Malibu’s finest. Your tax dollars at work. (8 HQ photos)

While driving the beautiful PCH up to San Francisco a few weeks ago, I blew by a cop and noticed something I decided to turn around and investigate. What I found was straight out of Super Troopers.

  • killa

    I guess you could say crime…

    doesn't pay.


    • ranD

      i guess you could say San Fransisco cops are real…..



      • Jessica

        Hahaha, I love you both.

      • Terryc

        Thanks for the good laugh

    • Capitalsfan74

      That made my day.

  • DanielB

    Dude is like just the ilussion of being watched is enough makes us behave, dont you get it? It doesnt matter wether or not the policeman was real since the real police man is inside all of us man… meta…

    • Chacha

      Concept of the Panopticon, look it up.

      • Ted Danson

        Well, I learned something today.

      • DanielB

        You sir are a well read chiver =]

      • Special_k

        I always thought Panopticon is the name of a transformer.

      • jesus

        go play starcraft

      • T/A6.6

        I'LL BE DAMMED

      • John Locke

        LOLZ! Dude stole my alias…

        • austin

          but still, i think that stunt is illeagal

          • UPSgrrrL88

            I live in the NJ, PA, DE tri-state area and they have those things ALL OVER THE PLACE around here. They call him Officer Obey. Derp.

      • Matt

        Actually, the idea behind this is called the Hawthorn effect – the fact that you THINK you are being studied changes your behavior.

        • DanielB

          No no, the panopticon guy is right. The Hawthorne effect refers to individuals being studied and how that affects the results. The panopticon however is a prision designed with lots of control systems. Among them the PROBABLE 24/7 police. The police is placed in such a manner that they can watch every single one of the prisioners yet the prisioners cant see them. So the prisioners dont really know they are being watched, so there really is no difference wether there are actual policemen or not. The concept of the policeman has been interiorized by the inmates. So the concepts may appear similar in that someone watching us changes our behavior. But the Hawthorn effect reffers to an actual physical person watching us while the idea of a panopticon is based on interiorizing the police. So in the end they are actually pretty different things, and i was talking about the concept of panopticon on my original post. Also the panopticon effect is the reason why the fake policeman works not the Hawthorn effect.

  • the Beib

    did that srsly need its own 8 picture gallery?

    • Dan

      yes, now go away

    • Scandalus

      I know, right! You should totally ask theChive for a full refund of your subscription for being forced to look at pictures… aw hell, you get these pics for free and aren't forced to look at a single gallery. I guess you should stop bitchin.

    • frank

      did you seriously misspell seriously?

    • Mark

      Clicks = revenue. We've all got bills to pay.

  • lokiz

    U know how fast u were going?!?!

    • ...

      put that camera away right meow.

      • alex


  • Fish

    Drivers need to slow down, right meow!

    • Diego Mustafa

      Freaking hilarious!

    • topher

      or do you see me eating mice!

  • Bacon&Eggs

    Someone has been watching Supertroopers!

    • TIMfromSAC

      Big difference between "been watching" and " had appreciated a funny ass movie at some point in time". He just jot the drop on all of us with that post. Strong!

  • ERIC

    i would steel this car 🙂

    • Not ERIC

      i would mimetic poly-alloy that car

      • DaddyD

        Wish I could give you more than 1 thumb up!

      • T-1000

        I approve!

  • Paula_

    WOOOHOOO! I guessed paula's intensedebate password and changed it and the mailaddres! That noisey fucking bitch won't be able to post from this account anymore. You can thank me for it! It is a good day for the chive!

    • Guest

      WOW!!! I guess she will never post again because once you lose an email address and user name it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a new one. Luckily you cant post unless you have an account which is also a plus.

    • Paula_

      Funny and well done I suppose. Not that I really need the account, but am sort of attached to it. Would appreciate it if you mailed the new pass to

      – the one that got robbed

      • Sean Doherty

        Paula, u mad?

