Left out, but never forgotten. SVX (31 Pictures)

  • Sean

    The comment worked! Success! These things seriously don't get enough credit.

  • Megalock26

    you guys are forgiven

  • http://twitter.com/3lementalmagick @3lementalmagick

    YAY!!!!! I am saving up my hard earned pennies for one of these wee beasties.. Can't wait to get it..

  • Sweets

    I had a '96 SVX….blue….favorite of all the cars I have owned….never got so many compliments on any vehicle I've owned….couldn't afford to keep it though, repaired the transmission 7 times, 6 out of the last 9 months of ownership spent in the shop……

  • therenegaderacer

    Worst car I've ever owned. They were heavy, slow, and only came with an automatic transmission. They look nice, and handle pretty well, but I'll never own another one and will continue discouraging my friends from buying them.

    • matt

      what do you drive now?

  • Colin

    I want to marry #30

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