10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

bin laden photo thechive2 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

Attention Chivers, America needs your help. We could not have been happier to hear that the “man” responsible for the mass murders of Americans for years has been given justice with a bullet through his head. As you all know there is a ton of controversy surrounding the termination of Bin Laden due to Obama withholding the “death photo”. This is beyond politics, this is about closure and trust in our government. The families of the victims have the right to see this photo. Full Disclosure? Democrats, Republicans, Muslim Americans, even Canadians want to see this photo. theCHIVE, realizing we have millions of awesome fans, thought why not see if we can get the snowball rolling and grab the White House’s attention through Facebook.

We started a Facebook group, “Ten million strong to show Bin Laden death photo


a jonstewart quotable 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

  • skippy

    First to like it.

    • Thom

      releasing this photo would be a horrible idea. Very few people would consider it "proof" and it would probably lead to violence. The United States is not some barbarian warlord where we place the heads of our defeated enemies on a pole for everyone to see. I think that we're better than that. If bin Laden's death marks a turning point for us, than lets mourn those that we lost, turn the corner and move on.

      • smoonstyle

        That is exactly NOT the point, Thom. The point is that many (really many) don't believe he is dead. A photo or two would show that he is… I, for one, don't trust the Government anymore

        • Logic?

          Logically speaking, you think that the CIA, Pentagon, everyone in the situation room that watched it live, Bin Ladens family, Navy Seals 6, and the Embarrased/Exposed country of Pakistan are all working together for a massive cover up for the US government?

          Couldn't he simply release a video of himself… you think the 'conspirators' wouldn't think of that causing a problem?

          You don't trust the government, but you would trust a photo of a dead Osama from the government?

          • dub

            There were reports several years back that he had died in a firefight.

            Also, he was supposedly in terrible health without much access to medicine.

            I think the bigger fear is that he's been dead for a while now, and yet the government(s) is/are still posthumously using him and our tragedy for the sake of war and all the loot that comes with it.

            You notice how that's not really given to us as a "Choice" in this debate? They do this during elections too — you choose from a small pool of people that have already been chosen for you. To believe in anyone else – to believe in anything else — well it just seems fucking crazy, now doesn't it?

            • Logic

              I hear what your saying and don't disagree with your overall opinion.

              But the argument of "he was supposedly in terrible health without much access to medicine" isn't true when he is living in a mansion in pakistan.

              Why would pakistan play along, when it has embarassed/exposed their countries ties to terrorism? this is causing a huge political back lash for them, yet they are agreeing he was there and was killed? And thats just one major problem with that.

              A conspiracy with that many complicated moving parts, will always crumble. If he died many years back, why didn't Bush declare he killed him right before leaving office? Wouldn't that have helped the republicans?

              Would Bush leave the credit to the president that followed him? etc

              • dub

                He was supposedly living in a mansion in Pakistan when he was supposedly killed. Pakistan is supposedly embarrassed about exposing its ties to terrorism. Our government supposedly didn't know about the attacks prior to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. There were supposedly WMDs in Iraq. The oil was supposedly going to pay for everything. Our overseas campaigns are always supposedly temporary.

                What I'm trying to say is that you believe completely in every single detail that the government has told you regarding this Osama incident. That's good. If it works for you, cool. But consider, in retrospect, the things that were spoon fed to you so far this year, last year, 2 years ago, 4 years ago. Has it all been true? From miscommunication, to satellite glitches, to intel errors, to thermal expansion – somehow many of these "certainties" have been undone.

                As far as I'm concerned, there are 2 types of wholesome people: Those who believe in everything, and those who believe in nothing.

      • Vagina jones

        Agreed. Especially releasing it now while our soldiers are over there knowing it would be used as propaganda by Al-Qaeda to get recruits for retaliation. Not cool.

    • Angry Kid

      Reading all the comments below, I am once again reassured that the majority of Chivers are liberal pussies, who want to be shielded and protected by the government from everything! Are you adults or children? Whether we wanted to or nor, you and I paid for bin Laden to be killed, thus making an image of it public property. The government has no room to debate on whether they will allow me to see this photo, you and I own the rights to it. It's about as simple as it gets. Get off your politically correct high horse and get real. If you don't want to see this image, don't look at it, it's your choice. You have the FREEDOM to choose what you want to look at, that is what makes America the greatest country in the world. If you don't get that, go to China or South Korea for a week. So many morons posting here right now, holy shit. Need a tissue, Chivers?

      • Angry Kid

        While I find it strange that The Chive actually took a stand on this issue (whether I agree with it or not), I am glad that they opened up room for debate, they tend to be good at that.

