Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • thedarksideofthesound

    #10 better with waffles and as a Waffle sandwhich

  • Brother Maynard

    #39 #40 Ah, I see what you did there.

    Ok this has probably already been posted by someone, but I'm doing it anyway.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #28 – So SAD!!!!!!

  • Mr_Rob

    #4 clap, clap, clap for yourself…

    • ilovethechive

      clap, clap, clap….I dont care if she has it, I'd still smash

    • ghghghg

      fap fap fap

  • http://www.facebook.com/ambercross421989 Amber Cross

    #6 – I want this bike. I'd ride this around town like a boss.

  • anon

    Good God. Moar #18

  • bettingonthecubs

    #39 and #40 Well played chive

  • jdust

    #18 MOAR #39 noooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • JohnnyT

    #22 The front 4 went to my high school…somehow missed and don't remember seeing the wookie in back.

  • Dad

    State obvious, get thumbs up.

    • Dante

      just wrote something simple about my favourites of the post…nothing more…don't really care about thumbs up…

      • Dad

        Commented on your lack of creativity and calling bs on not caring about thumbs up, otherwise you wouldn't have made a profile.

        • Dante

          I just chose my favourites….I didn't know I had to make a smart/sexy/creative or whatever comment….you don't know why I made my profile, I had my reasons… Chive on..

          • Dad

            You don't have to make a smart/sexy/creative comment, but then again, you don't have to think, talk, eat, breathe or live either really. It's all up to you.

            • DistractedIndividual

              STFU Troll.

              • Dad

                Asking someone to put a little thought into commenting is considered trolling on The Chive now? Man this place is going downhill fast. Derp.

                • Jacksansjill

                  Feel free to go somewhere else.

                • snoobs89

                  Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Stevo

    #43 Bitches are punching above their weight.

    • nicole


  • Bicozdenight

    Damn mirror in #49. Where is the reflection ?

  • Jimmy

    Please for the love of god more #18!!

    • guest

      Smokin hot

  • Anonymous

    #30 unacceptable.
    # 39 FUCKING NO

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    THIS is what DAR should be. not a bunch of reposts but very random funny things. kudos on today, gents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jjlinehan John J Linehan

    Adam Carolla's is better as it goes to a giant recycle bin outside but cool nonetheless

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #39 No!

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #18 is all beauty in a single picture.

  • chris

    #4 WHO IS THIS!!!

    • nate

      Amalie Wichmann… shes not ugly thats for sure.

  • ryan

    #22 deleted wrong arm

  • ilovethechive

    #16 Like a Freakin Champ

  • Phlerm

    #15 – so the pictures must have been IN THE COMPUTER?

  • Anon

    how does no one comment on #41? Its amazing.

  • Marissa

    Um….#3 Chive. It's "they're" not "there"….ugh, that error makes me shiver.

  • Anonymous


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