Found: Nozomi Sasaki (10 Photos)

You'll probably recognize a few photos below. Nozomi Sasaki has been a mainstay in our 'Find Her' gallery for a while. The Japanese model made a name for herself as a fashion model. Pieces of her shoots always made their way to my inbox but we never had a name until now. Enjoy...

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  • Brandon

    #11 and i present to you the "perfect" woman

  • Rasmus

    Does it have a vagina?

  • Ken

    13: It’s as common in Japan to list blood type as it is to list your star sign. They seem to care about that stuff

  • Maxime Payant-Chartier

    The japanese believe blood type dictate elements of your personality, kinda like a lot of people believe in the Zodiac signs they believe in blood type. Lots of japanese games ask you to list your blood type when you create a profile for the same reason.



  • Stan

    #13 Oh my God! I LOVE women with AB blood!!!

    • Mr_Rob

      Good lord… do you also sparkle when exposed to sun?

  • Spencer


  • muffdiver

    she is probably hairy as f*ck….

  • joe

    #11 "I'm cleaning my apartment… I'm cleaning my apartment… lalal…dedede…lalalala". I just cam on myself….fuck!

  • Detroit Artist

    #13 I love a AB blood type chick, type B… not so much

  • teximport


  • slick

    She looks kinda like an anime character.

  • Fuki San

    #11 Add Swiffer to the long list of Japanese fetishes.

  • Lufwyr73

    Japaness think blood type is relevent to your personality ( like your horoscope sign ).

  • Jesse

    #13 Asian countries often use blood type like Americans use astrological signs.

  • kyo_9

    proud of Japan~

  • The Flint Skinny

    #13 You never know when a transfusion is needed, and we can't risk losing her!

  • Bud Ugly

    Definitely pulls off the cute-sexy that so many Asian girls try to do. Even her butt is cute #15.

  • echogeo

    #5 SPROING!
    #15 #16 #20 Can I have a taste of that Asian pear please?
    #22 No matter how long I stare the pillow never drops to the floor. DAMMIT!
    #24 I wouldn't mind seeing her turn around for that shot.

  • Carfagno2

    Good god, I’ll order one of each, express shipping, handle with care please.

  • jim

    MOAR hot Asian women pleeeezzzzzzzeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    Spelling and word use was pretty bad in that one. thumbs down myself

  • Jen


  • Mr_Rob

    So what? Can't we make any comment not related on the hotness or the not-hotmess of the picture? Seriously, why would you (using a generic you) restrict the use of "The Chive" comments to a certain line of them? Why can I say that I think that, maybe, just maybe, she wouldnt be that awesome when she gets, I don't know, 40 years? I understand your point, but, really, why not?

  • bless1

    #14,#24- that is a sweet thing.

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