      • happy kid

        It is beyond me that this kid is angry. This is such a great moment for us Americans. You are disrespecting the Seals who risked their life to kill Osama by doubting they're achievement.

        • Angry Kid

          No one is doubting the achievement. What is at issue is that the American government has taken upon itself to decide for the people what they should and should not see. This is the worst form of censorship, is completely un-American at the very core!

          • McBeastie

            No, you are doubting the achievement. You've been doubting it pretty strongly.

            • dub

              Drink the juice, boy!

      • MarkJay

        First of all, you make conservatives to appear to be retarded. As a conservative, I don't think its a good idea to release these photos right now, when retaliation is expected. Why play into their hands. You don't have freedom to top secret files.

        "The government has no room to debate on whether they will allow me to see this photo, you and I own the rights to it."

        Have you ever seen the picture of Kennedy's dead body, with his head blown open, or Lincolns?

        Think before you speak. This is a republic. If you don't like it or understand that concept, move to libertarian country. I'll wait for you to find one. Ironic you mentioned morons… "North Korea" is the one you meant to say.

        I can't believe the lack of patriotism during this time when we just killed Osama.

        • Angry Kid

          I didn't say anything about conservatives, but you just said you are one and then dazzled me with your horrible grammar. So, which one of us is contributing to them looking "retarded?"

          The photo will be released anyway, as some of the photos already had begun to be released, and it will be an EMBARRASSMENT when the UK releases them while our government doesn't.

          • Markjay

            Argue my grammar if you want, that doesn't change half of everything you said from being retarded. 'We pay taxes so the government can't classify things" Since your not a pussy, why don't you go down to your local FBI office and try to use that argument. See how far it get you.

            Why would it be an embarrassment if the UK released them? The purpose of not releasing them, is to not put our troops in danger. That used to mean something to people. Guess it doesn't anymore.

            • dub

              Duuuude…. we're America, when don't we put our soldiers in danger?

      • lizanosalsa

        declaring your political affiliations really helps reinforce your argument, huh angry kid? STFU

        • Angry Kid

          What on earth are you talking about? What political affiliations? I didn't declare anything about myself. If you don't get the conversation, it's best to keep your mouth shut.

      • bobbert

        "The government has no room to debate on whether they will allow me to see this photo, you and I own the rights to it"

        LOL child

        • goober

          LOL Brainwashed.

          • skippy

            How did my stupid "first too like it " comment lead to that conversation?

            • hMMMM

              Homo, shut up.

    • Urban

      Kudos to you Chive for taking a stance on such a controversial issue. I'm leaning toward not showing the photos, but I must acknowledge the fact that because we can have an opinion such as this just proves that we live in the best country in the world, America. People on here are so angry just because someone has a difference of opinion or does not agree with their philosophy. Whatever the outcome, we need to unite behind the choices we make.

    • Vanxidar

      dude the expansion of your post is just hilarious lol

  • FIRST :P

    But really, Im pretty sure this is just a hoax. I would be cautious.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

      if it was a hoax, why now? This is a really random time to do it. And another thing, if they faked it they would do everything to prove that it happened, which includes posting photoshopped pictures of a dead Osama. Not posting the pictures kinda proves this wasn't done just to make everyone happy, it was done as a deed to the world.

    • hmmm

      Like Obama said himself, this is the same shit as Al Qaida killing a US soldier and posting the pics on the internet. We dont need to see photographs, who gives a fuck, dude's dead.

    • b-ry

      if it's not a hoax…why not release the death pictures to the world for closure and trust?

      i agree….it's not over.

    • Dude

      It is a Hoax, this is only to boost Obama's rating because his ratings were extremely bad and now all of a sudden is a great President? 9/11 was an Inside Job, Obama has been dead for years, the US dollar is slipping, this is just a big joke to stupid americans.

      • dub

        The Dude is right, sadly.

  • https://www.facebook.com/vincent.b.pelletier Vincent Pelletier

    Maybe a Vote would do it best, People seem to be in love with that question system.

    • mark

      this is why i feel this will fail. i don't see the government releasing the pictures by peaceful request of 10 million people over the risk of infuriating an unknown number of terrorists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

    meh i think it shouldn't be released, even if it does get released people are still going to call SHOPPED! I just don't think it's necessary, even though I do want to see it it's not worth putting this country at risk for another attack

    • Grizz01

      Totally agree, there's really nothing to be gained from releasing it. People that don't believe it now never will, and some photo that could have easily been doctored is not going to prove anything to them and will only enrage his supporters. The proof is in the fact that it's been announced, cuz frankly the government wouldn't risk stating it and then having Osama release a video of himself holding up the headline. Sorry Chive, for once I can't support you here.

