Where were you on 911? (28 powerful photos of the FDNY 343)

This will always be my generations JFK. I was in between a morning practice and class. I watched it live from my dorm. I'm guessing I'm not the only one that remembers every moment of the towers falling. So where were you?
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This will always be my generations JFK. I was in between a morning practice and class. I watched it live from my dorm. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that remembers every moment of the towers falling. So where were you?
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  • x30515

    Where was I then? I was in 5h Grade wondering what was going on. Where am I now? I'm at West Point looking forward to serving my country. Long live America.

    • Ben

      Hopefully I'll be joining you there soon. Hoo-ah

    • kaminski

      same story, but 4th grade

    • Marine

      I was in 9th Grade. A Marine was in my class that day. There was only two of us kids there. We both enlisted in the Marine corps Because of that man. We were and are outraged. We both decided We wouldnt let that happen again.If it did, it would be over our dead bodies.


  • lfd

    Sitting in HS class listing to some yugoslavian puke laughing about how america finally got what it deserved… Bad bad move.

  • http://twitter.com/lagomorph42 @lagomorph42

    On the bus going to school, I didn't even know what the world trade center towers were til the teacher turned on the TV. I was young, but now I proudly am a part of Army ROTC program. One more year till I join the fight. Hooah!

  • ydodonutshave2die

    I was in 4th grade my teacher stopped class to play the news on the radio. They sent everyone home. I went to my friends house and saw the black smoke coming from the towers.

  • Jrock1945

    I was in the sixth grade, drawing an F16 Falcon. Now? I’m a US Army Combat Engineer, and Soon-to-be Fire Fighter and EMT.

  • Stephen

    8th Grade and sitting in History Class, all us student were moved to the Library and we watched the unfolding drama for the rest of the day. Now, I am a Vehicle Mechanic for the Air Force and currently in Iraq. God Bless the USA!

  • Brad

    In my Command Post at Commanche Base in Bosnia. 1LT Smith ran in..yelled Top, come on…they blew up the world trade center!!!

  • DWChiver

    5th grade, i walked in the class room just in time to see the second plane hit.

  • mojo2975

    I was in bed sleeping cause i had a party the night before. A friend of mine came in and told me a plane hit the first tower, i could understand what he was talking about and got up to see what was going on. Thats when i saw the second one hit. I spent the next week watching nothing but news channels.

  • Bill

    working i use to deliver too the trade towers met my first wife on the 24th flr of trade tower 1 i knew a lot of peole there i feel better knowing bin laden is gone God bless america and the men and women of the military,firedepts and police that served their country beyond the call of duty

  • denzino

    I was in the Navy onboard the USS Anchorage on the mess decks watching the smoke from the first tower. Finished chow and walked into my berthing just in time to see the second tower struck. 3 months later, we were loaded down with Marines on our way to the gulf.

  • Jimmy5923

    I was in 11th grade, 4th period English class, they made an announcement over the intercoms to turn on the tv's in the classrooms and we sat there watching. I'll never forget that day.

  • Ace

    I was in Marine Corps boot camp at the time… Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters.

    • http://www.thechive.com Sadie1182

      Thank you, sir… from a loyal USMC family member!

  • Alf

    Hey guys, I'm from mexico just wanted to stop by and pay my respects to all of you guys. And that day I was sleeping my mom woke me up and said, "somebody is attacking the United States"… I got up went to school and watched the news all day long…

  • Matt

    Heading up to the field for marching band practice on a scorching Las Vegas morning. We got a call to come back down nearly there and I watched it down in the band room, and I headed home early to help my mother, a native New Yorker, get in touch with home. It will be absolutely impossible to forget that day, nor would I ever wish to. Always hold the past close to your heart, God Bless America.

  • Rav

    I was thinking the same thing. I was in my last two years of undergrad and was on my way to a career fair to find a job for after graduation. Never forget the feeling of watching the news while at the career fair and trying to grasp the enormity of what was going on.

  • firefighter23

    4th grade. Recess. No teacher told us what happened. Found out when I got home. Didn't really hit me till 6th grade.

