• embry_joe

    PEW PEW!


    • M6tt

      This is the only i'll will ever like a comment including a first in it

      • Cletus

        I just likes the name Enbry Joe, is all.

  • Ryan Lee


  • Jeff

    First Epic!

    • BeerAndStupidity

      Man if you're going to do the "first" shit at least reload the page after watching the video. It's actually depressing. You managed to fail at such an idiotic thing.

  • Dan

    That was actually pretty cool.

  • Jeff

    not first… but still epic.

  • Anon

    Well there is 2 minutes of my life i will never get back


    • ZombieBootParty

      Good you don't deserve those 2 minutes anyway

  • Lower

    In tears this is too funny.
    Sooo Glad i watched this before going home. THE GREATEST! Thanks Chive.

    Pew Pew.

  • Justin

    A whole lotta wtf indeed.

  • pew pew pew

    pew pew pew pew, eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh, pew pew pew

  • Kaiser

    carrie ann moss reminds me a lot of al gore. what a perfect match for keanu.

  • Paul

    Will this be included when they do some kind of 3D re-release of the trilogy?

  • 6655321

    Ha, a capella. Almost spelled correctly. Give me Rockapella any day.

    • 6655321

      It would appear both a capella and acapella are correct. Touche. Still, Rockapella is awesome.

  • Turduckenn

    this is probably really pointless but no body above me has an avatar.

    • Drew Siegwart

      The face on your avatar made this comment funny.

    • Hich


  • Chris Scharff

    That was rit ardedly funny

    • Kenny5505

      Wait, what?

  • Paulo

    Fuck this.

  • DanielB

    Im sorry, i mean is cool and all but this just isnt doing it for me

  • ROK247

    bow bow chicka chickachikaa bow bow

  • Indifferent Man

    Is indifferent.


  • Bryan Armand DelaCruz Cristobal

    Cool track! 🙂

    btw, here's the scene from the movie for comparison:

  • Doughy

    He needed the laser sound effects from reggae songs. Bowb bowb da da daa

  • BeccaB86

    I really didn't know what to expect from the description. That was funny and awesome at the same time.

  • MrRushing

    i just imagine a bunch a people sitting around a TV with a broken volume knob…improvising

  • Nicholas Warner

    Great way to start the morning!!

  • Guest Commenter

    And now for something completely different. . .

  • misschris

    The machine gun fire cracked me up "EH EH EH EH EH EH EH"

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