    • jason

      totally disagree for many reasons. We're at risk for another attack regardless. Most importantly, conspiracies are running wild right now. I'm not a conspiracy guy at all and I have my own. A photo will quell some of that, not all of it. But we damn well deserve to see that photo.

      • Ateka

        I agree with you as well. Photo shouldn't be released. People need to learn to trust their governement for fuck's sake. The govt isn't a big compagny trying to hoax money out of you, you gotta learn to trust it.

        And even if it's released, the retards who like to doubt everything will say it's photoshopped. You just can't win against haters.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

        Yes we are always at risk, but parading around with a photo of their dead leader will only make them want to attack us more. Imagine if they killed one of our soldiers or even a general, and then took a picture of his dead body and put it out for the world to see. How would that make us as Americans feel? We would be furious. It is not necessary to do it.

      • wolf1e

        We don't deserve to see squad, now if you decide not to believe the government then you have the right to do that as you always have. Now if you say that the family members of the people that died because of him have the right to see that picture, then don't you think that the family of Bin Laden also have the right to not let a picture of a dead family member be divulged for everyone to see? Just for morals sake, I know I wouldn't want a picture of any dead family member to be purposely put on display for everyone to see

      • Berbalerbs

        So you're not a conspiracy guy, but you have a conspiracy? huh. and to echo what everyone else is saying, a photo isn't going to prove anything. If you don't want to believe it, you won't, regardless of what evidence is released.

        And one last thing: If another country or organization had killed one of our soldiers and then released the photo, what would you think about that country or organization?

      • El Chiverino

        How do you DESERVE to see it?

    • Cake is a Lie

      I agree. The people in this country that dont believe are the same people that didnt believe the President was a citizen. Even if you produce the photos there will still be non believers. Just reading about the event, and watching videos, and responses from his family and organization – he is dead. Besides, I highly doubt the President would lie about it, he would be DESTROYED if it turns out to be a lie.

      • dub

        There are WMD's in Iraq!

        Presidents are paid to lie, there's no punishment.

    • DonkeyBalls

      I agree. There is no need to release it. If someone thinks he's still alive because they have not seen a photo then fine, pretend he's still alive. Doesn't bother me. In fact, I think it's better if it's left in mystery. Let everyone wait for new instructions from Osama… it will never come. Destroy the photos and move on.

    • McBeastie

      Thank you Andy. This is absolute ignorance on the part of the Chive. We are Americans, we do not need to gloat, flaunt or inflame by means of releasing a photo. This photo will only provide fuel to the groups we are fighting. Think of the way the death photo of Bin Laden will embolden and strengthen the enemy and how it will provide a "Che" like image to revel in. We have proof through DNA of the death of Bin Laden. Enjoy the truth. Just fucking enjoy the god damned truth you fucking skeptics. You all seem like a bunch of Donald Trumps calling for the fucking death certificate.

      • neutraldespot

        That's the one thing about the truth; for it to be ascribed as true there must be evidence to back that up. Something as dramatic and decisive as this action carries with it a responsibility to prove to the world that it actually happened. In this instance, that proof has been withheld and several decisions taken are highly suspicious.

        After the fiasco over WMDs in Iraq, the government has lost a great deal of trust. If you want to believe, good for you. I want proof that this happened.

        • McBeastie

          Yeah, and a picture would really get everyone to believe? Cries of photoshop would follow. He's dead. We got him. Move on. Releasing a photo would only incite…but I guess you don't give a shit about. Fuck the consequences! neutraldespot wants a pic!

          • dub

            mental child

            the stupidest thing you can do is make fun of someone else for thinking for themselves.

            try it.

    • BeccaB86

      I agree – no one "needs" to see a photo. Even if it's not doctored, it'd be a grainy picture of a guy who's aged 10 years since his last photo with a bloody face and a beard (probably). Saying it's OBL isn't going to decrease any skepticism. Be content that no one has released proof he isn't dead yet and call it a day.

  • Ripple

    ya I'd like to see it but Andy called it no matter what ppl won't believe it. We should have hung his head on a pole and let ppl take turns pissin in his mouth

    • Ed Gein

      ok, even i think you should tone it down a bit…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-McGowan/17300438 Brendan McGowan

    Wow, Chive proves to be the ultimate troll. "Pics or it didn't happen" …

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Yeah, but nothing about the chain of events surrounding the (apparent) elimination makes sense now. I agree with The Chive editors on this one; pics or GTFO!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-McGowan/17300438 Brendan McGowan

        Tell me what about the chain-of-events that doesn't make sense. Facts or GTFO

        • Christopher McGowan


        • fuzzybeard2016

          Honestly, it's the lack of photos/video from the op that concerns me the most. I know it would violate the sensibilities and stomachs of a great deal of people; but I would've been a lot less likely to doubt the government's version of events if there were -say- a picture of bin Laden cleaned up (as much as possible given the location of the kill shot) before his shroud was sown up prior to his burial at sea.

