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  • Dongo

    #11 MOAR MOAR MOAR JESS!!!!!

  • Steve

    Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: It was Osama that paid this guy all that money to go to White Castle, since he couldn't go out and do it himself.

  • Bob

    #20…More, more, more.
    #36…The first time I saw this, I have been wanting to try it, but just never think to do it.
    #38…She succeeded.
    #49…I have no words.

  • scary69

    #4 i think is the singer in NDUBZ tulisa something,and #49 hell yeah just like that pull those to one side and im in

  • jim yan

    chive is awesome 4 more hot sexy chives go to

  • bill

    wow #45 amazing

  • bill

    wow #4 awesome.yummy,yummy.

  • derek

    #43 u spelled DIED wrong #49 – yes please, spank bank

  • Joe Heavymetalcowboy Lamendola

    #38 Success

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