WTF is going on here? (24 photos)

  • zombie

    #14 Trailer Park Boys FTW! Best show ever!

    • toban

      #12 maybe

    • Brand_n

      Wrong pic, but yes, amazing show.

    • Levi

      The day that J-Roc loses his flow
      Is the day that the hairs on Jim Leahy's bald head grow

  • ISU Birds

    #11 A good message for school children.

  • Sir Loin of Beef


    This action figure can also…
    Make incorrect NCAA bracket predictions, play entirely too much golf, ruin the economy, call police officers "stupid", not bring the Olympics to Chicago and make appearances on Oprah!!!

    • Loyal Chiver

      You DO know that the economy was fu**** while Bush was still president, right?

      • engine911

        Just because some one bashes the President does not mean they love Bush. Their both politicians and in that they are not worht crap to start with.

      • elbruces

        No, they don't know that. They also don't know that Obama has played less golf than the last five Presidents, taken less vacation time than any of them, and that he didn't invent the either the teleprompter or taxes. They are also unaware that he released his legal birth certificate back in 2008 when he was still just a candidate like everybody else, and it was deemed official by fifty independent state secretaries-of-state to put him on the ballots. They are also the same people who cheered when Chicago failed to get the Olympic bid, and their NCAA brackets aren't any better.

        • Moose

          Could not of said it better my friend

        • Nathan

          unfortunately your wrong about the vacation thing though. its easy to say "he has taken less vacations than say clinton or bush". thats when you compare their 8 years to his 2 1/2. if you are to look at how many vacations they all took in say the first two years. Obama has them beat substantially.

          • Geshko

            It's easy to say someone's wrong on the internet. Do you have any credible sources you could post? This source proves you wrong, but it only counts his first year in office.

            • Nathan

              OK… It all depends how you look at it. of course a bias website is going to spin things. It wont include things like just a few months ago when he spent five days in Brazil for oil talks (a one day event) the rest of the time he was at the beach. he went to Hawaii more than once his first year. many more times… every time he was on the clock doing very important president stuff… right?

        • crh

          Oh what a lovely bromance ! =)

      • No shock here

        I was going to say the same thing. Bush ran an oil company that couldn't find oil in Texas. Company went bankrupt. No surprise that he couldn't run an entire economy.

    • bigdeal

      right or wrong, fair or unfair, it is the fault of the current moronic president.
      private sector has no confidence in him.
      they are rich and owe us serfs nothing.
      if they can find a better deal somewhere else they will take it. rich people are assholes. but uh, i wouldnt give me any $ for nothing either….(obviously)
      tax breaks and blow jobs are whats needed to reinvigorate this economy!
      and the most important ingredient: this fuckhead needs to go away!

      oh and… his opinion of rev wright "he feels that he didnt say anything wrong" great american right there huh? but no i forgot *whiny voice* "its bush's fault"

  • charles

    just say no, but yes on #17

  • Neight4

    #16 Where's Ernie?

  • charles

    ouch! typo. try # 18

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #24 To the windooooows, to the walls!

    • dub

      Til Blue gets off my balls!

  • charles


  • aru

    #22 LOL

  • cth

    #12 That's Trailer Park Life!!!

  • Will

    bahahaha #24

  • bobbinette

    #12 Jrock FTW

    • Corey Trevor

      Know what I'm sayin?

    • RiderPrider

      Hell ya. It's trailer park life. Just don't tell Lahey.

    • DCBizzle

      hey dont forget T

  • mitter78

    #17 .. I would do the same thing

  • Dan

    Steve FTW!!!


      Go Steve Go!

    • SkyVader

      I miss Steve.

  • Jak

    #1 He must have a kickass girlfriend

    • elbruces

      I kinda suspect he has no girlfriend at all.

    • Nicnac

      Or he doesn't have one at all and needs to get his entertainment from bread.

    • greasdupdeafguy

      you are what you eat, right?

  • Finster172

    #22 they were right

  • Screwdriver

    There is something so right about #5 It's perfect!

  • Roscoe

    You, sir, are an idiot.

    • engine911

      You sir have no sense of humor.

    • SandiegoGirl

      … and YOU, sir, need to not call people idiots just because their opinion differs from yours! If you don't like what's commented, move on all the way to the bottom of the page and post YOUR OWN comment.

      • bigdeal

        not born in america. re-elect him to make sure we all never get our fucking jobs back. and please, no bullshit responses "well, this and that and that person this event that thing etc etc. led to the cause of this recession" no. right or wrong, its his fault. non-american needs to go away so we can all have $ again.

        • Arnold Lane

          Here's a simple solution: Quit voting for these idiots and vote for someone who WILL make the tough decisions…

  • Jimbo

    #17 and #19 MOAR

  • engine911

    I see what you did there and I found it funny!

  • Eric Bittleman

    #12, obviously that’s a co-daddy situation if i’ve ever seen one.

  • engine911

    #1 Makes me think about the show How I met your mother, and the code word sandwich.

    • engine911

      Bitch got in the kitchen and made him some sandwiches.

  • Allenavw

    #22 Did anyone read the description on the ad? Makes it even more hilarious.

    • BentWrenches

      yes,i loled

  • AverageChiver

    #19 I don't see a WTF here. Just a hot girl. WTF?

    • bobsky

      I think the WTF is how this girl stays upright with all that weight leaning her forward…

  • Dick LeGrande

    No no no no no, that is the original Criss Cross, his name is Ass Backwards.

    • Jak

      Or Back Asswards

      • engine911

        No no it's Asswards back

        • BentWrenches

          always thought it was bass-ackward

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