Meanwhile, around the globe (22 Photos)

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  • DRC


    • dave32891

      wow you didn't even try to make it look like you didn't want to be first

  • Error404k

    Still too many there for a a Nickleback concert

    • Bill

      I dont know who Nickleback are, but are they really that bad? lol

      • Thrice

        They are so bad you havnt heard of them.

  • grampa tickles

    I guess you're trying to reward loyal chivers with nostalgia?

    • PoopIsFun

      well played

  • Karen in Australia

    do the guys in the first pic realise there is a zombie behind them?

  • erikLOVESchive

    i didnt see a meanwhile in britain

  • Bidon

    #1 This is RUSSIA you retards ;P

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Poland, Russia……see who cares…

      • Eric88

        I care you ignorant

        • Pole

          And i do!

      • Pdb

        I care too Russia is 300mk form Poland and its todly drfrend country.

      • Reavenant

        You will care when it comes out who's your enemy, and who's your best ally dork.

        • Irelevant

          so is he drunk or slow?

    • Gutterville

      Who cares the polish are just as retarded

      • luc

        fuck you ignorant bitch

      • Marty

        Your mother is retarded.

    • Aleja

      Actually man behind is shopped. He lives in Russia, and he is mentally disabled.
      Even TV show was devoted to support him.

    • JackTheLad

      It's just for a few laughs playing into the ways some countries are perceived. Have a laugh, and chill the fuck out.

  • why

    #2 fuck Jersey Shore making America retarded

    • Sean Runge

      I am from Jersey and this tanning booth douchbags really give people here a bad name…what pisses me off most is half of them are from staten island and long island…I am trying to defend my great little state

      • Kilroy

        ah the island of staten

    • force kin

      America does that on its own

      • Mike

        Tell that to Steven Hawking. K thnx bai

  • Steve

    There is a British one, the Japan picture is actually outside Buckingham Palaces back garden in London. See all the serious razor wire on top of the wall to stop you having tea with the Queen.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      #14 is indeed London.

      Well spotted, sir!

  • BigDingo

    #18 … f*ckin eh. Nothing wrong with fishing and beers down by the lake… or floating on it on an ice drift.

    • king

      surprised they're not wearing skates!!!!!

    • bobo

      thats the life we live in canada, having our canadian beer which is superior to american beer

      • Sconnie

        False, I just spent the last week in Toronto, and not only does your beer suck, but it's 2x as expensive. Come to Wisconsin if you care to taste some real beer.

        • Pissed

          Wisconsin beer HA, I'd rather drink horse piss.

  • hamberleaf

    #19 best country ever!

  • chiver79

    #16 that's what my backyard will look like in a few months

  • putnam120

    #1, I think you meant "Meanwhile in Britain".

    • IRock

      Actually, it should be "Meanwhile in Kentucky".

      • kent

        Nobody in Kentucky looks that bad. The clothes are all wrong. Too dirty.

        Could easily be some chavs in England. But no, it's Russians.

    • P90

      In no way is that Britain. (The British officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet)

  • chived

    #3 – the one in the middle is ridin' dirty

    • Jules

      They're raising the bar!

    • Jak

      It's the Dayton 10

      • aosux

        Ah, shit. Daytona 10. I fucked that up

  • Eddie Biggar

    #4 SCUBA STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pete Ribaudo

      damn you!!

    • GreyGhost9

      i think you meant SCUBA SVEN

  • Idontknow

    Meanwhile in the Ukraine?.. is there another Ukraine I'm not aware of?..

  • Yeahbeer

    @21 Awesomeeeeee!!!!!!

  • ugh

    All stupid stereotypes. Most of them are titled wrong and most of them are lame as hell anyway. Fail to the tenth power.

    • Gunter

      No shit? Realy?!

    • wolbie

      You Sir are a fail. Way to take this post way too literally instead of just enjoying the humor involved

  • PokePoke

    meanwhile in china is just silly, segwars arent chinese, neither are the people in the picture, the guns that are used or the scenery.

    • The Spicy Italian

      Is that what its called when you have a war on a segway? A segwar?

    • lolkimi

      problems with your statement:
      a.) Segways can be found everywhere around the globe.
      b.) The people in the picture look asian, which is close enough to chinese
      c.) The chinese don't rely purely on Chinese guns.

  • IRock

    Lots of grumpy Chivers today. Lighten up, kids, while you still can.

  • GK-4

    #21 Wow

  • Bree1912

    ❤ #13

    • Bree1912

      Oops meant #18

  • equalizermax

    Where's Meanwhile in Chive's Office?…

  • O Captain My Captain

    Why is everyone taking everything so literally lately? It's a JOKE.

  • Daris

    Yeah, AIDS really took care of that fad for us.

  • Wolfram

    #20 STALKER, anyone?

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