The Trimaran Adastra Superyacht: Accept no substitute (15 HQ Photos)

The Adastra took more than five years to design. It is over 42.5 meters (139.4 ft) long yet has been made to be light weight enough that is is relatively fuel efficient. You might wonder what a monster like this yacht sells for and that would be a great question, unfortunately, I don’t know. But I imagine it’s just ever so slightly out of my price range.


  • Joe

    Very sexy.

    • Paulo

      This makes me like yachts.

    • Paul


  • Simon Iono

    i have one of these.

    • PoppinFresh

      does it have lazors?

    • Lalo Teijeiro

      just one?

      • ROK247

        i picked up one for each coast since its such a bother having to drive it down to panama and back up every other weekend.

    • black27696

      Finally! Does yours have a slight list to the port side around 15 knots that goes away once you speed up? They keep telling me that they haven't had reports of it and it must be my cargo, but I don't think it is.

      • tony

        well done

    • equalizermax

      You Sir have earn a friend

  • PoppinFresh

    That thing looks like something from Star Trek. Wish I could afford that crap.

    • 123

      It was probably made using the same 3d software

    • bubblerider86

      i was thinking it looked more like something that should be in warp space than in the water….still nice

    • Urban

      Beam me aboard, Scotty.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    Looks CG but still cool as hell..

    • TheRyan5

      Pretty sure it all is except for #14.

    • Bird

      Most of them are concept renderings. The only one that isn't is the one of the construction. That's probably why Bob can't find the price. It hasn't been built or sold yet.

  • Jenny Lozano

    i want to ride on that!!

    • meh

      Thats what she said!

      • ROK247

        yah seriously she said it, right up there above you.

  • epstein

    Is this the shit off whale wars?

  • John

    #12 – hard to come to terms with, but even if I won the Lotto, I couldn't afford this. Who owns these things?

    • ISaidIt

      The guys we buy oil from.

    • Pat Riot

      CEO's like Goldmansachs who make 65 million a year to destroy our economy. lol

    • Scott McGill

      Actually Anto and Elaine Marden from China will own it.

  • steve

    It looks like the ady gil or the gojira from whale wars.. stupid show by the way.

  • mattythegooch

    That fucker can do the Kessel Run in 18- parsec!!!!!

  • guy

    That's some nice computer modeling and rendering … boats not bad either

  • Illumirage

    Yeah, is that all just done in AutoDesk?

  • disturbed

    #1 Add to cart

  • darky

    I got like 87$ + 1 Kidney. Should be enough…..

  • Joe

    You mad bro?

    • specv44

      Not at all, just pointing out the obvious lol. Now, while I wouldnt mind having the cash to own one of those, I just couldnt bring myself to buy one.

  • MrRushing

    #15 i'd be the king of the space pirates

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #2 Looks cool from the outside, but the inside is a crying shame for a "Super-yacht"

    • seth

      It's not super large

  • Stafferty

    Im depressed I'm so poor. No if you will excuse me, I will be in my neighbors swimming poor with swimmies making "yacht noises" into my bourbon.

  • Koneman

    My boats better….

  • SeaBassEX

    All CGI except for the construction photo. Good luck with the sea trials.

    • Maytrix

      Yeah, hope the water is as smooth as it is in CGI 🙂

  • Lia

    Well…that certainly is snazzy…for a starship. No way the designer…or whoever commissioned the design … isn’t a Trekker. I wouldn’t mind having one…once my student loans are paid off in…Ummm…never….

  • wealthy

    hey specv44, maybe you should STFU and get a job? just sayin'

    • guy

      or 20

    • specv44

      Im actually at work right now, thanks for trying though 🙂

      • him

        they have computers on garbage trucks now?

        • specv44

          last i heard, waste management workers were pulling around $18/hr. Hows your mcdonalds job workin out for ya?

  • white man

    Priced at a princely $42.5 Mil USD

    • Nick

      I’ve been seeing the price at $15 million USD. What you saw is 42.5m (meters). Quick FYI.

  • uberbrie

    IDK, if I was going to spend that much on a boat I would want more space inside

  • Not my boat

    Yeah that thing looks awesome. It’s not very wide though which is a problem as multi-hull vessels are not self righting like a regular boat. They don’t flip very often but if it does it’s done for.

  • dOOb

    I dunno… seems unpractical… it's not even very big. The kitchen looks somewhat welfare considering the exterior.

    Think I'll pass on this one, and spend my time donkey punching Paula instead!

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