Ahhh to be a kid again… no work, no rules, no bills, no stress, all fun. (22 photos)

  • Jeremy

    Looks like #3 has already made up her career choice

    • pjsupremex

      taking over for oprah?

      • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221


        • Firefighter23


    • urban

      Glad I decided not to have kids.

  • DemonDan

    #2 this is how I turned into the Hulk when I was 10. Good times….

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Dude, I was thinking along the same line. I stretched out so many shirts. I drove my mother crazy. Good times indeed.

  • pjsupremex

    #2 ftw~

  • The Bandit

    #24….that'll take a few more years until this happens to you again!
    #6…is gonna be either epic win….or (probably) epic FAIL!

    • whocares

      Future cast if Jackass

  • asdasd


    • Beano

      Nice work on toning up the bod after the baby

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #20 is scary as hell

    • SpiffyTrousers

      I wish I had one of those growing up.

      "MY imaginary friend is made of titanium and has lasers for eyes, fuck yeah!"

  • Megalock26

    #18 #24 #27 your doing it right

  • James

    #5 a classic name, but its all in his face. what a legend!

  • Karl

    #20 CREEPY

  • TheBiffer



  • Demon_Cleaner

    #20 and #22 are just creepy as fuck.

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #24 "Here son, this is how you get a lap dance from some skeez"
    That's just good parenting right there.

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

    #29 Hahaha awesome

  • matt

    #19 MILF!!

  • panama99

    #26 Reminds me of a real life Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, and he is getting ready to squash the town!!!!

  • Anakrusix

    #9 – Jeez. That diaper looks like it's ready to explode.

    • Rory

      He's playin League of Legends…more important!

      • SpiffyTrousers

        4 enemies MIA


      • PoppinFresh

        exploding diapers, that's probably the reason why I can't play a single damned LoL game without someone disconnecting, rage quitting, or afk.

  • ensergio

    #1 is fucking awesome!

  • Paco

    I think the caption of this post misses one important thing that sort of cancels out the positives of childhood. No Freedom!!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #11 The Japanese mounted police.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    gosh i wish i was a kid again.!

  • judy

    #20 is creepy

    • idunno


  • Sean

    Kids know how to be awesome and have fun no matter what.

  • tralfaz

    #22 Yes Yes he will do nicely.

    • amrith777


  • gtmaestro

    #11 Lets go my noble steed #20 i would hav freaked out

  • Maytrix

    More likely he's kicking two!

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