Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

About 9 months ago I wished a Chiver happy birthday on theCHIVE. After which, I received hundreds of Happy Birthday requests in only a couple hours. Since then, the emails continue to roll in and I feel bad ignoring them quite honestly.

So I’m going to try start a “Happy Birthday, Chivers” post once a week. But we have to lay some loose ground rules for this bad boy. The photos must be Chiveworthy. As usual, hot chicks are a great place to start but creativity will always be rewarded. Think these things through, it’s your friend’s birthday after all. Shouldn’t it be special/sexy/funny as hell?

Try to make signs or include text with the photos. In other words, don’t just email me a photo with a separate email explaining whose birthday it is and why they’re awesome. We’re not a huge corporate machine over here. I don’t have an assistant to add captions to every photo and Mac the Intern is illiterate. As always, use our handy-dandy submit page and just have fun with it.

Chive On,


  • Max Power

    #49 MOAR!

  • Mike

    I was at BolderBoulder and saw the girl with The Chive shirt!

  • Rick

    #49 Why is she out of the bedroom????

  • Bob

    #18…This chick can not take a bad photograph. She is so hot.
    #28…You're a good friend.
    #42…Yeah, congratulations on preserving a piece of graffitti.
    #45…Good looking, but kind of skinny.
    #49…Good lord. Where is the photo spread of this chick??

  • http://twitter.com/Schutze666 @Schutze666

    It's a hump d… ummm… nevermind…..

  • http://twitter.com/Schutze666 @Schutze666

    It's a hump d… ummm… nevermind…..

  • Ted Dancin'

    i tip my hat to you chive for donating some of your profits for the sake of art. banking all the money you made from putting banksy's work on your shirts seemed a little unfair, so it's cool to see i was under the wrong impression. i should've never doubted your awesomeness. chive on.


  • jwpcwrd

    OMG I know #45 personally. Didn't know she was a Chiver tho. Definitely makes her cooler now.

  • http://dirtyhotproductions.com walter

    #49 very nice, well done indeed

  • Carlos SLB


  • http://www.facebook.com/bret.vanarsdale Bret Van Arsdale

    very romantic, smelling shit while you kiss #16

  • johnnycakes@aol.com

    #14 your party looks lame. Dykefest?

  • kiwiflash

    Well you better have sex with him as a follow up birthday gift or I'll sue you for false advertising.

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