• Jag

    Douchebag Steve…… Witnesses levitating lesbians going down on each other……… Get's in the middle of it.

  • Tyler

    “This year’s Conjoined Twins Cheer-Offs are going to be the best ever!”

    “They all laughed at Petey’s idea for a Voltron half-time show. But Who’s laughing now?”

  • Rolis

    looking up 69 on the urban dictionary produces mixed results

  • Scott

    Huh? Yes, on the cheerleader outfits but I think we’re doing it wrong?

  • Da Badass

    Ah, there has to be an easier way to tell time

  • Da Badass

    Frozen Cheerleaders…Get'm before they thaw!

  • Eirik

    To bad I´m gay.

  • hybridqube

    This is not what I meant when I asked you girls if you wanna be SWINGERS!!

  • lemartesdc

    the amish wind turbine…… why do they need this again?

  • baconfortress


  • Scott

    when you called me over for a three way this isnt what i had in mind….TEASE


    When the guys on the football team were calling the little cheerleaders "spinners", poor Lance on cheer squad had no idea what that meant….

  • Jordy

    American Pie: The Human Centipede

  • Jizzworthy

    Jack was determined to stop Jill from doing the new "Muffdive" cheer on Mindy.

  • metalwest

    must have*
    double fail.

  • Matyas

    I'm gonna spin these bitches.
    Bitches love spinnin'

  • mike

    I was here first bitch

  • Briggs

    Hmm,. I wonder what my boyfriends going to make for dinner

  • douchelord

    guy "I hope the quarter back notices me now"

  • grey

    my new hero

  • Bill

    if he continues at that rate he'll be neck-less…
    ha ha ha ha ha

  • chris turner

    After attempting for 2 hours, Dave realised that banging this Siamese Twin was going to be impossible…..

  • clearwater

    further proof that gay guys have women throwing themselves at them

  • tbag

    because FUCK YEAH

  • billythekid82

    White men can't jump…but check THIS out!!

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