Based on your spellings I can tell you're not American(unless there's the off chance you've immigrated), so I don't believe you owe me shit. Service in modern times isn't usually a literal fight for your rights kind of thing(WWII being the last actual fight for your rights IMO), it's more symbolic that we are willing to be put our lives on the line for the country and all we really ask for is respect, something that Thisisacon could not provide.

      Will, you make valid points about Iraq and Grenada, but you must remember that us grunts do not decide where we fight, this is done by politicians who have more than likely never set foot into battle. You must remember that a lot of us in America, even servicemen, did not want an invasion in Iraq in 03. However, our duty as members of the military means following orders even when we disagree (as long as the order is not blatantly unlawful, e.g. shooting unarmed civilians). What you must remember is that what we really sacrifice is time and having to be away from our loved ones, and by volunteering for said roles the draft is no longer necessary. As I stated before, we do not feel owed anything but a little respect, or perhaps more like not being disrespected, because when we decide to leave home and join up, it means someone somewhere else didn't have to.

      • Brett

        i do not think you are grunts, it is the old men in the white house who wants to be old fashioned and drink their glass of scotch while saying "hey lets go kill someone we think is either a commie or a terrorist, or more importantly, someone we can steal oil from. i am canadian, but i do think you are some of the worlds best since you have been some of our allies since day one and i support your right to be the strong and free

  • Jeff

    I always refrain from responding to these idiots like Will and thisisacon. Most of them are either not Americans or are just spoiled brats. It is a known fact that Americans (most) love their military personnel. This is as American as apple pie and baseball. Our country was founded by our soldiers and militias so to anyone else who doesn't like it, move on. Don't visit sites like this. But if you do, keep your POS comments to yourself. I was in Grenada! You weren't there to see just how oppressed those people were! They loved that we came there and threw out communist Cuba AND THE ARMED THUGS THAT ASSASSINATED THE ESTABLISHED GOVERNMENT. The airport was named Ronald Reagan International for years but has since changed. Illegal or not it was the right thing to do!!!! and I am glad I was a part of it! That was the only combat I saw in my years in the military but there are quite a few military incursions where the people want us there. You only see the MSM spewing the words of hate for the American military, never the people who we rescue! Go back to your liberal, tree hugging site and leave ours alone!!!!

    • Brett

      i do not agree since that was a very right wing comment. what i will say is that communism is a government for all, meaning that just because i live on a poor island i get the same treatment as everyone else. capitalism supports the idea of an economic growth if you have something to offer. people will always complain whether it is a recession or "tree huggers", but we must look at the side that maybe communism was the right move. the problem was the domino effect if cuba or anyone else went down, everyone else was going to go red aswell. the only problem was that people did not see a reason for action to be taken.

  • Jeff

    AND…… Will is probably British. Just a guess from his spelling and his hate toward the military. The British people do not stand behind their military like we do. I trained with some Brits and their soldiers are about the only Brits I would associate with. Great bunch of lads. In
    Grenada we rescued a family from England. As I attended to the wounds one family member had, she could hardly hold her distain for the American military long enough for me to finish. Probably holding on to that 200+ year old grudge!! LOL

  • Josh

    God Bless the USA God Bless the Marines!!!!! Semper Fi!!!!!

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