          Couple that with President Obama's rationale for not releasing the photos ("We don't trot out this stuff as trophies,") sounds (to me at least) like "We're doing this for your own good." Ask the Native Americans and anyone of Japanese heritage who spent time in US internment camps during WWII how well that works out.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-McGowan/17300438 Brendan McGowan

            The videos and photos are there. The question is whether to release them (quite frankly I think they will be released in an "unauthorized leak").
            The administration has decided to withhold the photos because they feel that it would cause an inflammatory response from fanatics, the concern being that the release would cost the lives of Americans abroad, or possibly within the United States.
            Keep in mind that President Obama just released his long-form birth certificate and birthers (racists) immediately cried 'FAKE'. You don't think that would happen with pictures? In the long run, it's just not worth it.
            However, trying to link the decision to withhold gruesome pictures that could cost lives to Japanese internment and the Native American genocide is way off the mark.

    • Ted

      It's too convenient. I've questioned every government since Jimmy Carter, I sure as heck will question this one. You should at least want to know the truth. We, the people are the boss, not the government.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-McGowan/17300438 Brendan McGowan

        I absolutely want to know the truth, but, with Al Qaeda recently admitting that he is dead, there seems to be little doubt. I agree that questioning the government is our right as citizens, however, I trust elected officials to weigh pros and cons on how to proceed with certain events. You can chose to vote for a President in 2012 who will promise to release the pictures if you want, that's kind of how it works.

  • ely whitley

    the whole thing is begging to be questioned. 'Been searching for this guy 10 years and yesterday we killed him and threw him in the sea- honestly!"

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

      it's not like it suddenly happened, it went through months maybe even years of compiling information to make sure they were going to the right place. And throwing him in the sea is also the right thing to do, bringing him to the U.S. is disrespectful to Americans, but burying him in his homeland will only create a shrine by his supporters

      • miliano2.0

        Andy again with a great point.

    • mercury surfboard

      It's not like it was an alien we found and needed to disect.

      How many effing days should he have been kept around? No matter what photos, video, dna, first hand accounts are released some idiots will NEVER be convinced, and to you brainless morons I say get a life.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Managua.Green Miguel Ruvalcaba

      AND WE NEED TO SEE THE LONG FORM DEATH CERTIFICATE, as well as two forms of ID, a police officer there to verify the whole thing, four or five of my buddies and Neal taking notes, and Bin Laden's grandma to confirm his identity.

      • Guest commenter

        Outstanding! Mr. Chappelle would be proud.

  • Osama bin Laden

    I am not dead.

    • Osama bin Laden

      P.S. Nice hump day post. Wa wa we wa!

      • the truth

        yes u r not dead
        america is a lie no more

    • Berbalerbs

      How about a pic to prove it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnythingCanHappenInTheNextHalfHour Rob Jordan

    I wanna see the Seal Team 6 live feed video but I think they already gave that to guys making the new Call of Duty game.

    • Eddie

      Hell yeah! That's what I want to see. Fuck the photo, I want to see Team 6 do their thing.

  • BloodScrubber

    He's dead. The end. Move along now…there is nothing more to see. He was simply a religious fanatic / extremist who got justice served. No more. No less.

    • Markus

      Agreed. And releasing the photo, triumphing that way over this death is something the terrorists do. They make videos killing people, they want widespread attention to death. We are better than that…we are Americans. We got our target, time to keep moving.

    • PartyMarty

      Hear Hear.

    • anyong

      were you there when he died?

  • Ron
  • mercury surfboard

    Are you serious?

    It's an absolutely stupid idea to release the photo.

    The fact this website feels the urge to promote otherwise is mind boggling.

    All these dolt posters can neg rep me but sorry, get a clue.

    Go work on meme's of Keanu and Leo, it's what you're good at. Stay out of international affairs.

    • Nobody

      You my good sir, are the smartest person here.

      • Justin Hall

        I agree with all of those who don't want to release this photo, but I'm throwing my thumbs up for Mercury. I think with the clear disagreement we're seeing on theChive boards, it's obvious there are two very different points of view on this particular subject. theChive needs to let this post die, otherwise it's going to alienate one or the other, and that'd be a shame.

        theChive should be a happy place, not some board where we're screaming at one another over — what fucking else — POLITICS. Leave that shit somewhere else.

