• Luke Skywalker III

    The 3 way John planned didn't quite work out like he envisioned.

  • 4UALL

    Back off Luanne I saw him first! Shut up Daisy he asked me to homecoming!

  • Harvey812

    Heads he wins, tails he wins.

  • William

    Scumbag Steve asks to borrow cheerleaders. Doesn't give them back.

  • africa rainbow

    Human Teeter-Totter: THE SPIRIT EDITION

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Hey you, on top, spin 180 degrees, and you in front, drop a foot, will ya??

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Position 693 in the Kama Sutra was not as enjoyable as Tad envisioned it to be.

  • Bach

    Dammit gurl! He's mine!

  • Iam Kronik Comatose

    Helicopter ? Like a BOSS

  • bobs419

    god i hope my bf doesnt see this..

  • aosux

    Is this a bad time to mention I have the HIV?

  • zman

    Stranded in the desert with scumbag steve….

    Drinks all your piss

  • That Guy

    I whip my hoes back and forth, I whip my hoes back and forth

  • Billie Page


  • moeshere Foxdale

    Who ever stays on gets the job…LOL

  • tmach81

    Girl 1: He's Mine!!!
    Girl 2: No way, Skank he's mine!!!
    Guy: Ladies, Ladies, Please… I'm Gay.

  • mike1155

    I think were doin it wrong

  • Tristan

    um…when I said do you want to try a 3some….this is not what I had in mind

  • Jason Velezerraptor

    its all fun and games until you realize its NASA's new space budget

  • jimbo

    This is not how I envisioned a threesome

  • Matt

    Wobbly-T, You're Doing It Right.

  • Iam Kronik Comatose

    I wave her hair back and forth, i wave her hair back and forth LIKE A BOSS

  • JayColvin

    Form Douche and Harpies. And I'll give…..the head

  • Wibbs

    Achievement Unlocked

  • Reed

    Go-Go Gidget helicopter

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