theCHIVE Exclusive: Shay Maria, Zero Photoshop Part II (28 HQ Photos)

Also, if you want to follow Shay, her awesome Twitter page is right here.

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  • quase

    too bad every single shot is ruined with washed out colors and over exposure… if you wanted to do something real, why not use a more natural light?

  • RicoSan80

    WOW I had already come to the conclusion that her beauty lived up to the legend…. but #19 just sealed the deal on her epic hotness. GREAT PICTORIAL, Chica. And as always, thanks for sharing it Chive.

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  • Brandon Green

    Great photo set! It's wonderful (and unfortunately refreshing) to see a real, unaltered, beautiful woman.

    Having said that, I have just one complaint intended for the photographer: If you know that you're going into a photo shoot in which (for whatever reason) you will be unable to retouch the photos afterwards, much greater care should be taken to prevent sensor dust from becoming an issue. On several of the photos above, the same nasty smudge appears in the same image location, sometimes over Shay's skin. People generally have enough beautiful and interesting skin features; we don't need our cameras adding more. I always keep an air blower in my camera bag, as well as a set of sensor wipes and cleaner, just in case. If it's going to be critical and you have a moment, it's easy enough to shoot a medium exposure of a wall very closeup, with focus set to infinity and a tight aperture, which makes any sensor dust that is already present stand out on close inspection of the image (even if you're just zooming and panning on the cameras lcd). Hope this helps! An otherwise great photo set! Keep up the great work!

  • RealTalk

    Mmm, this is a great case study for the benefits of "photoshop"
    She has arm hair, tits too far apart, bruises showing, and a nose like a builder's elbow!
    Srlsy, in the pantheon of hot women that exist on the internet, you have overrated this one to its apex!

  • Poe

    Shay Maria is the perfect definition of true, pure beauty. "Fixing" things with photoshop would only flaw and distort her perfection

  • kasdfghjkl

    camera phone?

  • Wolfram

    WHORE!!!!WHORE!!!!!Here comes the whore named SHAY!!!!

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  • weaver9016

    Flaws? What flaws? I see no flaws….

  • John Ahlberg

    I would take her to dinner, make her laugh, and actually call her again.

    In other words, DAMN.

  • sweetstuff

    Does anyone else happen to see the stretch marks on her boobs…well I do!!!

  • shotgun

    shit, i'd do her, but girl go to some exercise… ur skin is all saggy n shit
    tighten that up!!!

  • TickTockLocke

    The most gorgeous woman in this galaxy.

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  • fghgf


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  • Catman

    Doesn't do much for me, but props for going un-shopped, Shay.

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