        • Guest commenter

          You sir, win the internets. +72

        • Julia

          Hell hath no fury like a political discussi-….argument.

    • PartyMarty

      Thumbs up to this X1M

    • El Chiverino

      Greatest comment ever!

    • no name

      I completely agree mercury surfboard!! it is much bigger than, 'i want to see the picture..' showing this picture can hv severe repercussions..we hv to remember that one man's terrorist is another man's hero..and Osama is/was a hero to these extremists…people keep that in mind please, just now we will be petitioning on facebook for everything!!!! its not a silly matter!

  • Kelsow Farlander

    Sorry, can't show the pix. Too many SEAL TEAM 6 members urinating on the corpse. HooRaa!

  • JJJ

    sorry but no, we don't need to see the picture of his corpse.
    if you don't believe he's dead, a picture won't prove anything to you.
    showing the picture would cause more problems than it would solve.

    • Ateka

      Totally agree. + 100

      • dub

        You're all saying the exact same thing President Obama said.

        Those are called "Talking Points" or "Soundbites."

        Enjoy them – and please tell me when you start making your own sentences.

        • JJJ

          Your argument doesn't disprove what I said.
          How about you try giving an argument FOR releasing the pictures – just make sure your argument hasn't ever been said before by anyone, otherwise it's just a "talking point" or "soundbite" LOL

  • jason

    america can handle this image just fine. we have the right to see it, that's for sure.

    • Guse

      What "right" do we have to the picture? I'd love to see the Amendment that says that "pictures of dead terrorists are public domain."

      • Solid Argument

        From above: I paid for bin Laden to be killed, thus making an image of it public property. The government has no room to debate on whether they will allow me to see this photo, you and I own the rights to it. It's about as simple as it gets. Get off your politically correct high horse and get real.

        • Guse

          Huh? What political correctness are you talking about? I'm not sure that phrase means what you think it means…

          More to the point: by your logic, I "own" an army humvee and should be able to take one for a spin whenever I'd like because I "paid" for it? Likewise, I should be able to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom whenever feel like it, too, right?

          • Angry Kid

            I already responded to this exact same type of question – in more detail – above but… yes, it is legal for your to file a petition to take an army humvee for a spin, and if you make a serious enough issue out of it, it will eventually have to be posed for a public vote. That is how this country works.

            • JJJ

              go join the navy seals so you can take pictures of your own dead terrorists… that is how this country works.

              • dub

                I hate jackasses like you who finish sentences with generic shit like, "That's how this country works" like it's been that way since forever. Like things don't change. Like we, the people, haven't changed. Like our constitution hasn't been amended and new laws for new situations have been put in place….

                but nope… that's how this here country works… always has, Tex.

        • Berbalerbs

          let me be clear: YOU DID NOT PAY FOR BIN LADEN TO BE KILLED. Your personal tax money might have paid for .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the cost of bin Laden's death. Let's see someone who owns .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of Apple try and dictate what the next iPad should look like.

      • PartyMarty

        I'll ask you this question: Are we at war?

        If the answer is "yes", which it must be, then there are strict rules in the Geneva Conventions governing the treatment of enemy dead. Of course, Al Qaeda doesn't honor the Geneva Conventions because they're a cult of evil fanatics living in caves. But the United States does. Let go of your bloodlust and take the high road. We buried that bastard at sea so that there wouldn't be a physical grave for his followers to come to.

        Let's be better than Al Qaeda. Let's show them and the world the difference- we value human life, even when it needs to be taken. We're rational and humane and enlightened. We're not governed by fear and paranoia like they are. Lets try to remember that.

        Chive on.

        • Angry Kid

          I hear what you're saying and I respect your opinion.

  • Joe

    As an actual victim family member, I thank you for this Chive. You guys are awesome.

    • dub

      pics or it didn't happen

      • dildobot5000

        You win. This will be my new line of argument to the idiots who want this to be released, and claim it is for the victims. Up-thumb for you good sir. Joe, i am sorry for your loss, but will the photos bring your people back?

  • Craig

    Can't support this, really. Conspiracy theorists won't believe it anyway, and the intense bloodlust and celebration after his death, is no better than the videos of "them" celebrating after the successful attacks on 9/11. We hated it then, so why are the rules different on the winning side? Glad he's dead, but we need to take the high road.

    • Joe

      I totally agree. I'm surprised more people aren't grossed out by the blood lust. This is America and we are supposed to be better than cheering for blood shed. Its nice that he can't do any more harm and people got justice but this feels to me the same thing as dragging the bodies through the street.

