Joyland: Proof that all abandoned amusement parks are terrifying (34 Photos)

Joyland, Located in Wichita, Kansas, is an amusement park that’s been closed since 2006.
Via Buzzfeed

  • Paula_

    Come to my cave… I'll show you something terrifying…

    – the one you love to hate

    • Elliott Gonzalez

      By cave do you mean pussy cave because if thats the case i dont want to know how terrifying that is!

      • detroller

        its not that terrifying….. just cob webs and rust. Nothing a lil lube and some tlc can't cure. teehee

      • snowbird

        as much as i hate paula… Elliottt you scared of pussy?

    • Pettinato

      ewwww I would have just preferred some d bag say first then have that mental image burned into my skull

    • Truth be Told!

      i think this is really a man! so yes it would be terrifying! their real name is "Paul" :/

  • Catence

    This reminds me of that Goosebumps book 'One Day at Horrorland'.

    • HollarPeenYo

      Goosebumps… What literary masterpieces!!! I bought the shit out of those books! Of course only at the Scholastic book fairs…

  • Hunter


  • Anakrusix

    I say all the Chivers meet up there for an all night long game of hide-n-seek. No flashlights.

    • denzino

      I'm down! sounds like a good time haha

      • concerned

        it's a trap!

  • Joel


    • gifted_beatnik


    • Dave Gal

      Well played.

  • jp34

    bet you could have a killer party there

  • Steeb

    and this is where horror movies start……and end

  • keyz

    I would totally buy that place if I had the money.

    • Mack King

      i know right!? hell id even figure out a way to squat there… can you imagine? you could live in their and nobody would know about it.. of course you couldnt do shit with the rides.. but how awesome would that be!? id LOVE to buy that place

  • Buford_Justice

    it would be fun to go there and break things

    • Someone Who Cares

      You're ignorant. It's meant to be preserved not destroyed by idiots like yourself! Grow the hell up!

      • Buford_Justice

        Stop being a dink, im just saying what every man would enjoy doing when they were a little boy if presented with the opportunity.

  • Brian Harr

    awesome! my hometown on the chive! too bad it has to be in such a creepy post though.

    • bisketz


    • Josh Fleming

      Hey Brian!

      • Jordan


  • B_moose

    #33 I actually went to this place when it was open, it looked pretty much the same…

    • Brian Harr

      hahaha yeah, thats the sad thing about it all.

      • Hamm

        It was still the best thing we had until Wild Wild West World. . .and then a year later it was the best thing again. And it's still the best, sadly.

    • xviddyx

      you're absolutely right

    • Michael

      It didn't look bad in the 70's when my family went there. And they would give you tickets for the rides based on the grades on your report card (an A might have been worth 5 tickets, a B worth 3 tickets, etc.). I think it took 7 tickets to ride the roller coaster. Joyland didn't start to get bad press until the incidents where people stood up near the end of the roller coaster ride, were thrown out, landed on their heads, and died. I think that happened at least twice.

      • sydney

        Hell yeah man! I used to do that with my family too 🙂 and employee Cessna days were we got in for free XD

  • Jonjon Moon

    #15 modern warfare….. that missions where there are waves and waves of Russians coming at you

    • Ross Huddleston

      in modern warfare, that would be the ferries wheel in prypiat, ukraine. the location of the chernobyl meltdown

    • Foley

      That actually based around a real location, in Pripyat, the whole mission is. You should look it up, cause that's a creepy amusement park.

      • Foley


  • Efesen

    #1 #6 #14 are really scary…
    At night , I think it's the perfect place to terrify friends and girlfriends ^^

  • badachro

    Wally World! "Sorry folks, park's closed"

    • bigdeal

      "uh hya hya hya!"

  • Clarke Baldwin

    It is like something out of Left 4 Dead, love it 😀

    • u-know

      I expected to see a Tank or Hunter jump out

    • G.T.M.A.N.

      this is so where L4D2 got that map from

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #22 the little choo-choo train that couldnt…

  • Arjay

    These pics remind me of a stage in Silent Hill.

  • russ

    were are the zombies….

    • grammar police


    • Urban

      Reminds me of the game Left 4 Dead.

  • Rob

    This has nothing on the ferris wheel in Pripyat, Chernobyl…

  • Chiveroni

    #25 And yet they have DSL. Even ghost clowns need the chive.

  • Gutterville

    Thats what happens when you over price, learn a lesson here disney

  • SJay

    One giant paintball park.

  • bdizzle

    #2 looks like part of Enchanted Forest from Elliciot City, MD

    • shoreman

      Most of the buildings from Enchanted Forest can now be found at Clark's Ellioak Farm in Clarksville MD

  • @YoungCosby

    Looks like the map on Call of Duty called Carnival

  • FrostyWit

    It's hard to believe that wreck only took five years… #15 is particularly creepy.

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