Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Random

    …..must….keep…. eyes… open………. for…..late…… DAR


    OK I'm awake now.

    • ROK247

      chivette of the week or GTFO

      • Nick

        Motion Seconded!

        • Lucas


          • HillBilly Bone


            • aserana

              you know what to do chive, FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hoodlum

        You must be thinking of #4. Is it possible to fall in love just by seeing a photo?

    • guest

      It's not the same girl….the tits don't work out….check it out….

      • Surf and Snow

        Agreed, nor does the blonde back and arm hair.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chad.jabara Chad Jabara

      type "sofia ballerina" into Google Images. NSFW (turn safe search off).

  • ROK247

    a little junk in the trunk can sometimes be a bad thing


    • ilovethechive

      Is that not Paula (troll) in a kiddy swing?

      • Paula_

        No dear, the entire swing would disappear between my lovely cheeks, obviously.

        – Haven't I seen this comment before…?

    • ilovethechive

      Isnt that Paula stuck in a Kiddy Swing?

    • Firefighter23

      We had something like that happen at the park across from the fire co. Except it was fat five year old girl stuck in a kiddy swing. Only thing I said was God Bless Merica, we ain't got impovershment.

  • texter


    #25, #47, #49

    • Buford_Justice

      #49 Marketa Belonoha I think. google it up!

  • JohnsScarf

    you did a good job #38

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom at work and finish myself off now

    • asdasd

      Thank you!!!

    • Sean

      God Bless TEXAS!

    • Interesting

      IMHO, sweatpants are the sexiest pants a girl can wear… I'm probably rare in that opinion though.

      • amrith777

        Naw…I agree.I like demure–like pretty white cotten nightgowns or flannels…leave a bit to my imaginator

    • Duaneoca

      Sexy Sweats FTW!

    • tcbb789789

      I do believe you are making sexy in sweats working. I could only hope my dreams were so kind.

    • dub


      • Jen

        im a straight chick and that picture made me fucking horny

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Piscitelli/1211787995 Keith Piscitelli

    #17 now we see why she's a math teacher and not an English teacher…

    • BeardPapa

      Don't want to stereotype but if shes likely asian… being a math teacher and all.

    • dub

      I doesn't understanding.

    • Motofoxe

      Nice catch with the "the the"

      • TheLostOne

        I thought it was the "go" that was incorrect. I didn't notice the double "the the." I thought the correct was "For the most homework gone missing." Unless I failed English too. At least it's better than #43.

  • Skippy


    • Eleventeenth

      Oh come on, it was meant to mock the FIRST idiots…

      • DaddyD

        You need to be more clever in your mocking to get thumbs up. The Chivers are a very demanding crew.

  • Veddi

    Fuck-Marry-Kill: #4 #11 #49

    • Tunk

      Marry #4, F #49, Kill #11

  • BMW

    Very sexy #4 #11 #49

  • Gwintro

    #1 that is hump day material. find her

    • Nick

      I don't think that's a thong!

    • Vince

      Also she's 15 …

  • equalizermax

    It's about time…

    • de ja vu

      The girl is 15 according to Swedish news

  • bettingonthecubs

    #2 well played chive

    • Jen

      i hope more arnold jokes come. fucking hilarious

  • Nicklas

    #1 swedish girl stuck in kids swing

  • greasdupdeafguy

    Get the DAR before a terrible storm hits my home. Sweeeeet

    • ilovethechive

      Hanging at work with Tornado Warning Sirens blaring waiting for DAR

  • disturbed

    #2 My office mates and I make bets on the time of the DAR each day. No one won today

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Faustino-Hernandez/100000136634054 Faustino Hernandez


  • Brother Maynard

    #38 I bet you could make nothing look sexy as well.

    • Firefighter23

      I know what you did there. It was a nudey joke, but you could sub nothing for anything too.

      • Brother Maynard

        Point taken, but personally I'd rather see her in nothing than anything.

        • Firefighter23

          damn straight

    • tcbb789789

      What man and some women wouldn't, want to see her in nothing, but anything will work.

  • monkeynuts

    #11 That's sexier than if she was totally naked somehow.

    • Paula_

      Ooohhh… you're learning! Good job…

      – How about: "The one that should go away"?

  • http://twitter.com/the_gemjedi @the_gemjedi

    #38 pure success 😀

  • wasd

    #38 sweatpants can always be sexy if worn right (and by that i mean she better be hot)

    • mark

      'Round the ankles, sweatpants are always HAWT.

      • its_forge

        Around *one* ankle.

        • mark

          Even better.

    • aleXTC

      i think she should have her own post!!! anyone agree

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattpeace Matthew Dj-Diesel Baron

    #1 not a bad day at work at all

    • de ja vu

      For pedobear, yes! The news article about this said that the girl was 15

  • Nick

    #38 Mission Accomplished!

    • ROK247

      @#$! you beat me to it

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Schelbergen/100001681380679 Rick Schelbergen

      Nothing to add! I stopped and stared for a good long time here.

      *Goes back to staring*

      • dub

        Same here. She could make pretty much anything look sexy, idoobeeleeve.

  • ROK247



  • bennyboy

    trying that TONIGHT!

    • peepantsthehoboclown

      that is genius!!! what else can be pierced by spaguetti??

    • amrith777

      Oh Look–it's The Flying Spaghetti Monster!! All hail his blessed tentacles!!

    • PTGR

      You little creative bastards

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      What the heck is the spaghetti in, a hotdog?

  • Bimbo

    If I had a nickel for every dumb comment posted here…

    • mark

      Then you could go rub some nickels together over on Reddit and complain there…

      • Bimbo

        Reddit is for gays.

        • mark

          Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • disturbed

      You would have just payed yourself a nickel.

      • Sigh


    • Brother Maynard

      You'd have to pay yourself…

      • Bimbo

        If I paid myself a nickel, I'd still be able to afford your mom, not that she's expensive or anything. Heyoooo.

        • Brother Maynard

          She's 67, so have at it.

          • Bimbo

            Oldie but a goodie! I really hope she's a REAL woman, too, if you know what I mean. I mean fat.

            • dub

              More fat = more estrogen = more woman.

              You're right. Does it make me gay that I like skinny girls?

              • Hooooooooooo

                What makes you gay is that you like to fuck dudes.

    • Johnny Sixarms

      You'd be a bimbo with a shit-load of nickels.

    • Paula_

      Fuck that, if I got a nickel for every repost… I'd have more money than some small countries!

      – the dark side of The Chive

  • Shawn

    Who is this lovely creature?

    • Nick

      Seriously! I'm fucking jealous of that seatbelt!

      On second thought, I move that she re-shoot the photo wearing just the seatbelt!

      • Bob

        It is Tulisa from UK band N'Dubz. She ain't that hot though, girls like her are called chavs over here.

        • shitfaced

          I just googled that band and you are incorrect. That is not the same girl.

          • MoobyDoo

            Yes it is.. deffo Tulisa.

          • jim

            it is she dyed her hair, it used to be blonde

          • steve

            It is her think us aver this side of the pond know

    • Firefighter23

      That my good Shawn would be a women with large breasts wearing a three point safety harness in an automobile.

  • JumboTron

    #49 Wow. Just wow.

    • riverdog

      super hump, super gap, super cute and looks fun. FTW, #49

      Makes me wish i was still in college so i could be afraid to talk to you.

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