Awe inspiring World Press photo winners 2011 (40 HQ photos)

If you do one thing right today, check out this gallery -it's amazing.

  • pdiddily420

    #2 Silly Asian, You can't kill Godzilla with a slingshot…maybe Mothra, but not Godzilla!

    Is #21 taking a picture for Sexy Chivers?

    • blabla

      #2 is Rioting like a Boss

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      I LOL'd at this. I don't know why everyone is thumbing you down.

      • Keith

        Probably because the girl looks underage..

  • Daris

    Wow, you do look a lot like your sister

  • mattythegooch

    #23 – Hello………hello………………hello………….hello…….(echo, echo)

    • Random Crazy Guy

      Here's a better one:
      "like throwing a hot dog down a hallway"

      • Just Sayin'

        Here's a better one:
        Stop stealing over-played quotes from family guy and think of your own stuff.

        • Haterade

          best one so far

    • cock sauce wins

      I give credit…I laughed at your comment. Most ppl probably did also, but seeing as most chivers are sheep following each other no matter what, this is why the thumbs are down.

  • Tylrd67

    #33 Do you think he nursed them all?

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      nah, but i think he ate the other 4

    • josh

      i think you say that again…the kid in the bones shirt will jack you up…he's not having it

  • Miles B From A

    #25 kinda like how i imagine the world looking after a fallout scenario.

    • firefighter23

      The slaughter tree knows no forgiveness

  • Jimmy

    Come at me bro…

    • topher

      comment fail

  • todd

    #14 YES!!!!! BULL WIN!!

    • nemesis

      bastard got what he deserved

    • Jayavc

      That one hurt to look at.

      • Grim

        Horn through the jaw…pfft, special effects /sarcasm

    • Wavien

      Yep. Karma ❤

    • some bloke

      what kind of pathetic losers call animal torture a sport?
      Got what he deserved.

    • floscar

      WOW, since when is the Chive full of bleeding hearts? We'll poke fun at any situation; case in point, all the idiotic comments on this post, but bull fighters are all of a sudden evil?

      • kodakkid

        no they are not all of a sudden evil most people have felt that way for years but the supporters hide behind the its part of our heritage B.S.It should be criminal and it should be stopped.There are lots of things that were part of peoples heritage that were just wrong.

        • Gia

          Totally agree with you. There are just some traditions in each culture that should be discontinued, this is one of those things.

          • Miliano2.0

            The part that I really hate about bull fighting is that before the matador even faces the bull the bull is already stabbed a few times by horse men with a long spear. Now have a matador face a completely healthy bull, then i may give that guy a little respect.

            • Ken

              I think that the Picador's knives can be seen in the Bull's whithers and the blood on the Bull is its own. I think they try to sever the neck tendons of the bull so that the bull cannot fully lift its head before the toreador or bull ever reach the ring and the fighter ever starts swishing his gay cape.

              More and more provinces are banning the fights. I think they are on their way out, fortunately.

        • Santi Gomez

          I totally agree with you and and for the record and from Spain

    • Alphanumeric

      "From hells heart I stab at thee!!!"

      • Ken

        "For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee!"

  • chrisdg74

    #25 – Stage set for a Norwegian black-metal band?

    • ReginaFilange

      Bones reference? Thumbs up!

  • Jay


    Is that coming out of his mouth?? HOLY SHIYAT!

    • Randy Marsh

      I remember reading about this a few months ago. There are several photos from different angles out there somewhere. However, the quality of this photo is by far the best I've ever seen of it.

  • Brad

    #23 unfortunately could be female genital mutilation…

    • jason

      I dont think so… Genital Mutilation is far more "tribal" maybe abortion clinic?

      • Brad

        good point, you might be right…

        • The Dude

          I think they do it at a younger age too. But not going to risk googling it might find some Can not be unseen photos. I have already seen the blue waffle and that is enough.

          • _Moose_

            I am so scarred by the blue waffle. Every time I'm reminded of it, I get that punched-in-the- gut feeling.

            • Gia

              Gosh!! now why in the hell did I goggled the Blue Waffle . -_- Is a good picture for the "lazy condom users". By the way ,the BW is really Gonorrhea with a mix of other infections.

              The pic made me think of Abortion too, but its more of one of those routine pap smear dramatized by the lights in the pic .

    • echogeo

      God forbid, but you may be right.

  • Jacl

    The things you could do to #38

    • Brad

      do you always make jokes like this about young girls who had their nose cut off by the taliban?

      • Matt Nowak

        Only when they see them.

    • Jacl Blows Goats

      Jacl – truly you're an idiot.

    • onecalledsam

      The Hell Train is pulling in to the station…….

    • The Dude

      Perhaps she can teach you how to not be shallow. But i doubt it

    • rdh014

      Congratulations! This may be the singularly most idiotic and unpopular thing ever uttered on The Chive… I abhor comment moderation for the most part, but I wouldn't be shocked if John/Leo yank this.

    • Holly Sands

      You ignorant fuck.

    • smartiepants

      You should be banned from theChive…nay, the Internet!

    • Zeus

      To be honest he meant #23

    • light

      c'mon guys lighten up, that made me laugh

      • hhkmklmklmkl

        me too. But i'll go in hell for that…

    • thetech2

      the things someone has already done …….

  • sexoffender

    #14 LOL

  • b-ry

    #17 probably retired after that. life threatening injuries. fuck i hate sissy soccer players.

  • ireland7ny

    our world is a mess…..ok 'nuff of the glumness…bring on HUMP DAY!!!

  • pjsupremex

    #21 World press article on how to submit to friday chivettes gallery

  • Brother Maynard

    #24 Gateway to Hell.

    • KimiD

      I immdiately thought of the Hellmouth.

  • GhostFaceKilla

    #4 Wu Tang Clan aint nothin to fuck wit!

  • Nathan

    #14 Jesus! could have gone all day without seeing this!

    • McBeastie

      really? nothing cheers me up more than seeing a little karmic retribution in the morning.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        A Bull Fight is in my bucket list….the struggle of man and beast, who's gonna win and all that adrenilin pumping action….what could be better?!

  • Senpai

    #14 is mutilation not a sport.

    • Grim

      I think it could be very profitable. Coliseum ftw!

    • Badfish

      Tell that to the girl in #38

  • Wes Mantooth

    #12 #33 #35
    All have a lazy eye or are a little cross eyed… huh.

  • I_am_elf

    #14 revenge is a real bitch.

  • misschris

    #38 – That story breaks my heart.

  • Jeremy

    #38 did more blow than Escobar!

    • Brad

      actually pablo didn't do much coke, he was a pot head…

  • Professor Jive

    #14 "Grab the bull by the horns" – you're doing it wrong.

  • JimmyTankins

    21 is a reflection of modern times…and chivette-ism.

    • Pete Ribaudo

      23 shows the condition of healthcare in third world countries…not so gooda

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