Cat Saturday (25 Photos)

  • Israeli_Rob

    #25 is a WIN

  • Paul

    #9… its "rediculous" how often people misspell ridiculous.

  • Chris

    More entertaining and easier scripting: Link to Fark's Caturday thread.

  • Jesse Skaggs

    It definitely should be called Caturday..

  • DangIt

    Someone please caption #14

    • sam

      "dad loved that damn cat more than me, thats why i started using drugs"

  • mudmonkey

    Please make all cat postings go away.

  • sam

    cat saturday? come on really? everybody knows that women who own cats are usually crazy as sh*t, and dudes who own cats are just weird. so why dont we have somthing cool, like maybe big snakes eating cats, or dogs chasing cats, somthing better than just plain old cats, its kind of boring, thats not why i look at the chive.
    ps. have you ever stepped in cat sh*t, yeah that will take the cute right out of a cat.

  • brie

    It's RIDICULOUS that you spelled ridiculous wrong #9

  • alex

    #12 always sunny is fucking hillarious love the kitten mittens gif.

  • STR - Jon

    EVERYONE in my office on Saturday LOVED this post. Please continue it on Saturdays!

  • bless1


  • misschris

    I like these posts… but if we're gonna have Cat Saturdays (Caturdays), can we also get a Dog Day Afternoon post once a week? 🙂

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