• ProvenZer0

    I'm upset, I expected him to break something or get hit by a car or go over the side of the garage.


    like a boss.

  • Sye

    It's certainly not a bad trick (I sure as hell would never be able to do it), but it's nowhere near the things Rodney Mullen does. Such as:

  • Marshall

    I'm not gonna lie, i backed away from the monitor a little bit expecting him to break an ankle.

  • Adam Sandler

    that was bad-ass. Creative, too

  • Alllll


  • Anonymous

    People still skateboard?


    PLEASE!!!!……You obviously haven't seen Rodney Mullen

  • mtpuckhead

    It has already been said multiple times but if you think this is amazing, check out Mullen vs. Daewon

    Now THAT is skating at it's finest.

  • llama beans

    Apparently you've never seen Tony Hawk's 900

  • Marty M.

    I once stole some kid's scooter, ripped off the top part, then used it to get away from a bunch of HS bullies. They chased me in their car, until I tricked them into slamming into a truck full of manure. That's when I did this trick, and my my mom fell in love with me. It caused a vortex in the space time continuum, and I've been posting on Chive ever since…

  • wadafakutakinbout

    video broken

  • Josh


  • MacnCheese

    Pretty cool! Even though, most of the time, I'd rather beat the shit out of a skater around here for their shitty attitudes and willingness to nearly run people over on the sidewalk so they can have a little fun. Sorry, I've always classified skaters as a cross between emo and pussy gang members.

  • Evan F

    Primo tricks aren't actually that hard. But as an old street tech skater I'm glad to see people still doing them. cheers

  • NaKAhi70

    I was expecting a car to hit him O-o

  • Matt

    I was waiting for a car to come up and hit the kid…………

  • Justin

    It's called a primo slide and was invented by the godfather of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen

    • Teeph

      Try telling that to Primo Desedrio. Sure, the Mutt created pretty much every OTHER trick, but I think you gotta give the primos to Primo.

  • Ryan

    Rodney Mullen laughs at this

  • Chaz

    Look up Terry Synnot, he does that trick all the time. One of the last pro flat landers around.

  • Robert Beck

    Gotta admit that's pretty impressive. Would've been more impressive if the kid didn't act like such a douche nugget at the end, but whatever.

  • miker

    DAYUM! That was sweet. woot, woot! (better than I could do)

  • AssowVewhor

    I refuse.
    Thanks Chiko Product experience Expert

  • Josh nunez

    Shiet bros that move was amazings

  • Video Production

    Wow, incredible video

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