Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Jim

    #46 – Laura's sister: I'm sorry I don't know your name, but you are no-kidding gorgeous. I'd trade my holiday this year to know what's behind those eyes.

  • Chris



  • Rika

    I only use the Editor in Photoshop, never the Organizer, and my OS is Windows XP SP2. I started with PSE 4, then 5, and now 6, and have found this prgoram to be extremely useful for improving, even renovating, my old slides and photos which I have scanned. But I am sorry to say that 6 does not seem to improve on 5. First of all, the Help button brings up no help at all. Tech support provided a workaround which is to use a shortcut to a file in Common Files. I must admit that the resulting Help file is much better than the Help file in 5. Secondly, the color scheme of the prgoram, which cannot be changed, makes many of the buttons hard to read, especially for my aging eyes. In 5 the buttons were very clear. In 5, if you clicked on L, the shortcut for the Lasso Tool for example, an icon in the Options Bar will be highlighted to show which Lasso Tool you have activated, and the same for other shortcuts for multiple tools. That feature has been eliminated in Photoshop Elements 6 for no good reason. In all fairness, PSE 6 is about 75% larger than 5, so it probably has some resources that I have not had occasion to use, and probably never will. Adobe’s What’s New for PSE 6 does not indicate anything really sensational in my opinion. My conclusion is that if you already have PSE 5, don’t bother to upgrade now, and save your money for a future upgrade. But if you don’t have any version of Photoshop Elements at all, then I would highly recommend Photoshop 6 which does offer an almost infinite number of ways to improve your photos.

  • LilVanillaGorilla

    Yeah #46 is fine as hell! Ill take you out anytime.

  • Bryan


    Damn! Tell your sister she is hot. Those eyes are gorgeous.

  • jig

    #46 Looks like a donkey.

  • bruce

    im willing to give lauras sister a shot…..if shes willing to come to new zealaand

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