10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

bin laden photo thechive2 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

Attention Chivers, America needs your help. We could not have been happier to hear that the “man” responsible for the mass murders of Americans for years has been given justice with a bullet through his head. As you all know there is a ton of controversy surrounding the termination of Bin Laden due to Obama withholding the “death photo”. This is beyond politics, this is about closure and trust in our government. The families of the victims have the right to see this photo. Full Disclosure? Democrats, Republicans, Muslim Americans, even Canadians want to see this photo. theCHIVE, realizing we have millions of awesome fans, thought why not see if we can get the snowball rolling and grab the White House’s attention through Facebook.

We started a Facebook group, “Ten million strong to show Bin Laden death photo” -please click the LIKE button below and pass it on to your friends.


a jonstewart quotable 10 Million strong to show Bin Laden death photo

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