Lauren Donavan is shooting live!

It’s finally happening. Lauren Donavan is currently in the Chive studios and it’s streaming live on theCHIVE webcam. For the next couple hours you’ll get a sneak-peak at the making of theCHIVE’s first Chivette Calendar. Lauren is awesome by the way. Really one of the nicest girls. She’ll be checking in on the live chat to say hello throughout the day.

UPDATE: Photoshoot is donezo. Thanks to the thousands of lucky people who tuned in!

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  • Jimmy5923

    1400 viewers holy crap

    • Yann

      1482… Jez! I want to be that dog !

  • Rated r

    Where is the DAR?

  • Logan

    Wow.. Its like watching The Playboy Channel.. Getting all hyped up for nothing. How about, let her get a little naked and let Paddy go down on her. Least give us something. FUCK OR GTFO

  • twk


  • James

    I'd rather have DAR than a random photo shoot. Chive is getting away from its roots.

  • tkc

    Oh cool. I didn't really want to do any more work today anyway.

  • Rob

    holy shit better in person than in the pictures

  • D...

    Yeah, she's too skinny for my liking, cute, but not particularly my type. Either way, nice job being put up on the Chive calendar!

    • Rusty_Dreams

      Everyone has their preference, and no one's is better than another. In my case, she's exactly my type. I love that body. I want to come home to it naked on my bed. Mmmmmm…….

  • dr. pepper for life


  • El Chiverino

    And not a single fuck…..

    • you are not mark

      Ooh, there's one of those mindless comments you hate so much…

      • El Chiverino

        I upvoted you for the pickup. Kudos!

        • you are not mark

          Right back atcha.

  • zman

    who is the dude groping her?

  • KenT

    Thanks Lauren, and The Chive for helping me get through a rough day at work!

  • you are not mark

    Lauren playing Golden Tee in lingerie FTW… could have done without her boyfriend in the shoot, though. Hope to God The Chive didn't spring for his plane ticket…

    • El Chiverino

      You know they did…
      Wait, another sound…. the weeping and cursing of 10,000 fanboys learning she has a boyfriend, and you can pick up just a hint of the stench of desperation billowing from their virgin bodies….

    • Lauren Gentile

      He paid for it himself. It's not the Chive's responsibility to care for him!

      • mark

        I'm glad he was there… to make sure the Chive boys didn't take advantage of you. 🙂

  • Corbin Keith

    Enough with the make up chive damn. lets see some chivette skin

  • Paula_

    Seriously Chive, add a live chat for us when doing awesome stuff like this. Don't worry about that chat getting too busy; we're all typing slowly with one hand only.

    – the one that wants a live chat

    • Paula_

      And what the hell did we do to deserve a not so wonderful shot from THE FUCKING ROOF!?!? Are you guys on drugs or something??

      Minor hug,
      – the one who is disappoint

      • frank

        That's when they were taking all of the semi-nude pictures.

  • Rusty_Dreams

    What an ass! That shot going up the stairs in the bikini bottom. Wow!! Want to hit it!!! Taste it!! Caress it!!

  • truthteller

    Get a life Chive ,stop giving attention whores what they want. Post funny pics ,that`s why you became famous.

    • mark

      Let's see, Chive traffic is up dramatically because of the Chivettes… increased traffic leads to increased ad revenue… and the Chive guys are "famous" enough to get the Chivettes to come to them for these kind of photoshoots. If you ask me, the Chive has a pretty decent life… oh, and they also post funny pics. So I guess its the Chive FTW.

      • Christopher McGowan

        No, I'm pretty sure truthteller is right. If I wanted to see girls with 10 lbs of make-up on I would go on a porn website. These girls are attention whores who take pictures of themselves in the mirror…and I don't give a sh*t about them! I come here for funny pictures….although I do get a good laugh at some of these girls who think they're hot and the desperate guys who write "FIND HER" so they can stalk them on facebook.

        • Bluto

          So you post on this particular thread for…

  • Ripple

    sexy as hell lauren, now chive let's get a wet tshirt contest streaming…

  • Hofner1962

    Cherry lipstick on her teeth and all dangerous curves.

  • urdad

    Attention Whore..

  • Christopher McGowan

    Chive, with all due respect, by making a "Chivette Calendar" you are turning these girls into the very thing you claim Chivette's are not: glamour pin-up girls with loads of makeup. I mean, just look at the first picture of the girl here…she's got about 10 lbs of makeup on and does NOT look good. By making these girls larger than life, you're just going to create 12 more bitches in the world for each month one is posted on. Hey, haters gonna hate on me, but I'm just being straight up with you.

    • Lauren Gentile

      If I had even close to 10lbs of makeup on my face (like you said in a comment to another) I would've said hell fn' no to the shoot. I have barely any make-up on in the picture above. I'm not the kind to like or wear makeup so in all honesty, it was more like 3 ounces of makeup. The same will go for the other gals as well: the Chive is about showing natural, real girls, not heavily made-up fake chicks. 😉

      Also, no amount of photoshoots will ever make me a 'bitch'. I can't speak for the others but I've been doing this as a hobby for about 6 years and the fun that I find in it is that it is a great way to let loose and get a little wild from time to time. A person doesn't suddenly become stuck-up or any less down-to-earth because of modeling, imo.

      • El Chiverino

        Is that what you told college humor?
        alright, last college humor reference…. promise!

      • Bluto

        As you know, you can't satisfy everyone and there will always be those who criticize. I, for one, thank you.

      • Tomas Larence Calvillo

        Haters gonna hate.

  • Fthatattnwhore

    This is nothing but only stupid. A stupid whore addicted to a hobby of stripping for 6 years and ppl wanna see watch! I agree with Christopher. Why don't Chive just split to "Chivettes" and "Chive". Who bothers to see this LG's horse face?

  • Easy come easy go

    She obviously is very agitated. Never see any professional model so easy to freak out. LOL!

  • John B

    What happened to the stream of Willow and Erin? Did I miss it?

    • John B

      No disrespect to you, Lauren. Your shoot looked amazing.

  • LuisV009

    took fucking long enough

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