theCHIVE Exclusive: Shay Maria, Zero Photoshop Part II (28 HQ Photos)

Not long ago, Shay Maria came to theCHIVE offices for her first photoshoot. I hadn't yet told her about my plan to present her final pictorial without photoshop, I was happy enough we'd lured the elusive internet vixen into shooting with us in the first place.

Halfway though her first shoot I finally told her about my plan to leave all photos as-is. Shay thought about it a bit and finally replied, "I hate photoshop, I always have. I'm nervous about my flaws but at least they'll see the real me. Go for it."

To date, Shay Maria's first shoot has been viewed nearly 10 million times. Today we present Part II of Shay Maria. I think you're gonna' like what you're about to see. Shay asked me to, "Thank the shit out of the Chivers for being so damn kind the first time around."


Also, if you want to follow Shay, her awesome Twitter page is right here.

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