• Kyle

    mrs. williams, take a nice boot in the ass please

  • Ryan

    This guy does not make $1117.80 a month as an Airmen 1st Class in the Air Force. An A1C with under 2 years Time in Service makes $1,729.80 a month. Over 4 but under 2 years TIS makes 1,838.70. Although no much, still over $600 a month more than he states in his letter. Unless I am missing something about military wages….

    • Brad

      Oh yes, that's a good point Ryan, I forgot that you get to see A1C Bragg's paycheck before he deposits it every month… Oh wait, YOU DON'T!

      • Ryan

        Military pay is pre-determined across the board for every rank and how long they have been in the Military. It is pretty easy to find out what any military members pay is. He said his paycheck is 1117.80, that is 600 below what the minimum for his pay grade is. Not hard to understand that.

        • Navy Nuke Vet

          this is not a current post, i saw it a few years back while i was still in the Navy, So his pay may be accurate because i know this post has been reposted in forums for years.

    • Donald

      either way he does not make enough for the shit he has to go through…

  • Nate


  • fuzzybeard2016

    Ms. Williams, also consider in that group of deploying service members that you are with there is a fairly decent chance that there will be a few that will be heading home early from their rotation. Not because they managed to earn the privilege; but because they were *KILLED* on some Godforsaken desert, or mountain half way around the world from their loved ones.

    They don't get to come home on the chartered airliner, they get to come back in the cargo hold of a C-17 to the Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs at Dover AFB. Once there, the Mortuary Affairs personnel try their damnedest to make the returning servicemember look enough like the way they were before they deployed to have at least a private viewing for the family possible.

    Goddamnit, this is a sore subject for me, and I apologize for rambling Ms. Williams, but if you think $10-13K/year for our youngest servicemembers who are drawing food stamps and WIC is too damn much money, then I strongly encourage you to try and tell that to the *WIDOW* of an E-3 who volunteered to lay his or her life on the line to help preserve the freedom YOU have to run your ignorant mouth!

  • Griffin

    I tip my hat to this brave young man

  • Jim

    There's a lot of incorrect info here. Check out the entry about this on ( While the letter is more or less real (original did not mention Afghanistan because it was written before we were there) it turns out the original opinion piece was published in 2000 criticizing efforts to add additional pay raises up to as much as 25% on top of the 4.8% raise we got in 2000. Cindy Williams was the Assistant Director for National Security from 1994 to 1997, and has not been appointed by the Obama administration. While we're at it, reading the original article couldn't hurt:…. Please note that she points out a number of ways in which the politicians and lobbyists pushing for the additional raises back then skewed the numbers to make it look like there was a greater pay gap than actually existed. Not saying I wouldn't have liked an insanely large raise in 2000 (and 25% would have been just that), not saying I think all junior enlisted are paid comparable to their civilian counterparts (some of the more tech-related MOSs especially) but this whole thing doesn't really seem very relevant to the current debate about military pay and benefits, other than to maybe remember back when it was economically possible to give service members an across the board 4.8% raise. That, and maybe we need to get all our facts straight before we break out the torches and pitchforks and head over to Ms. Williams' house.

    • PFC

      did you read the actual article? her numbers for enlisted were completely fucking wrong. she said that after 4 months a private makes 21k. she is bat shit crazy. She's pulling numbers out of her fucking ass. Privates don't make 21k a year after taxes. you need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth. MI enlisted personnel with a Top secret clearance get get out and make up to 100k a year right away. she's the one skewing the gap number. not saying the politicians arn't either but at least they are trying to help our guys out not fuck them over and keep them on stamps.

  • John geis

    When federal CIVILIAN employees average $140,000 a year, much more than the private sector,
    and DEMAND pay raises when Social Security has not increased in 2 years, and do not have to pay for new uniforms because someone decided they needed a new look, it is understandable how Ms Williams can think as she does.

  • Jennifer

    I don't care if her numbers or his numbers are wrong. I still think we should be giving our soldiers pay increases first before our stupid politians that waste it on their 3rd car or second home. They dont get paid nearly enough for what they do.

  • John

    Typical pro-american propaganda bullshit – I refuse to believe any serving man wrote this.

    • Whiplash

      Whether or not it is written by a serving man or not, it proves a very true point, they should be paid more money. I think a soldier stuck in some hell hole valley in Afghanistan taking bullets and mortars on a daily basis deserves more than >$1500 a month.

    • 19D

      Why do you refuse to believe a serviceman wrote this piece? I can tell you right now that as a PFC I was lucky to bring home $1000 month. Honestly don't give a shit if you believe it or not, it is true. 19D

  • DJM

    You have CEO making millions and millions of dollars in bonuses, tell me – who deserves it more? The soldier who puts his life on the line for his country, or the CEO that gets ridiculous undeserved bonuses?

    Common sense has to be used at some point here….

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  • mrjimmyos

    Why are these brave soldiers even being taxed? They're already doing their part for their country. We should all write letters to Washington

    • sarge g

      we're not taxed while overseas

      • Scratch

        Correction, we're not taxed in declared war zones.

  • Travis

    As a E-2 i'm making about 1200 a month after taxes.

  • Anonymous

    #1 the safest place to stay in combat… is behind a marine


    #1 the safest place to stay in combat… is behind a marine

  • sarge g

    there are crazy errors in this post; first and foremost, no airman would call them self a soldier… and there are more if you know anything about the services.

    Still, the sentiment is true. Fk the loudmouth politicians who say we make enough. They should check their own paystubbs and ask who makes too much.

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