• yup

    well said. i think.

    • Anonymous


  • Dongo

    Holy Mother of God!!!! #4!!!!

    • Chicago_animal

      What? Never seen panties before?

  • DJwillflo

    The word you're looking for is 'peek'.

  • itsobvious

    And another chic with the body of a boy ,more proof that Chive is full of butt pirates.

    • hMMMM

      and since YOU'RE on theChive, that makes you _____ _______

      • itsobvious

        Am here just to chew gum and kick some ass and am all outta gum.

  • Glenn_L

    Sitting on the edge of my seat

    • itsobvious

      Get a life ,seriously .!

  • iambigd42

    #4 Now that Lauren is retired we need a new Lauren Gentile. While no one could ever replace Lauren, maybe Sarah Jay and fill the void. So far so awesome!

    • Lauren Gentile

      I'm not retired from the site – just retired from doing any modeling outside of me taking random shots of myself for fun. No more 'serious' modeling in other words. 🙂 I still plan on making cheesy sign submissions!

      But we definitely need more Chivettes, period! Lots and lots more.

      • iambigd42

        Looking forward to the random shots LG 🙂

        • Jessica Condrey

          this girl doesnt even come close to Lauren. Just sayin'

      • UrPhoningItIn

        OOh someone mentioned me, let me quickly respond. Please pay attention to me I'm retiring. Wait! Don't forget about me I'm not completely totally retired. Just kinda..

  • Chicago_animal

    What do you see that is so amazing about her? She isn’t HOT or anything. Shes a cutie at best.

  • Jaeger

    Meh…She's not terrible but she's not smoking either..she looks like the girl next door…with a lil' freaky in her. Just enough for you to want to find out. But compared to todays Hump Day, this is the "hump" is more of a small bump. I look forward to the hate for me voicing an opinion….

  • Logan

    Is she gonna be naked? If not, I don't give a fuck.

    • Big Timing

      Only in a perfect world Logan. Finding a girl this pretty that is willing to pose naked is a one in a million chance, at least not for the Humble Chive (no offense Chive crew! Keep girls like this coming!)

  • D

    Wow. Need to see more of her wearing less. Making us wait until tomorrow is just plain mean. She’s gorgeous!

  • NoP

    I wish she was the girl next-door! Ok, I get it, some guys like big curvy girls, but for me, she’s dream girl material. And let’s be honest, for the few guys that aren’t feeling it, you’d probably fall all over yourselves if you ever met a girl this beautiful.

    • Chicago_animal

      Yeah she’s bangable but nothing to go crazy over.

  • its_forge

    Dammit I'm stuck home with the wife tomorrow!!! = )

  • The Neighbor

    I can’t stop looking at this girl. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

  • somegirl

    well said… the average girl isnt this, at all. Though she is pretty, she does not posess the body of an average girl.

  • Chase

    I would have to agree… once I figured out what you were saying…

    • dastlast

      Well, then people would say the best part is the part a little lower than the best part they would normally go for, just to cheat the system. So, you still end up in the same old places, eventually! 😀

  • Graham

    WOOT! Great choice for Chivette of the week

  • Biggie


    • urdad

      Time to get glasses bud.

  • @robnailer

    she so naturally hot

  • Quasimoto

    I say prove it…

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