    • David

      Well said.

      Releasing the photo may give a few people 'closure,' but it could also spark violent reactions among bin Laden followers. A decent portion of the Middle East isn't in love with the US, so let's not go making things worse.

      Chive, please stop this. I love this site, it brings me joy every day, but this post is a BAD idea and the repercussions could serious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Ong/744355742 Danny Ong

    this is bull. i hope there aren't ten million people that are so bloodthirsty. please, let's just take the high road and be thankful that things are looking up now that he's gone, and then move on. It speaks volumes if you derive pleasure from seeing a mutilated corpse, no matter whose it is.

    • Nobody

      If ten million people are that bloodthirsty, I'm moving to Canada.

  • Jon

    Releasing the photo will not put to rest the suspicions of a minority that already doesn't believe Obama's claim. Look at all the believers in the Roswell, Elvis or Hitler conspiracies, (or a combination of the above). Few will benefit from the release of the photos of bin Laden's death but the fact remains, releasing the photo will create a stir of anger in pockets of the Middle East that will result in deaths of those unrelated to, or to the topic of, Osama bin Laden. I will summarize MLK here; death will not stop death, hate will not stop hate, darkness will not stop darkness. Only light can stop the darkness. Only love, [and peace], will stop hate.
    Chive on.

    Jon D

    • slim


  • dush

    to see his head blown open with brain matter seeping out?

  • drew

    Why do you care!? This is a huge wast of time not to mention sick and twisted – why would anyone need to see a picture of a dead person, let alone glorify it? Not to mention the longer we dwell on the superficial aspects of this issue, the more chance there is that our response will drive people on their side to retribution terrorism people.

    Thank the soldiers. Thank Obama and move on. There's plenty of other $%& that needs to be dealt with.

  • Logan

    This is why I hate the Chive. You guys aren't any fun anymore. All booty and tits and no funny. Then.. This shit? Come on Chive, you trying to get new fans? I'm surprised the Facebook page doesn't have "the Chive" blistered all over it.

    • Ash

      Oh I completely agree. Back in the day I'd come to Chive for the laughs. Now I have to wade through page after page of posing girls (I love how Chive takes the moral high ground, that this is ok cause these girls are "real") before I see some genuine laughs. And now Chive is using it's fanbase to make stupid political statements. Small-time, frat boy mentality. A shameful, shameful post this from Chive.

      • WRGRE

        two of the best posts(reflecting the state of the chive) so far.

    • Umpty Scrunch

      My sentiments exactly. This place used to be more fun. I go to porn sites to look at porn and come here to laugh at the pictures and comments. This is a topic they should not have endorsed or posted.

    • Ash

      Agree completely. I miss the fun on this site. Just look to the right and notice there's barely any thumbnails of funny or crazy pictures like in the old days. It's all tits, ass, stds. Boring. I also agree that the photograph should not be released. Knowing those extremist don't give a shit and will go to great lengths to get back at anyone for the littlest thing, why show their leader dead? They can't even handle a cartoon Muhammad without flipping out and wishing death on artists.

    • Anon

      Chive, you really shit the bed on this one.

      Trust? Trust is based on believing in the integrity of someone, so demanding proof is the exact fucking opposite.

      "Beyond Politics?" This sounds like the bullshit regurgitation you picked up from a news site. This is pure politics because it revolves around your POLITICAL FUCKING BELIEFS. If you BELIEVE in your government you don't need proof for everything. If you do not, then why THE FUCK do you live here?

      You're losing a lot of chivers with this one.

    • Sizzle

      These are the best comments I've seen so far.

      This is a website who's made it's money and gained followers by posting pictures of tits, ass, and Keanu memes. It really has no place trying to be political.

      Stick with what you know, guys. Nothing loses readers faster than insulting their political opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Austin/739253786 Andy Austin

    another point…there are photos of the moon landing, video too. But somehow there are still plenty of moon landing conspiracy people out there claiming it was faked. Releasing the photo wouldn't change much.

  • Nick

    This is dumb. And from reviewing the comments to this post, most Chivers agree that its unnecessary to see it. Bad call guys.

    • Angry Kid

      You are DUMB, our government shouldn't be in the business of censorship or "protecting" its people from information. The photo must be released. Look at it or not, that's your choice.

      • Nobody

        Make him martyr for others like him. Great idea?

      • Justin Hall

        Sorry, mate. But the government isn't dictated by some juvenile popularity contest, nor is it meant to serve merely as a political seismograph to constituents' passions. The government's ideal responsibility is to lead, inform, and, in some cases, ignore popular opinion for which they were elected.

