Sibling Rivalry (22 Pictures)

  • Max

    That last pic is a Camaro and a Firebird not really Siblings, more like cousins

  • lawsonmahoney

    In most of these cases I would take the Older sibling over the newer sibling. Take the 240z VS the 370z. The 240z is far more true to the production sports car theory. That being there was an engine, a seat, your ass and the road. Not all the plush bits that come on new "sports cars." Sure, they are faster, but not necessarily sleeker. Speed just comes with improved technology. If you could stop a 240 from rusting to hell it was a lot more enjoyable for the driving enthusiast than the 370 is (that is until your spine snapped in two).

    It seems that our cars have gotten fatter with the rest of the population.

    • lawsonmahoney

      Though, I will say, in the case of Ford, I would take their new lineup over anything they've made in the last 40 years and maybe over anything they've ever made, though that would take a bit more thinking on my part before I could come to that decision.

  • Gixxer

    #16 huh? 1 series and 3 series??? They are not siblings!! The one is a 1 Series BMW and the other is a 3 Series…

    • bavarianbliss

      Brothers, not twins. There are a few others that aren't the same either, but I guess you missed those.

    • Manuel

      That's the new M1 not a 3 series on the left. Look it up

  • Alan

    Firebird and Camero? More like cousin rivalry

    • Alan


  • DistractedIndividual

    #3 #9 #17 Definitely would take the older sibling any day over a newer one.

  • Anakrusix

    Fantastic Post!

    The only thing that would have made this better is HD pics!

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