The Merica crowd falls into two parts, the patriotic and the crazy, redneck-style group. On this page, you will see a ton of Merica memes featuring both patriotic memes and over-the-top America memes from all over the country.


Our Merica memes range the spectrum from patriotic memes to bizarre America memes focusing on culture, food, and the crazy antics that happen every day in Merica. You don’t have to be an American or even live in America to appreciate these Merica memes.


Why do we love Merica memes? Some of us just love our country, for good and for bad. That’s more of the patriotic memes crowd. Then there’s the rest of us who love to see how the other half live. We love to go to People of Wal-Mart and make fun of the Merica-loving rednecks. The funny America memes remind us just how insanely blessed we are that we can live to excess when other parts of the world struggle to meet basic needs.


Do you love Merica? Do you have some America memes we’ve missed? If so, we want to see them! We are always looking for new Merica memes and if you send us some we like, they will eventually end up in one of our posts.


We know you know others who love Merica memes, so please share them with friends, family, and co-workers. Use it as a way to celebrate your patriotism and laugh about the insanity that is our great nation. Also, make sure to bookmark this page as we regularly update this page with new funny America memes.