Kids are nihilists (27 photos)

  • Htisss

    #27 FINISH HIM!!

    • equalizermax

      I'm going to give that Bitch a Cat… Bitches loves Cats

    • Iori

      Will Ferrell?

    • colombianchiver

      caption this: tonight you…

  • BSmike

    #12 that kid knows the deal

    • aosux

      Her reaction screams violated!

  • mattythegooch

    #24 – There's just something "Un-Natural" going on here…………..But I do have some good news, I just saved a bunch of mony on my child support by switching to condoms.

    • Fred

      Its obviously has worms.

  • ssf

    #27 Proof that gingers don't even like other gingers (regardless of species).

    • duh

      and proof that cats have HUGE dicks!!!

    • SignIsNigh

      Much like siamese fighting fish, any ginger who sees another ginger must engage in a mortal combat style fight to the death, it's just the way nature works.


    "you believe in nothing, Do you?"

  • Tits_McGee

    Get off my lawn hippies! #15

    • ludacris

      move, bitch, get out the way!

  • ss396maxx

    #22 Oh how I wish I could be that young again and feel that!

    • isawoj

      I bet that hurt like hell on the landing.

      • HEAT

        Not a single fuck was given that day

  • Boots

    #24 Creepy and fascinating at the same time! Just put a swiffer pad on her butt and go.

    • Wolfram

      It's a real life Zoomba!

  • not first

    Firsties are the comment section equivalent of duckface.

    • DistractedIndividual

      No discuss for you…just thumbs dooooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn sucka

      • Duh!

        go fist yourself firsty

  • Finster

    #11 "…I mean, say what you will about the tenants of national socialism, but at least they had an ethos." ~Walter Sobchak on nihilism

    • TrollFaceKillah

      Im not sure your average chiver will understand that one.

      • Finster

        I have faith in The Chivers.

    • IronEagle119

      Hrmm… "Liberty and Justice for all" sounds like a decent Ethos

      • Dapper Dan Man

        thats cause your a humorless idiot.

        • IronEagle119

          Ouch bro, no need for the hate…

          BTW, it's you're not your. Check in on it…

          I am disappoint in your grammar!

          • Dapper Dan Man

            It's actually "by the way" not "BTW". Check in on it…I could be wrong.

            • IronEagle119

              Your is not the same as you're..
              BTW = by the way… check in on it.

              • Dapper Dan Man

                I'm well aware sweetheart.

              • Finster

                Irony is clearly not an eagles strong point.

                • IronEagle119

                  I see what you did there… it's actually pretty funny.

  • Racktastic

    Parents are idiots!

  • ReginaFilange

    #6 The real Cabbage Patch Kid, and #19 Spider-tot !!

    • BobSugar

      Lil eskimo peanut!!!

  • MGWebbington

    #3, It probably works better than the timeout corner…

  • @Calibad

    In fact, I think it would be fair if you let us choose who gets to stone us.

  • floscar

    #19 holy shit that kid just climb up a door jam just to get a spider? Duh, WINNING!

    • mali_sapun

      jackie chan's adopted son

  • Josh Gorter

    #14 is only reading the articles

  • Um, what?

    #19 has some serious skills. Spiderman as a kid?

  • Edge

    #16 Looks as though that baby is about to drown – IN IT"S OWN URINE!

  • Brad

    #15 – Everyone's a critic.

  • jamie

    #4 pedobear in disquise.

    • Erik von Markovik

      At even a young age family began to notice that Jenna was going to grow up a whore…

    • Iori

      My cousin did this once many years ago. The statue turned out to be one of those street performers. She was never the same again.

    • BloodScrubber

      Finger ! I said pull his FINGER ! *rolls eyes…women….

  • echogeo

    I'm sorry, but #5 cracks me up. No wait, I'm not sorry. Scream for Mommy kid.

    • Cabster

      That kid is on a ride at The Mall of America in Minnesota… hence the MN t-shirt. Pansy.

  • Bryan

    #9 #15

  • concernededed

    #2 ok u know what? this is some bullshit……sidenote: wtf is goin on with dudes right thumb

    • SJay

      Double jointed.

  • farscapestuey

    #25 seriously boy or girl..WTF look at the shoes

  • rainier

    #12 win

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