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  • dzine

    a mac, and an iphone in peru, im guessing rich guy?

  • SmokeyJane

    haha yeah, Hatch Shell was the "last show" and that was 2004 so yes hopefully they'll keep coming back!

  • Troy Larsen

    #20 fuck ya red rocks, back stage is sick there

    • Nina

      I can only imagine! This was my first show there ever, and I already can't wait to go back!

  • Spence Diamond Hutchinson

    #1 Beautiful Alberta

  • Adam

    #11 My friend from Coast Guard Boot Camp Heather used to be onboard the Midget she loved being underway.

    • Thomas

      Represent the WHEC! Morgenthau 722. Chive on!

  • Matt

    #33 Right on I live in Laguna Beach just a 10-15 minute drive south from Newport Beach summer is in full swing the gorgeous CALIFORNIA GIRLS are coming out in full swing for summer.

  • Mike

    #29 Shanghai is a shit hole had to be there back in 07 for a few weeks for business COMMUNISM sucks.

  • Woo!

    Wow, you must think that the refs never miss anything, haha.

    There are also suspensions for biting, but he never got one. I noticed you avoided the comment about biting.

    On another note, Sedin had a pretty sweet cartwheel last night, followed up by Ehrhoff turtling against McQuaid. What a bunch of tough guys on the Canucks, haha.

    • know the rules

      as you speak of the European players on the Canucks. let's not confuse ourselves with Canadian hockey players and European hockey players.

      wanna talk biting and Americans?….Tyson was a real winner at that.

      • Woo!

        I'm talking Bruins/Canucks.

        I couldn't care less about the US/Canada argument.

        You have no point, this is why you keep changing the subject. Maybe you should sit the next few plays out. I'm done here. I'll let you have the last comment (I know you'll say something) so you can feel like you've won.

        Go Bruins!

  • doreen

    #2 Drove past this group on Sunday by the Cork Opera House, they were with the Gay Pride parade which was passing through Patrick Street just behind them. I had to roll down the window and shout "I FOUND HIM" as I drove past………

    • doreen

      #37 Same event actually. I know the girl on the far left of the float in the vest top. Didn't know THAT about her though…….

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #40 Just love this one..hehe

  • Coldzilla

    #1 I think I know that road

    #35 Makes me laugh even MORE so after last nights game LMFAO

    Outscored 12 – 1 over the last 2 games!



    The Rest of Canada


    • Steve Shaw

      It's on the rainy creek road, just about to Rocky. Took this on Sunday, and was very surprised to pop onto theChive this morning and see it sitting on the front page.

      • Coldzilla

        NICE! Well congrats on gettin the pic on here and heres to continued good "therapy" sessions! 😉


      • ChrisA

        I thought it was Hwy 27, just west of Olds, it looks just like my view from home. Way to promote Central Alberta!

  • spencer

    #40 looks tasty

  • twk

    #40 would love to snuggle up to that

  • Ross Huddleston

    seeing Hoover Dam, Nellis AFB, and Red Rock Canyon in one post made me wanna go play Fallout: New Vegas some more… which is what I'm gonna do now.

  • BigBoss

    #16 even Ozzie Guillén is a Chiver

  • DistractedIndividual

    A few oldies but goodies are General, Elias and Bats in the Belfry.

  • Jim

    Congrats dude….

    • Rene Zepeda


  • mattythegooch

    Nice!! Dispatch and Red Rock are AMAZING!! #20

  • Jeremy

    Fuck yeah #8 and #11!

    I'm Coast Guard in St. Pete, GO RAYS!

  • Ryan Courtemanche

    #35 the sedin sisters are going down…. BRUINS BABY

  • blurr95

    #40 you've just made my day… 🙂

  • John Best

    #8 GO RAYS!! #20 Hell yeah Dispatch #39 I took that at Star Wars in concert at the Hollywood Bowl

  • maria hernandez

    Awe! They are growing so fast1 they r cute! Congrats Rene!

  • Tony L

    #1 and #40 are both absolute perfection.

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