The girl behind the tush: Meet Dylan (16 Photos)

A couple weeks ago, I posted an anonymous girl's tush that exploded on the Chive. Since then I've sprinkled her into both the DAR and the Sexy Chivers.

I emailed her and said I wanted to do something special for the Chivers on Hump Day, I wanted to reveal her to the Chivers. She's got a (very) professional job so she did the best she could do and met me halfway. And for that, I'm grateful.

Her name is Dylan and I'll let her take it from here:

My name is Dylan. I am 31 years old, a mom, a writer, and I currently work in marketing in a vast cubicle fortress. Those are the serious details...

If you still want to know more, I have a bachelor of arts in public relations (and love the idea that i never have to go back to school). I seriously have fantasies that involve shoe shopping. I absolutely love to be social, dance and party when I have a free night. My favorite drink is anything my ex-bartender man creates. I LOVE the Chive and gained my addiction to it through my boyfriend who is also my part time paparazzi. =)

Other random facts about me: My favorite author is Robert Heinlein but favorite book is a tie: “Stranger in a Strange Land” vs “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”. I love to drive fast even though I only have a grocery-getter. There's no such thing as favorite music; it all depends on my mood for the day... i like anything from Tool to Lady GaGa (I know...)

I have a secret desire to be the lead singer in a 80s cover band, as long as I get to pick the outfits and dress all the band members.
So is that enough? I must be missing something. Oh yes, I included more pics. Chive On out there.

  • TimTebowSux

    still looking at this…

  • dandan


  • Frank

    This girl is SCARY hott! Holy shit

  • trevor

    31 year old mom? unreal! good for you girl!


    Starship Troopers?!?!?! or is that to trendy?



  • KMJ


  • guest

    # 3 Can we have MOAR PLEESE!!!!!

  • CuriousGeorge

    When someone hot posts half naked pictures of themselves says "Chive On", it really means "Its cool masterbate to me guys", right?

  • JasonMarak713

    …. This totally did NOT give me a soft off.
    Quite the opposite.

  • Locke

    #4 #11
    If these pictures were constantly engraved in my vision, sort of like desktop icons that followed me around everywhere I went, I think I'd be much happier to go out and face the horrible reality that is life.

  • Allan Santiago

    she's… a mom… holy shit

    • Ur super pretty and btw I love #5 and #15 :))

      San francisco CA USA

  • Cecil

    I just wonder if Dylan is aware of the fact that there are dozens of men masturbating and ejaculating to photos at any given time? Think she is appalled, flattered or disgusted?

  • bill

    omg 13 does it for me.boing,woodie.

  • jimjim


  • Gump

    You had me at 80’s coverband!!!

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  • bill

    w0w #13 awesome legs,hot me wood. super hottie yummy,yummy,lick.

  • Albanator


  • Chase

    31! "I'll believe that, when my shit turn purple, and smell like rainbow sherbert!"

  • Pietro


  • payazo

    very nice #7 it amaizing picture #12

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Would like to point out that she wears no wedding ring but wears other rings….a trap?

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