Does the HSV Clubsport look familiar (24 Pictures)

  • liquify

    yes, it is the australian company holden. it was sold in america as the Pontiac G8 and G8 GT. Much like how the Pontiac GTO, was actually the Holden, or Voxel (whichever you prefer) Monaro. It's a damn shame we had to buy one of the best four-door production V8 cars in the last decade, from across the pond…

    • pyvo13

      Voxel? What is Voxel? Did you mean Vauxhall?

  • Aussie

    I wouldn't look at it as buying it from "across the pond" Holden's were always built using Chev parts, they started manufacturing them locally as they needed, but everything good about the Holdens comes from US research and development, just repackaged overseas. You can still buy all your Chev aftermarket engine parts and both them straight onto your Holden.

    • Catbra

      Sorry, but the VE Commodore was designed and built in Oz and the only real yank part was the V8. Mainly runs a V6 engine, which is built in Oz. Your Camaro runs on the platform designed in Oz. GM didn't have a decent rear drive platform, other than the Corvette, as GM was broke and designing pieces of shit slop mobiles.
      Commodore was designed for Australia, for a very small market and hoping it may be exported. It's now been picked up in a number of countries, it just doesn't sell in huge numbers.
      We're about to get the Malibu….. yay….. designed in USA…… whoohoo

  • SBB

    G8 GXP, RIP Pontiac. Just when you were getting good again…

  • S13nobling

    We could of had a G8 wagon!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Catbra

      You could have had a G8 Ute. El Camino anyone?
      We still got it and saw one yesterday in HSV form.

      • S13nobling

        I wish GM would get their heads out of their ass and build a UTE or El Camino…

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