• Falthor

    combining 2 sexual fantasies into one is why we called Chris "the man"

  • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

    My God, it's the Flying Dutchman…I thought it was just a legend

  • JPirog

    This wasn't the threesome I had in mind..

  • Dave

    For the first time in his life Steve regretted being gay.

  • parker

    Daisy could only climax in the vortex of a human centrifuge

  • Vallen

    This is not what I pictured when they told me I'd be doing the seesaw with a couple cheerleaders.

  • Zoobs

    Lets try this with the male cheerleaders next.

  • Mike

    Behold!!! The first eco-friendly helicopter fueled by nothing but hot air and pep. Save the planet, fly a cheerleader.

  • theone

    giving head ,getting head …..ur doing it wrong

  • Trevor

    Tom acts fast after the T-shirt cannon fails and starts throwing bitches into the crowd.

  • Skedaddle

    This would be a LOT more fun naked.

  • loiz

    OMG I have to fart!

  • cooperman

    Revealed: New Spiderman villain. The Human See-Saw

  • Andrew

    Already too many sex jokes, but here goes: "New sexual position: The Teeter-Totter"

  • Joseph

    Coming this fall:

    Human Centipede: The Cheer Sequence

  • Rob

    I'll see your motor boat, and raise you a helicopter

  • Flynness

    Since his fourth grade Whirlybird science project, Danny has never been the same.

  • gottfried

    And he thought the threesome was worth it… until the chiropractor bill came

  • John3

    I still say all male cheerleaders are gay.

  • Lazlo

    Eiffel Tower..Fail

  • Brendan

    The most elaborate Ab workout ever.

  • Clark

    Coolest carny ride ever.

  • aaron

    Go Bearcats!!!

  • Bill

    and they told me this wouldnt work HA!

  • Chris Murphy

    Oh the irony

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