• Luke

    I didn't know Justin Bieber could skate

    • Michael D

      I was thinking the exact same thing. My thumbs to you, sir.

    • dddd

      hey this kid was rocking that hair in 2004, you can't knock him for it.

    • pretzelmang

      bieber was on fantasy factory…he ollied off some shit

  • Alec

    I can't wait for my Chive shirt. Lol.

    • Alec_Is_Epic

      Look I even made a Chive account (finally) to celebrate. XD

      • Billy

        There fucking sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dmander

    Rodney Mullen would be proud.

    • stingurface

      that frick aint got shit on rodney mullen bro he is INSANE

    • zdrake13

      I was just thinking that they have clearly never seen Rodney skate. The best technical skater of all time in my opinion.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        if you watch the lakai video the french guy does a feeble grind kickflip out into a primo and rids it on a flat surface much better.

        • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo
        • wakedork

          that's not a feeble grind that's a smith

          • BzukaJoe

            smith to primo, lucas puig

      • sikofitt

        If the chive thinks this is the trick to end all tricks, clearly they haven't seen mullen skate.

    • QuantuM

      SO GLAD someone recognized this as Mullen's. Props to the kid for pulling it off 🙂

      • my5tika1cll

        Has the chive seen Mullen's casper slide and variations there of? I would say a hard flip is harder to pull off than this….

    • bobby

      hell yea rodney mullen was the shit

  • PJ Fry

    He did have a bieber haircut, which really points at why he had all the time in the world to do this trick.

    Stoked for the chivery!

    • http://www.southernfriedboredom.blogspot.com dawgsman81

      Seeing as how the video was shot in 2004, Bieber has a that guy haircut… jus sayin.

  • dmander

    I can't wait for my bottle of Chive cologne. I imagine it would smell of awesomeness. And real bits of panther.

    • ROK

      60% of the time it works, every time.

    • Brick Killed a Guy

      It smells like turd covered in burnt hair!

    • 123RoastHim

      Smells like bigfoot's dick!

    • Vince

      Smell's like Scumbag Steve

  • robotik

    not that crazy…its called a primo. Hard enough, but not that crazy

    • yeah

      i fuckin love primos!!

      • hellyeah

        Oh, I thought we were talkin about somethin else

  • wikusvandemerwe

    Ok, that was pretty impressive. Baby baby baby Ohhh!

  • LazyTheKid

    Rodney Mullen was doing that ages ago.

  • skater

    i skate a lot and seeing that was really not that impressive

  • TherealJoel

    rodney mullen could do that when he was 2.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Beiber can skateboard?

  • munificent

    Skillful but pointless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbbbbeaver Ross Huddleston

    really not hard to pull off…

  • yam

    Rodney Mullen did this years ago

    • Smatt

      This kid also did it years ago (the camera date says 2004 at least)…

      • nwest

        what Yam means by years… he was pulling that shit in the early 90's.

        • wakedork

          Primo Desiderio (sp) was doing it before Mullen, not dis on Mullen favorite skater ever, but Primo invented it that's why it's called a Primo slide.

  • dangandan

    most skaters can do this. as one myself and who can do it, the kickflip isn't even needed to get into it. and as many comments have said just check out rodney mullen. now that guy will impress.

  • otter

    Primo Desiderio did this trick first. That is why it is called a Primo Slide.
    Rodney Mullen made this trick more mainstream by doing the trick on a larger board than an old freestyle board. I recall seeing video footage of primo doing this trick back in the 1980s.

    It was interesting to see a kid do the trick on an incline in a parking garge. The difference is that Primo and Rodney Mullen consistently did this trick moving at a high rate of speed on a flat surface and kept the board moving for a good distance.



  • Anonymous

    Thats it? I’ve seen people do much better tricks. much much better tricks. Check out rodney mullen if you want some crazy tricks..

  • davey


  • moi

    yup, not impressive at all, Look into Rodney Mullen's stuff, now that's impressive!! Weak one chive…

    • pretzelmang

      i hope more people hate on your shit too

  • OneClownShoe

    I'd only be more impressed with it if he'd done it at night with some steel involved. Sparks! Like Christopher Walken needs cowbell.

  • IRock

    I did this trick in 1975 with a rectangle plywood board with metal roller skate wheels bolted on, down the side of a mountain in the middle of a freeway during 5 o'clock rush hour traffic, while eating a 49 cent cheeseburger from McDonalds.

    • XOS2

      he did..i was there.

    • Kyle

      cool story bro

    • superman

      Holy shit! McDonalds cheeseburgers were 49 cents???

    • Letters

      Man, URock.

  • Bob

    Can I just say how refreshing it is to see a skateboard trick performed succesfully?? Well done sir.

  • skeet

    Skate or die!

  • Kyle


    this is killing me

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