Chive Everywhere (40 Photos)

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  • Derp

    Thumbs down if you want, but you know I'm right. Working at The Chive is like this:

    1) Look at other websites

    2) steal funny stuff

    3) put a Chive watermark on it

    4) act like a douche

    5) repeat

  • Christopher McGowan

    #12 Is that Steven Fucking Glansberg in the back right?

  • Afghanistan2011

    #40 loved "would bang her like a screen door in a hurricane" statement above! CHIVE ON! 🙂

  • bob lee swagger


    best place ever

  • Captnjack

    sure it's copied and pasted, i still agree with it though. I'm even canadian but i can't watch a rival team win the cup… Go bruins!

  • Nathan

    #40 Hot Damn!

  • walter

    #35 canucks boo bruins yay

  • bill

    wow # 40 love that ass.yummy,yummy,lick

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