      • Paula_


        • xXbeermonkeyXx

          now thats just mean spirited. hacking peoples accounts is lame, especially out of some petty grievance they dont even know how to handle. you sir, are no true chiver, for we respect eachother, even Paula_. I hope you die a painful and lonely death, go to hell and get raped by gorilla-devils for the rest of eternity.
          seriously, fuck you

        • ranD

          however way to admit to hacking her account on the internet. i hope she reports you for it jackass LOL

        • Vagina Jones

          Even though this is still probably Paula (as it does sound like something she would do for attention), Not cool of you to steal someones account, not matter how much you despise their posts/existence.

          You should man up and give it it's account back.

      • Bacchus

        Don't worry Paula_, just keep up the good work and we"ll get your new account to -143p in no time.

        • Paula_

          That is so sweet of you… ❤

          – the one that got robbed

      • oh4fuckssake

        you used a password that some jack off was able to guess?!?!?! Was is PASSWORD?

        • Hurricane Harri

          No, it was "incorrect" that way his computer could always tell him what his password was when he forgot it.

    • SkyVader

      Now I'm thinking….did Paula just post that to see what we would say?

    • Louis Friend

      Eric, on behalf of all Chivers: THANK YOU!! I seriously lol'd.
      What better way to smack that bitch up! xD

    • Hey_You

      As a matter of interest, what was the old password?

      • OneClownShoe

        I like the way you think. It would be legendary if every Chiver had access to the same account. Paula would make internet history!

    • El Chiverino

      If this is true, it's kind of a d-bag move…

    • tim

      You just admitted to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, among other things. Since your stupid enough to openly admit something like this, you're definitely not smart enough to mask your IP in any way, shape, or form. Ergo, it would be extremely easy to find your location.

      • Bacchus

        Ergo, "you're stupid", stupid.

        • hMMMM

          BRAD BACCHUS!?!?

    • TIZ

      i do not believe. i think this is a new form of trolling that Paula is using.

  • CableGuy2011


  • mrjimmyos

    'I don't like the look of that dummy man, better slow the f*** down'

    • Roxy

      The dummy doesn't look good indeed. What a shame on how the government spends our tax payments.

  • DRC36

    Looks like even a dummy could do that job haha

    • george takei

      wtf are you talking about, that right there is the most honest and hardworking cop ive ever seen

  • Anonymous

    Meow what is so damn funny?


    so you could say….

    he's a real dummy


  • Dude

    That movie was based in the state I live (VT), and oh how I wish statey's were that awesome.
    But no, seriously- the cops around here really suck.

  • Radio

    Do I look like a cat to you? Meow.

  • Timin Phoenix

    Hey, it's my old Watch Commander!

  • Matador

    this is actually pretty common

    • DistractedIndividual

      Yeah, they do that actually quite a bit. Sometimes they'll put one of those in an obvious location and hide the real trooper further down the road to see who doesn't get the hint.

  • MigraineBoy

    Great story, bro.

    • george takei

      but i thing I dont understand, did he have to pay to get in?

      Oh..great story gordie

  • Ziplab


  • AwV

    Old trick, saw this in Buffalo about 10 years ago. More departments should do this though. It's cheaper than paying a body to sit in a running car, wasting gas.

    They could just start buying random junk cars and painting them with their own colors and just randomly keep moving them around.

    • DistractedIndividual

      Add a camera/radar to the front and back, eliminate power tripping cops:)

      • V4Vendetta14

        Dude, don't give them any ideas… They already have traffic cams that take your picture and clock your speed. They aren't allowed to ticket based on that bullshit…yet…

        All you need is 1 in 10 cars have a live cop in them and people would still slow down.

    • aleXTC

      Yeah i see this all the time driving in Mexico. On the freeways they have cardboard cut outs of police cars lol

  • Wade

    Looks like someone is in line for a promotion!



  • Kev

    Santa Monica to San Fran on the PCH? that must have taken 3 times as long, just sayin'

  • Police Chief

    Stay outta Malibu, Lebowski! Stay otta Malibu, deadbeat! Keep your ugly f-n' goldbrickin' ass out of my beach community.

    • zero00430

      Curse you good sir/madam. That was my first thought, to make a Lebiwski Reference

    • DCBizzle

      fucking fascist

    • baconfortress

      I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention.

    • downfall616


  • El Fantom

    It work but after we saw this, a true cop will not work anymore.

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