        It's ridiculous how we deign to vote for these individuals to make the best possible decisions for us, and yet we demand to make their decisions for them. It's not censorship, nor is it "protection".

        I was hoping that this post would get taken down, but I'm thinking this has legs and theChive leadership is going to run with it, like the Spring Break iPhone message and HPOA hoaxes. I hope this doesn't hurt the overall image of the site…

        • Angry Kid

          Who said anything about a popularity contest? I paid for bin Laden to be killed, thus making an image of it public property. The government has no room to debate on whether they will allow me to see this photo, you and I own the rights to it. It's about as simple as it gets. Get off your politically correct high horse and get real.

          • Justin Hall

            So because we pay taxes, we therefore own everything currently registered as public domain? It is our right to have access to all the information, goods and services that my elected government has access to?

            By that logic, then, I could have the Navy SEALs visit my neighbors upstairs because they're so damn loud at night, or I could have the Air Force commute me to work every morning. And now can I finally build my house out in Grand Canyon National Park?

            This ain't political correctness, kid. It's just what the government is meant to do. Indeed, we vest in government the power to do exactly what you're saying it cannot do in this particular case, which is to make a difficult, arguably unpopular decision because the risks outweigh the benefits.

            • Angry Kid

              Public = people, domain = held in legal possession. You pretty much contradicted your very first argument, and to answer your question, yes – the taxpayers own ALL public domain information, including this photo.

              Your secondary point is a bit naive. However, no law prohibits you from putting in a request for have the Navy SEALs visit your upstairs neighbors. It is not against the law, and by that logic – yes, you could have them do that, theoretically.

              Same goes for the rest of your questions. The answer is yes, in America you can legally petition for use of public property, and decisions about public related issues have to be put to a vote.

              I didn't get to vote about this photo being released, did you? No.

              Finally, since no one was asked to vote, you cannot seriously argue that this is an "un-popular" decision. Your logic makes little sense, and I fear that there are many more people like you.

              • Justin Hall

                You're incorrectly applying the legalistic term "public domain" to this particular photo. This is not "public domain"; at the moment, jurisdictionally, it could fall under the purview of the CIA as an operational document; the Executive Branch as a presidential document; or, less likely, under procedural law enforcement doctrine. None of these categories are liable for public dissemination under the Freedom of Information Act.

                There are clear precedents set, namely by the FOIA, that confirm that this picture need not be automatically treated as "public domain", in this instance the "public works of the United States Government." You want to argue semantics, fine. Legalistically, this picture cannot be definitively construed as public domain.

                In response to your other point concerning government property: a distinction must be made between government ownership and public property. A government Humvee, for example, is government property beholden to *government management policies" presumably dictated by said government. In contrast, public property refers to assets and resources that are available to the entire public for use and consequently are subject to entirely different policies. This isn't even relevant to the original argument, though, as images are considered "intellectual works", not government property.

                FUCK. This is EXACTLY what I DON'T WANT theChive to become. I ain't responding anymore, even if Angry Kid spouts more ridiculousness.

                I'm heading over to reddit until this ruckus (hopefully) dies down.

                • Guest commenter

                  Wow. I mean, wow. Stop it with your "logic" and "facts." This is the internet not a classroom!

                  +a lot

                • Nawai

                  Justin, never argue with an idiot. He'll only drag you down to his level and beat you with years of experience.

          • mercury surfboard

            You PAID to have your government protect you ya lil brat….. and that's what they're doing by killing the lead terrorist in the world and having the good sense to not release a photo that will be bulletin board material for all time to people who want to kill you.

            Boo hoo that you don't have a picture to be able to buy t-shirts on ebay 4 minutes after it's released.

            One thing you don't own is a lick of common sense. I'm glad our leaders do.

            • Angry Kid

              And you didn't pay them to do that? What does that even mean? Yes, that's pretty much my point, we paid for it and we own the rights to that photo.

              If – for one second – you think this photo won't be released by someone, like the UK press (which has already started releasing some photos of this operation) you are quite the naive chap, living in a perfect world. This image will get out, one way or another, and it will be an enormous embarrassment when our own government hides it from its people, and another grants it to us.

              You sure know how to point out flaws in people, but are so wrong and stubborn that I am really sad for you, actually.

              • mercury surfboard

                You are so dumb it's amazing the 2 gerbils jerking eachother off in that nickel head can generate the brain power to allow you to hit the keypad.

                If you're so bummed out go move to Pakistan. There's a bunch of people there that want the photo released as well.

                • Angry Kid

                  You must be a real winner with an argument like that. What will you do next, bang a stick on the ground in protest?

