Charlie Sheen was just booed offstage in Detroit. Our buddy was there…

sheen bood Charlie Sheen was just booed offstage in Detroit. Our buddy was there...

First, yes I know I’m home doing nothing on a Saturday night. It happens.

Second, as many of you know, Charlie Sheen began his ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour’ tonight in Detroit. Our good friend James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly was there and has a play-by-play of the disaster. The full sad-yet-hilarious tale right here.

  • Stantin

    I paid $100 to be there and I wasn't expecting much to be honest… I didn't get much either. It's hard to describe how bad that idiot failed. It begs the question – why would you start out in Detroit? I admit Philly would have been worse but we're a close second

    • MattFoley

      You paid $100 to see that? If you just yelled 'FIRST' you'd be less of a loser

      • fuccktown

        the only people who are more lame than charlie sheen are the people who'd spend money to pay and see charlie sheen .

    • Ramennov

      It *prompts* the question, you mean?

    • bbb

      It begs the question "Why the hell would you blow $100 on going in the first place"

      money would have been much better spent on lapdances

      • Dwight Schrute

        Agree with bbb totally. There are about a jillion things that you could spend a hundred $ on instead of this dickwad. I'd frankly rather burn a hundred dollar bill than give that overly pompous twat a nickel. People that pay good money to see King Asshat deserve to get ripped off, they are even more retarded than he is. At least he is making money, those that support him by buying tix are just wasting it. How on earth can anyone say his recent rants are funny in the least? If you think he is funny then you must go down to the squarecorner and laught at the crackheads begging for dimes, they are just as funny.

  • Chris Scharff

    Fucking moron deserves it. I don't give a flying fuck what that asshat does. He's ruined his life scarred his kids.

    Well played, Detroit.

  • thomas

    I raise a glass to Detroit tonight!

  • ilovelemonsquares

    people paid money just to see him make a fool of himself. live.

  • kiwwi

    wow anyone else feel bad for sheen?

    • MattFoley

      no, just you

    • David

      he's a grown man, he makes his own decisions…for example, doing coke, being on two and a half men, ruining his children's lives, and being a complete tool fueled by the attention of morons

      i feel bad for him, though. he just doesn't know when to quit (cocaine, being a douche, etc.)

      • Junior

        I do…we're watching and cheering as a man dies in fornt of us. I mean dies as in Elvis dead. People in glass house folks, also but for the grace of God, there goes a lot of us.

  • Seannerz

    Charlie Sheen is still relevant?

  • stung4ever

    9:40 — Sheen says he’s going to “Tell some stories about crack. I figured Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stories.”

    OK, he did have ONE good line.

    • tressellovestrannies

      …and don't forget that graphic story he told about the weekend he spent with 3 whores and your mom…..wait….I mean 4 whores.

  • Lia

    Really? The show sucked? Color me surprised…. Seriously, does anybody *really* expect any of his performances to actually be good when he’s in his current state? The man needs help….

    • dkskdf

      your dumb.

      • Dwight Schrute

        his dumb what? Oh, you meant to say "YOU'RE dumb". How fucking retarded does that make you then?

  • Manimal-style

    So there is a god. huh.

  • Moseswine

    He over-marketed himself… the t-shirts, hats, tweets, etc. It was simply too much at once saturation for a consumer. Neat catch phrases though.

  • PointBlank_

    sheen is two and half mental, can't believe people spent 100 bucks to see that shit, you know how much coke that will get you?

  • Robi5150

    What the hell did they expect? How can you throw together a good show when you don't sing or tell jokes or perform live for a living? April fools came a day late for those poor bastards in the audience.

  • Wavien

    Hopefully this will be the start to the end of him…

  • Ouboet


  • 8888

    Crowd: boo!
    Sheen: I already got your money, dude.

    That was funny. And from what i've read, i'm thinking the people that came there are total assholes.
    Also, they paid to see Charlie Sheen, but somewhy expected a f-ing Madonnas concert.

  • @RoryPitts

    Losing. Huh?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    sheen fkcued up, made the whole thing into a media stunt, that got old and now his 20 minutes are over. if he gets his act together, maybe the tour might work, but he has to completely change and become more of a professional and less of a fkcuing mess.

  • @Sanja_Knez

    He's trying to capitalize off the crazy. Hah. Idiot

    • Rick

      Works for Palin.

  • EastSidePaul

    Glad to see people have come to their senses over this attention seeking boob. What are the odds this isn't the last time we hear of him being booed of stage during this sorry excuse of a publicity stunt.

  • solo

    People got exactly what they deserved from Charlie Sheen/Obama

    Winning, Tiger Blood/ Hope, Change
    Fools and their money are soon parted

    • wickedjack

      9 ppl voted for president hopey changey

      • whocaresaboutOBAMA

        ..and NINE PEOPLE got the SHAFT……………LLLLLLLLOSERS!!!!!

    • zach

      what the hell does obama have to do with charlie sheen?

    • uncle broyo'mama

      SOLO is sooooooo right-on!! charlie sheen/baracki obamama/ are LLLLLLOSERS!! these two knuckleheads have got to be two of the most PATHETIC HYPOCRITES in the country..LLLLLLLLLLOSERS!!!

      • Sizzle

        Wow you seem like an intelligent and well-read individual. I sure want people like you making policital decisions for the country.

        • Sizzle


          • Jen

            lets compare obama and charlie sheen on the chive. idiot.

  • BrassMirage

    I wonder what's to come of his other shows…?

    • Jen

      apparently it went well in chicago. curses!

  • Anonymous

    BOOOOOO, First

  • ken

    His father Martin should have made a surprise appearance on stage and spanked him on his bare ass for being such an awful person…then made him watch as he loved on a nearby porn star.

  • ROK247

    the only thing worth watching in that joke of a tv show he was ridiculously overpaid to phone in was any and all episodes where kandi (april bowlby) made an appearance. DAAAANNNNG.

    • AtomManhattan

      This guy could not be more correct.
      April Bowlby as a redhead = HOT AS #$&%. Seriously.

  • Pants

    Didn't everybody go there in the first place just to watch it explode in Sheen's face?

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