Kim Jong-il looks at things (26 Photos)

One of our awesome South Korean Chivers sent me this last night. I found it awkwardly hilarious. Some of these needs captions (hint).

  • uber guy

    #1, yup, that's glass

    • Derp

      Shit just got real.

    • Frapenstein

      Fuck Kim Jong-il, lunatic cock sucker. Take a note mother fucker. You may be the next Bin Laden.

      • tastykak3s

        half of my ex-girlfriends where lunatics and cock suckers. don't hate.

      • TinyTimmy

        You're SO brave! <3<3:$

    • GK-4

      ah yes, HERE is my afternoon Scotch ration.
      Splendid, Comrade Jae-dok, I don't need to kill you today.

      치브 온!

      • 안송우

        차이브 온!

        • dub

          치브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온! 차이브 온!

          • Iran_Cyber_Army

            AAAHH!! Not full cream milk! #16

          • Herrrrro!

            I can read Korean but I don't know what it means….to say it aloud goes as follows:
            Chee-bu ohn! Cha-ee-bu ohn! Cha-ee-bu ohn! Cha-ee-bu ohn! (and this last one just goes on and on)

  • Sizzle

    I'm having a hard time not captioning all of these with…

    "I'm so ronery."

    • Angry Kid


      • TinyTimmy

        Shut it angry kid.

    • Steve

      1 "Herrroooo"
      2) Ohhh Herrroooo
      3) Herrrroooo
      4) Heerrrrrooooooo!
      5) Herro!

    • Erik von Markovik

      Hans yehr brehkin my balls here, yehr brehkin my balls!

    • Michael

      That's wascist!

  • Robi5150

    What a complete wacked out little troll!

  • dan

    we put the human oppression there

    • navymp

      That made me lol…

    • Grifo

      Epic Caption +100 Thumbs

  • whosmike

    In number 4 is he at a sperm doner clinic?

    • Dirty Dingus

      That's just his personal stash.

    • chived

      there's a masturbation joke just waiting to be had here

  • JOhnny FEVER

    Looking good!

  • Surf and Snow

    Dear Chive,

    Please fix your damn iPhone APP!!!!!!!

    All the Chivers who thumbs up this post.

    • RIM

      fuck iPhone's

      • Erich Backhus

        Fuck yeah! iFags can eat a dick.

    • Paula_

      Doooon't make me kiss you!

      – the one you love to hate

    • VedHead77

      One post was ok. Now you're spamming. Please go check out theBerry. Lots of dude pics for you. Maybe they will fix your app.

    • _PandaJerk

      You keep saying that and yet you're getting nothing but thumbs down. Doesn't that tell you anything?

    • Russ

      I will thumbs up that every damn time I see it! Someday they may actually read the comments and decide to fix it.

      • V4Vendetta14

        They already announced a new iphone app is nearing completion….Chill the fuck out…

    • Arvzky

      Well good sir, It looks like you darn fucked up on this post.

    • panama99

      Look, I don't have the App and I don't have an iPhone so I really could care less about hearing how crappy it is.

      Also, why would I want to look at all these great pics on that small ass screen when I can sit here in my office…or at home on the big screen and really enjoy the pics. man you remind me of a whiny kid, whah, whah, whah. If you don't like the App….delete it. If you don't like the site stop visiting it.

      Man, I feel better.

  • Big E

    Theres a tumbler of this, its pretty good

    • Frank A. Alvarado


  • peanut

    shouldn't it be "rooks" at things?

    I love you chive, but….small fail on that…

    • Randy Marsh

      Maybe they're just not racist like you

      • ryan

        maybe just read the comments posted before you next time

  • boatdrinks4u2

    Do you think his wife shaves her bush?

    • Rusty

      I pooed a little when i read that………nice job.

    • zerpsderps

      dear leader likes his women bushy

    • YupYupYup

      Trims, but not for him!!!

  • budfox

    one of your chivers or a site called

    • TinFoilHatSoldier


      • Captnjack

        You never know, the person who runs the site could be a chiver..

  • Da_Boz

    #9 Looks like about as much getting done as me at work…
    Thanks again for my complete lack of productivity Chive!

  • Anon


    That one is out of line. Detain it.

  • 80085

    Happens to the breast of us.

  • PianoFingers

    "This kind will do – but we will only have 5."

  • Jaeger

    #4 "Yes, this much sperm makes me feel less ronery."

    • Jaeger

      ress* ronery

    • Bi-Bim-King

      Seriously what is this? 이사진 뭐야?
      His personal Soju Collection?

    • RGH

      He pulls off the trapper hat; not many dictators can.

  • n1ghtstalker

    #22 rook fukrs it don't matter what you say I am not going shwimming with my crothes on!

    Also…. Stop breaking down my shiti wall…. you god damn Mongolians!!

    • Sizzle


  • Daris

    Own personal sperm bank. Mission Accomplished.

  • OGMrWhite


    Where did I put my fucking hat??

    • equalizermax

      Sir, You press this to launch the rocket…

  • nemesis

    There's something about #15 that made me laugh more than the others. I think it's the classic "fall-asleep-mid-fish-inspection" gag that did it.

  • Estew

    Laughing my ass off at all these!

  • Angry Kid

    Most of these comments so far are WEAK. Par for the course. Chivers don't know shit about being funny.

    • nemesis

      Your opinion is meaningless. Thank you for playing.

    • NJF

      Why is everyone so fucking stupid, why can't they be rike you? You're so ronery, so ronery.

  • Daris

    "This tastes like shit. You're all gonna die."

  • Thumpybass

    #1 Ah, Supreme Leader enjoys the pale ale, I see

  • Chad Conyers

    #10 "Tomorrow, everyone's in brown pajamas…and don't call me Kim!"

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