Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • IamwhoIam

    #47 vs #48
    too hard too decide…loyayties conflicting…yes the dark side, its calling me!

  • Yawn

    There is almost nothing creepier than whoever wrote that on #44 – who says "I believe her to be…" ?? You just KNOW whoever wrote that looks like Santa Claus and sits around beating it to pictures of girls he thinks are 12 years old.

  • Haley

    #37, this is so cute!! >.<

  • Lavender

    #38…. My dog I got in 1995 recently passed away. I love your picture! I miss my pup

  • bigleo

    #49 Thanks for this pic. Now I can work the whole day with a smile on my face!

  • justin

    #7 MY DICK!

  • Carlos SLB

    #48 Always Lord Vader!!!

  • Anon

    #35 Thick, curly blonde hair is ALWALYS a fail as far as I'm concerned. I fucking hate curly hair. So godamned ugly.

  • bozzy013

    #18, i almost pissed myself I laughed so hard.

  • bozzy013

    #35 is a very nice looking woman

  • Dante

    #41 really love this. belly button rings and underboob work for me.

  • Ban All Pets!

    I know the girl in #38. Right after the second photo was taken she had the dog euthanized because it barked too much.


    #13 yes!

  • hmcby

    Dudes your sis is Hot #11

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