I wonder if people actually grow up dreaming of weddings like these (26 Photos)

These photos via buzzfeed

  • bartman

    #18 ONLY

    • REDDIT

      first to comment on a comment. SUCK MY ASS you tosh.0, banksy, bill murray, emma watson loving ass kissing dipshits.

      • DistractedIndividual

        That wasn't very Chiverlike. You're lucky I'm such a lady, asshole. 🙂

        • REDDIT

          heheheh. too bad you're a chiver, otherwise i can tell you'd be my future ex-wife.

    • drew

      By far my favorite as well. I'm curious how the guy 2nd from left plans to drink that Corona, though…

  • Michael Martinez

    It's a trap!! #23

    • http://Stefanhartman.com Stefan Hartman

      DAMN, beat me too it. Good job sir!

    • Dr. Fatwall

      Well played. That is the best comment I will read all day.

    • tony

      haha i thought the same thing as soon as i saw that XD

    • patov40

      Beat me too. How many people do you think yelled, "It's a trap!" when the officiant gave the line about anyone having a reason why these two people should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace? And how many men got punched in the arm by their significant others for doing it. Too funny!

    • livewire

      lol. Every man yelled exactly the same thing upon seeing that picture. good job

  • saltygary

    The broad in #6 is way too cute to be in that situation.

    • Henry Gibson

      How is the groom dressed thematically? You'd think that he'd at least be in Klingon war gear or something. Instead, he looks like a cross between Mr. Rogers and Captain Steubing from The Love Boat.

    • outside the bun

      obviously something wrong with her

    • shoestring30

      Bullshit, check out homeboy's Andrew Dice Clay jacket.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        its called money…lots of it

  • oughtnot

    #11 … oh, yeah! Can't wait for the wedding night! ~shudder~

    • zach


      • bella

        nice^ good movie

  • Idiots

    Where do all these weirdos come from?

  • Jimmy5923


  • wkdfrog

    #6 Borg Ass Slap 😉

  • bob

    well #6 and #18 look promising but the others,, well not thx..

  • aosux

    #7 I love how the fat guy is the flash

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesus-Enzo/1274760118 Jesus Enzo

    #11 wtf!???

    • matt

      Is that a zombie Ewok?

  • jken

    Did they hire midgets for their wedding or do the just have that many as friends???? #16

    • chicks dig it

      Umpa Lumpas FTW

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #20 theres nothing like blessing a holy union under supermans junk.

    • tyu

      isnt he the one that always appears on Jimmy Kimmel?

      • tww004

        Yeah he was in also in Confessions of a Superhero you can watch it on hulu

    • jmiker

      He looks like he's about to cry. Superman?!?

  • Matt

    Why are they all fat?

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    #21 For the LOVE of GOD and all that is holy WHY?

  • dakscout


  • MigraineBoy

    #22 Tinkerbell sure let her self go…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Aubin/1211755636 Ryan Aubin

      Is this the Peter Pan fairy that was big on the internet around the same time as tron guy. Did he really marry a woman for love, or for the supposed tax breaks??

      • Lyrex

        It is the same dude.

  • distrubinglyhot

    just not from beautiful people like us(and by 'us' i don't mean any else on the chive).

  • Beth Vogel

    #18 and #24 were the only ones that weren't completely retarded.

    • zach

      i'm pretty sure the groom in #18 was dressed as Darth Vader, and the priest was Darth Sideous. therefore, that wedding was epic.

  • wkdfrog

    These are frigging hilarious for so many reasons. Fair play to some of them for getting in the spirit and having fun at the their weddings, seen a lot of dull ones over the years!

    #12 is full of fun win 🙂

  • Gutts

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with people?


    no, but you're right. i should stick to only hating people i know nothing about.

    • Brother Maynard

      Or stop fucking your mom.

      • REDDIT

        *sigh* fine, guess i'll have to move onto yours then…….what a beast *shudder*

        • Brother Maynard

          That's the best you got? I'm sorry you lost your balls.

          • REDDIT

            coming with the guy who started with a "your mom" joke, you ain't got room to talk, mayo.

  • Brian

    #23 – It's a trap!

    • V4Vendetta14

      Good one! Don't know why anybody would thumb that comment down…

    • osp

      too late. someone already got it.

  • COCO

    i thought #18 was the most retarded(and that's saying something).

    • Gia

      Oh please… I bet that it was not even a theme but the groom having a MOMENT with his friends and bestman so shake up and don't be so black or white.

  • Dave

    These people must not have parents to shame.

  • JayS

    Down with the haters! Just because this doesn't fit into your white wedding dreams doesn't mean that it wasn't an less special for these couples. They share a passion for certain things and that most likely brought them together and they wanted it to be a part of their big dates. I say good for them! And Congratulations!

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