Say “Cheese!” (35 Photos)

  • pjsupremex

    i just got constipated even looking at that much cheese

    • Grifo

      Damn the bowls; Cheese is sooo divine, bring on the clog!

      • Horndog

        Haikuized to:

        Damn the toilet bowls
        Clogged American Standard
        Cheese is so devine.

    • Jack

      Me no like this april fools joke. The Chive needs to get back to normal, stat!

  • ken

    First! For the first time!

    • ken

      Well, now I feel even worse about myself. I shant ever try the first thing again.

      • Poppin Fresh

        let this be a lesson to you.

      • BobSugar

        Where's the Frumunda?

    • pjsupremex


    • we all got aids

      good job, idiot.

    • Marky Mark

      FAIL for the thousandth time!

    • BBB

      It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

    • Red Rabbit

      I said Good day sir!

      • annubis223

        and by the by thats 2nd

  • Nazz1962

    Just give me #8 and a box of crackers and I'm gtg!

    • Lardo

      you're obviously a fatass, you should stop posting this shit.

    • Flicka

      Chicken-in-a-biscuit, bitches! Google that shit!

      • axbelize

        It says Cheese on there, but its more like liquid plastic flavored cheese.

        • Nazz1962

          Yeah, you're right about that, but yummy plastic, all the same 😉

  • Daesu

    isnt it the worst day of pats life?

    • Patrick M.


  • EZEE

    Dear Chive.

    I am not amused.

    It may be April Fools, but…

    I am not amused.

    I want ass, I want bikini's, I want nip, and lip (thanks for that yesterday) slip, I want fit girls, I want jiggle and wobble gifs.

    The joke has gone on far enough.

    I am not amused.

    • Jimbo_Slice

      you, uh… you should go to a bar or outside or something.

      • EZEE

        What – you don't want lip slip, and wobble gifs?

    • Fritzgerald

      seriously, if you want that shit try checkin porn sites for fucks sake!

    • Dan

      You're on the internet. If you don't know how to use Google, you should quit.

    • Kate

      I'll drink to that… Oh, wait. No cheese to go with the wine.

    • Jizzle

      Not a porn site bro. There are plenty of those out there. I'm sure you know most of them. Go now.

    • That Guy

      fuck me side ways it seems the chivers are in on it. i need to find a paper bag.

    • EEE

      go get laid or look at a porn site……

    • Ziff

      I see what you did there-
      a whine to go with the cheese.

    • Pete

      EZEE, you couldn't have said it better, brother!

      I go to Chive the way a junkie chases crack.


    • Nastee

      I for one enjoy the pizzas and cheeses, and if you can't go a single day without a moderately good looking ass on this site, what does it speak about you?
      You can go watch booty on many other sites, and from tomorrow chive will be the same as before.
      Why so whiney?
      It's good for april fools.
      Although they could have made point to berry, and point to the chive. Good joke as well.

    • Thomas Hall

      Cheese > EZEE

    • EZEE

      +111 – most of any thumbs up on this post. Win.

  • pjsupremex

    If there was anyday i need my IT department to track this website i spend so much time on , it would be today. Please for the love of god, let them check it out today and today only!

    • Mark Downing-Heese

      if your IT dept doesnt know what thechive is then theyre not a very good IT dept.

  • Peter Dexter

    while it was funny to wake up to the chive food blog, i think i am now going insane without my morning awesomeness. please come back real chive

    • Pete Ribaudo

      right? this post is cheesy

      • That Guy

        ha ha ha. i'll thumb up that.

        • Birdhaus32

          That's naughty

      • Country Boy

        Well played sir…

  • Stafferty

    Come on chive, April Fools is designed as a day for people who aren't funny the other 364 days a year. Don't lower your usual awesomeness for this. (Although I like this better than when you plugged in the fat chick at the end of every post like you did last year)

    • LOL

      So this is like a birthday for you then?

  • Zoey

    Wow. All look great except the cheese wiz.
    Don't forget the chestnut honey!

    • Aubrey

      Nice to see somebody really appreciating the April Fools cheese post haha, I love cheese too 🙂

  • BeccaB86

    I skipped yesterday because I was actually doing work at work for a change. I should've known better than to come back on April Fool's day… although I do love a good cheese.

  • Alan

    #14 here we are… nothing more needed in life.

  • copperbum

    its supposed to finish at 12 noon. its 10pm in Australia. i want some awesome and some random

    • DistractedIndividual

      I find this randomly awesome:)

  • Taylor Blissett

    Find her #9

    • Mr. Pinchy

      Super hot!

    • Rightclicksaveas

      man I do love a nice round bottom

    • hater

      midnight moon & not HUMBOLT FOG??? WTF.

      • DCM

        Can't blame 'em, they don't know any better.

  • Lyndon Morgan

    um not funny or amusing fix it

  • gwizard

    Dude! Cheese?

    • PointBlank_

      cheesus christ!

  • Steve

    FIND HER #23

    • pedobear's mate

      She's in my basement.

      • dasuperfan

        i totally just L.S.H.I.C.M.P.

        • dasuperfan

          Laughed So Hard I Cheesed My Pants

    • @brewdub17

      ha beat me to it!

  • Pak

    Cheeeeeeeese is life !!!!

  • Sensual

    now I need some wine, a nice view and good company

  • bless1

    Ummmm, how bout some fondued t@a or something. Are we gonna do this all day?

  • Anonymous

    you forgot fromunda

  • McBeastie

    You may have posted this as an April Fool's joke but I get off on cheese just as much as I do with pics of scantily clad women. God I love cheese.

  • McSgwigga

    Cheese is awesome, but not as awesome as bewbs and tush . . . come on Chive, back to normal please.

    • Phondo

      google or GTFO

      • McSgwigga

        ooooooo – Saucer of milk????

  • nemesis

    So every post so far is about food and posted by Patrick. Something smells fishy…

    • Henry Gibson

      That would be Patrick.

      (he has a fungus)

    • anon

      No, John, & Bob Leo have both posted today (4/1)

  • Head Chef

    Real cheese, more blue the better!!

  • dudeontheranch

    Not funny.

    I want my Chive back.

    • Say what?

      #31 Do you want some cheese with that whine?

      • pjsupremex

        bwa ha ha ha

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