Our first Uzbek Chivette: Meet Veronika (23 Photos)

We've got a big day today on the Chive. Stay tuned for Chive Meetup Tix and a Special Playboy presentation. Let's get started, shall we?

During last week's 'Global Sexy Chivers' y'all turned your focus on a leggy blonde from Uzbekistan. I always know when you guys want MOAR because my inbox gets slammed sideways with the same request, in this case, 'moar Uzbekistan girl please now.'

Her name is Veronika and I've had a blast talking to her this week I have to admit. Her English is better than mine and she's got a great sense of humor. She's a true blue Chivette. Her enthusiasm for the Chive and the Chivers is damn near like turning the dial to 11. Anyway, I'll let Veronika take it from here:

Greetings everyone! My name is Veronika. The Chive was nice enough to ask if I was interested in having my own gallery, thanks to so many of your requests and great comments in the International Chivers post last week. I'm from Tashkent, Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union country) where I spent the majority of my life, and I just recently moved to the US of A. I friggin LOVE it here! And, a little more Russian flavor to this place wouldn't hurt, right comrades? RIGHT!? That's what I thought ;)

But we aren't so different- I love the same things you guys do... dancing, travelling, the beach, and good times with friends. I'm also addicted to computer gaming but let's keep that between us! Oh, and Iove the Chive. You don't even know...

Professionally, I used to model but those days are behind me. I now have an MBA and live a pretty quiet, professional life. To be honest I have been out of the spotlight for a while now, but I just couldn't resist dipping my toes in the water one more time after talking to John! Thank you all for your support and WONDERFUL COMMENTS... don't forget to say hello if you see me around town. Keep on Chivin! :)


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