  • Suz

    In the car with my roommate on our way to work at a skyscraper in Atlanta (which happened to be the Atlanta base location for the World Trade). We were listening to Beastie Boys "Whatcha Want" on the radio when the DJ's interrupted the song to tell listeners some sort of plane had hit one of the towers. My roommate shrugged it off as some sort of freak incident. Just as I started arguing that a plane doesn't just happen to hit the tallest building in the world by accident, the DJ's, who were watching the footage, started going ballistic as they said "OMG here comes another plane! And it hit the other tower WTF" I knew for sure then it was no freak incident. Our building was evacuated a short time later.

  • Apple

    3rd grade. Mom came to school to pick me and my sister up, then my brothers are middle school. I had no idea what was going on. My dad was in DC working in a building on a router across from the Pentagon when it was hit. We didn't hear from him for two weeks.
    I didn't really get what happened until two years later, when my brother joined the USMC. Been trying to learn everything I can since. For anyone who can't quite remember what happened, I found someone who uploaded the broadcast from several news networks on Youtube.

  • http://www.thechive.com Sadie1182

    First of all, I feel like an old fart because so many of you were babies and in elementary school lol… but I was sleeping in because I had a dental appointment that morning and I was skipping my 9am math class at UofL. My mom busts up in my room and said "OMG Jackie!!! America is being attacked!!!" and I jumped out of bed to watch it on TV… This was after the first plane, and my mother is awfully melodramatic, so I was sort of thinking maybe it was a horrific accident when the second plane hit… and I knew something was going down. So I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned while everyone in that office listened to the radio together… later, I sat in my sorority house (Delta Zeta) and we all cried together and talked about what we could do to help all those people in NYC and at the Pentagon. I was terrified because so many of the men I love are military men… My step-brother, my uncle, my best guy friend… and so many more joined the military in the following weeks that I was bursting with pride… I will never forget a single moment of that day as long as I live… and I will never forget the sacrifices that have been made since by our brave men and women at arms! We LOVE YOU!!!

  • Chris

    I was in 8th grade at the time. It was a month before my 14th birthday. The way I found out was I was in a cooking elective class and the girl sitting next to me said that her dad texted her saying a plane had crashed in to the World Trade Center. That didn't really mean anything to me at the time, and none of the teachers at the school said anything. The principal made an announcement at the end of the day saying that something big has happened (they didn't want to panic all these kids that live in Connecticut who could have possibly had family members or people they know working in NY). I didn't really find out what happened until I got home and saw my mom glued to the television. They played the clips of those planes hitting the WTC over and over and over again that day.

  • Frank

    9th Grade. Just finished band practice that morning, walked into my 2nd period typing class to find the T.V. on and all four planes had already crashed. I distinctly remember typing at my computer when Dan Rather said something about the WTC tower shuttering. I turned around to look at the TV and I see nothing but smoke still, so I go back to typing. However, just as I turn around to start typing something tells me to take a look at the TV again, so I do and moments after I look at the TV again the 2nd tower begins to fall. At that time, we didn't know the other had already fallen due to all the smoke.

    Now, I'm a 2nd year medical student with the intention of joining the Air Force as I finish up school.

  • NoName

    Elementary School, I keep forgetting which year and really care to try. I do remember the television in the corner of the room cackling to life on just the right channel, just in time to see the second plane hit its mark. Last night I heard people running up and down the catwalk outside my dorm room at Belmont Abbey College screaming "USA, USA!" leaving me wondering "wtf". A minute later my room mate decided to check the news. Fuck yeah.

    • Midwest chiver

      same with me i was in 5th grade and they turned the tv on as the second plane hit may we never forget

  • TSnash

    10th grade english class. Had no idea of the significance until i watched the second plane hit. Now a proud Afghanistan Vet and EMT Fire Fighter.

    • Country Boy

      Right there with ya. I was in 10th grade english as well. The teacher turned on the TV about a minute before the second plane hit. The whole high school spent the rest of the day watching the news. I talked to the recruiter about joining the Army 3 days after I turned 18 and signed my contract 2 weeks later. Now, I'm a proud Iraq Vet and still serving in the reserves.

  • RiderPrider

    I was in 8th grade and I woke up to the radio saying a plane a hit one of the towers and they weren't sure if it was an accident or not. Turned on CNN and saw the 2nd plane hit as well as the Pentagon. Went to school early for football practice. I think we had one or two periods before the principal took us out of class and let our class watch the news coverage for the rest of the day. Now as future infantryman I salute you America and you deserve this moment. Congrats from your Canadian friend.

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