                  • mercury surfboard

                    I'd have a better chance of making that stick start singing Sinatra than talking any sense into you.

                    Stay angry, kid……. stay oblivious to.

                    • Angry Kid

                      I am defending my right as an American citizen and praising the values on which this country was built and why it is a unique and blessed place. You're telling me to move to Pakistan.

                      You are a moron, and I am done wasting my time with you.

                    • dub


                      You have those who fight, and those who are complacent – and I always side with the fighters. Complacent people get shit taken from them.

                    • CDN

                      Angry Kid, you are the stereotypical American dumbass.

                    • dub

                      No, sir. Don't you get it? YOU are the sheep! When people talk about the Americans, they talk about the stupid fucking choices that our government makes – and they talk about you, who supports them unquestioningly while the rest of the country still has questions…. because… your faith is enough for all of us? FUCK YOU, we're all EQUAL people in this country.

              • El Chiverino

                Actually, it is Pakistan that released the photos… But ignorance is bliss

          • Jake

            you're probably don't even pay taxes so shut up.

        • Anonymous

          The Chive consists of guys who like sci-fi, right? Battlestar Galactica portrays some wonderful messages regarding this line of thought…in the first season, Tom Zerrick pushes for free elections, yet free elections have the potential to destroy the fleet. Just food for thought 🙂

      • we killed bin laden

        The White house isn't in "the business of censorship." They're in the business of shooting Osama in the face. Rejoice. How you can be angry over this week's events is certifiably insane and mind boggling.

        • Angry Kid

          I am angry because the government is trying to censor an image which belongs to the public, which is at the very core un-American. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • we killed bin laden

            Dude your logic sucks. Not everything your tax dollars pay for "belongs" to you. "Uh hey Obama, I'd like to take a look at those intelligence reports. The $214 I payed to the IRS from my Walmart check paid for them after all."

            • Angry Kid

              Dude, you don't know the law. Yes, everything OUR tax dollars pay for belongs to us, and only us. That is the definition of public domain. It is not illegal for me to ask Obama to look at those intelligence reports, and if I made a bit enough deal out of it, and got enough public support for it, this would have to be up for a public vote. That is how this country works. It amazes me how people live in America and don't know their basic rights, but furthermore, they don't seem to care. Such is the sweet life of the privileged, where ignorance is not only tolerated but encouraged by the masses.

              • Kyle

                Angry Kid, I notice you keep bringing up this point. In order to demonstrate how America "truly works," I am hereby formally suggesting that you request, and make all the necessary fuss for an F-14 for your personal use. Do this, and I promise that you will face no more argument on this site.

              • CDN

                You are the stereotypical American dumbass that thinks everything belongs to them. The picture isn't public domain. It is a classified government document. If the government were to release the photo, THEN it would become public domain. Releasing the photo will only cause more problems for US citizens. It will enrage Al Qaeda and prompt even more terrorism against the US. Come back when you know what you're talking about.

              • CDN

                Angry Kid, your argument makes no sense. Obviously you do not know the law. Your tax dollars pay for upkeep of the White House so by your argument the White House belongs to you. Why don't you just try to stroll on into the White House then and see how you get received.

      • not cool

        What is dumb is having this conversation on this website. Go to Fox News or moveon.org or whatever poltical websites exist out there.

      • Kyle

        The problem with that logic is that the photo belongs to the government. This isn't the government suppressing a photo taken by a citizen or a news agency, the photo belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with it. They aren't protecting anyone from information; they're preventing certain people from becoming enraged over a photograph of their deceased leader circulating the internet.

        On a similar point, how would we feel if photographs of killed kidnapped soldiers were released by the group responsible for the killing?

        • mehh

          Orr when they beat, burned, and hung the bodies of our boys from a bridge in Fallujah for all the news outlets to cover. I don't see how this photo would silence the tiny population of doubters.

          dear Chive, I like you, stick to awesome, stay out of politics. It's hard to have a divided opinion about 'teh lulz' but you put yourself in a bad spot when you give the stage to things like this.

      • McBeastie

        Hey Chive editors! "Angry Kid" is your only supporter right now. Hope that puts things in perspective!

      • El Chiverino

        You are not getting the poing. It's not protecting people from information, it's protecting the men and women that sacrifice themselves overseas so you could go on a comment board all day. If the possiblility is there to put them in MORE harm with the release, no matter how small of a possibility, then it isn't worth it so people that are doing shit to help this country can see a dead guy.

  • Atacon

    I would rather see pictures of beautiful Arabic girls than Bin Laden's death photo.

    • seriously

      you're sick

      • Eddie

        you're gay

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