Fit girls: Some I love and some… I’m scared (10 Photos)

  • mmmaxmmm

    women weren't meant to have zero meat on their bones. women have just gotten that way because we've taken them out of the fields(just kidding) so they have to supplement that work with gym time! =)

  • tony

    #11 #21 #28 i mean can they look any hotter

  •ícolas-Affonso/1022812373 Nícolas Affonso

    best post ever #21 is mine

  • Reg

    Ahh Jamie Eason – Love it #7

  • reaperACTUAL

    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, #7 YES!, yes, yes…. #12 HELL YES! yes… yes… #21 OH sweet GOD YES! … #30 No… haha oh who am I kidding??? yes…

  • WoogyMonster

    #22 Are you Sarah Conner?

  • anonymous:)

    I think I'm in love with #11

  • Willemo32

    #7 Jamie Eason FTW!! She deserve her own post, my preference would be a hump day post… Its unreal!

  • Digitalpimp

    #28 is Heather Clem, Bubba the love sponge's wife. She has semi nudes online

  • Xtal

    Oh, and guys remember, having a strong core means having a super tight… ahhh you know where I'm going with this. 🙂

  • Jason

    I'll take one of each please #8 #11 #21

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #9 Is very cute but should stop adding muscle now.

  • Ramon

    NICE,,,,,,,,,,, I'll FUCK' EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stingorarr

    Chive, you fooled me. When I saw the word fit I thought you meant it in the way it is used in Britain. If a girl is fit here it means she is good looking.

  • Herm23

    All of these girls are sexy as hell. I say this for every one of these posts, but I love fit women, and only #30 is pushing the limit here. Stay sexy women. #21 is amazing.

  • Brian

    # 8 OMF'ingG

  • Tomas

    #4 and #12 sweetness FTW!!!

    #3 (cute face, too thin)

    #29 (all but the fake boobs)

    #23 (scarily intense for "last sexual meal before you're executed" choice)

  • Vegeta

    #30….from finland….those viking women can fuck you up

  • mitch

    No, Id have to start working out more before I was to get with any one of them

  • top dog

    #20, You gotta love a woman that can help you put the weights away when you finish working out, turn around and fix a good healthy meal, and give you a reason to work out at night before you go to sleep. I love fit women, I think they are sexy as hell.

  • Patricia Sparrow


    • gmoney

      but she is really a nice person!

  • mtpuckhead

    Yep. Pretty much every one is hot as hell.

  • top dog

    #27 Most men like a woman they can push around, me? I like a woman that don't mind pushing back…..know what I mean?

  • BigMurph77

    These women are the reason men are perverts.

    • Yoda

      No my young padiwon learner. these women are the reason men get it up in the morning…..and in the afternoon….and at nite. When a Jedi Master you become, understand it better, you will..

  • Ryan

    #3 #6 #8 #11 #25

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