Star Wars Girl Revealed (23 Photos)

Today theCHIVE not only presents the opening of our emporium, theCHIVERY, but we also bring you Part III of the Star Wars Girl Trilogy (Here are Part I and Part II). About a week ago I emailed Star Wars Girl and asked her very politely to reveal her identity. She politely declined. Then I told her that I'd received over 2,000 emails from people around the world asking us to uncover her identity. So, in the interest of returning my Chive submit account back to manageable levels, she relented.

Star Wars Girl is named Nicole, a 19 year-old University student from a small city just outside Toronto (Canada, you continue to impress). Having spoken to her over the past couple weeks, I can tell you Nicole is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's a real fangirl of the highest order. She did ask me to thank the Chivers for their kind comments. The Chivers' unique ability to provide positive encouragement for women to express their sexuality has been outstanding. Well done, guys and gals.
Now enjoy Nicole as we present the third installment in the Star Wars Girl Trilogy...

There were a couple images that are just a bit too nsfw for this post. They are HERE and HERE. You’re welcome.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #9 So in love…wow…great job girl you rock…

  • Joben

    CANADA WINS!!!! She is canadian!!

  • DAS

    they did make 6 movies so I think we deserve 3 more posts
    Beautiful. Sexy. and just the right nerdy

  • alaskadiver

    Will you marry me…..?

  • Derek C. F. Pegritz

    I love hot chicks who are obviously are just cool as well as hot. That extra dimension literally doubles their awesomeness.

  • MoCo1453

    She's absolutely stunning, and it's not just the beauty. It's the style, the attitude. She's quite possibly the sexiest woman I've ever seen.

  • antrid

    Amazing! Looking forward to the 3D re-release.

  • eclipze

    #14 NO no no no no no !!!!! now it'll haunt me forever. ..

  • Michael

    # 14, Fuckin Eh

  • Jessica Condrey

    awesome if your really into all that cool nerdy stuff…but why get almost naked? Seems like someones just trying too hard:x I know I'll get thumbed down a ton but jeeze, nerdy girls aren't this people

    • Jacob Marchlinski

      Almost naked? In one of those nsfw pics, its a clear view straight to the vag. But I agree. Nerdy girls = cool. Sluts = eh. (okay maybe she's not a slut, but definitely to eager to show it all.)

  • PureGonzo


  • Jacob
  • Blake

    wow, i think i am love, thank you so much, this is exactly what numerous guys looks for in a girl

  • m.b

    Im with you on this one!

    • pwner

      Yeah a nerdy tranny award.

  • idunno

    yeah… uh… Can I have the faceless one again ? She was hotter.

  • Evariste

    Jedi girl, you are pretty indeed.

    Guys, stop dreaming! Who do you think took the pictures?

  • zack

    need more chick like her

  • Maxime

    —Speechless,… I wish there were more like her… I welcome her in belgium wenever she wants

  • nbfacw

    Not bad for a camwhore

  • Glock

    The chive posted this girl before, on march 7 th 2010 under ” nice gun” do i see a plot here????

  • BE Superficial

    She was better off NOT showing her face. Sorry, but it is pretty beat.

  • mith

    UMMMM…. She has got to be the perfect woman…! If she understands the workings of an internal combustion engine… Then game over she is the "ONE" true perfect woman. Thanks Chive for bringing her to us…. Canadian or not she's awesome.

  • Logan

    The body yes.. The face.. No.

  • Boris

    #17 Best pic ever.

  • Chim Richels

    Good body. Nice tit to waist ratio, but the face is kinda 'meth tweaker' in a few pics.

    Sorry, just callin' it like I see it.

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