Mind blowing CGI by Alex Roman

None of what you are about to see actually exists, it is all computer generated.

This is a project that artist Alex Roman worked on for over a year in his spare time, meticulously wire-framing, texturing, lighting and coloring each layer in various 3D programs to create this masterpiece.
Making of here, and check out Alex Roman’s website here.

  • Eric

    That was absolutely insane. It all looks so real.

    • damnitshot

      actually, if you look close to the textures, nothing mind blowing about them, it's just the perfectly setted lighting tat makes things look so real

      • uberbrie

        OK, you make this video and then tell me how its not mind blowing.

        "I believe this is shopped, I've seen a few photoshops in my day and have a pretty go eye for them"

      • damnitshot

        im still sane !

  • Cumplaint

    I just farted blood and set the smoke detectors off in my condo that video was so cool

    • kiz

      It's not blood

  • Cliff

    thats pretty impressive!

  • Krod

    Being a fan of 3D animation and it being a hobby of mine… This. Is. Sick.
    Fast forward 10 years. Think of the media, movies and games we'll be able to enjoy.
    Yet another reason to chive on.

    • slut lust

      this could be the beginning of the matrix.

      • ROK247

        thats just what they want you to think.

    • eric

      That's exactly what i was thinking. We're going to see some fucking incredible stuff come from this technology. Stuff that'll make Lord of the Rings and Avatar look like fucking Pacman.

  • http://bella-d.tumblr.com Bella

    Wow. Imagine how awesome this will be… we can someday explore whole virtual cities.

  • Dr. K

    That just gave my mind a blow job

  • Dan

    This is clearly Shopped, and I've seen a few in mah' day.

    bah' Jay Kay.


    Imagine this guy being in charge of the next big video game's graphics.

  • guielmo

    I'm not sure about the other but the building from 3:47 exists..

    • JJungILL

      Nice find!! "None of what you are about to see actually exists, it is all computer generated." Yeah ok, whatever you say Chive o.0

    • bassline

      the building from 2:14 also exists…. Exeter Academy Library from Louis Kahn. http://www.scribd.com/doc/28759798/Louis-Kahn-The

    • gromtown

      8:25 – Milwaukee Art Museum

    • doubleD

      3:00 Disney Hall, LA

    • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

      Wow, good job everyone!

    • Name

      All the buildings in the video exists. But what you see in the video are CGI models of them.

  • Ben


  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Not CGI at all, and pretty boring. Just minutes of playing with Depth Of Field, yaaaawn…

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

    • NebraskaGuy

      Did you recognize the textures at 3:12? Looks like one of Windows 7 default backgrounds in the architecture catagory. Microsoft ripped this guy off and stole his creation while it was still in production? Must be some new type of marketing, like videocassettes hitting theaters before the movie is finished, haha. (Spaceballs reference for those who didn't see the movie)

    • Jimbozo

      You Suck

    • Guibombe

      You suck Paula!

      • Guibombe

        Fuckin' Troll might I add.

  • Malkintosh22


  • UsedBlueCray0n

    How the HELL did one person make this in his spare time? This is better than about 99% of CGI in theaters today. Ridiculous.

  • Malkintosh22

    Did anyone actually watch all 10 minutes of this?

    • jon


    • i did


    • QWERTY

      I did

    • Thomas


    • Garrett7292


    • Anon

      What are you freaking insane? After 00:02 I was completely captivated.

  • MBay

    Where's the robots?

    • andfukyamoms

      and splosions

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  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    mind BLOWN, what a spectacular piece of work!
    hey, just because you cant go there doesnt mean its not real, this is way better than most tangible buildings, its a work of art

    • guest

      those are real buildings…you can go there.

  • Paulo

    Good to see the Chive keeping in touch with stuff I haven't seen in a while.
    Alex Roman is a great artist whom I almost forgot about.

  • Poppy

    ……….beautiful. Just beautiful. Wish I had the talent to make something half as good as this.

  • leigh

    2 years old and on vimeo in HD http://vimeo.com/7809605 come on chive get an HD video player.

    • Fleeb

      Yea, is been around a while.

  • jamiebooks

    wow im seriously converted, never had much with the bullshit cgi but this just wow.
    take my hat af for this one, i hope he can make this his fucking future he needs to get paid.


  • kent

    Hopefully video games will look that good soon.

  • carbon

    So, … avatar was inspired by him?

  • dlq

    Boring! It would have probably been easier to take video footage of the subjects. just about everything shown exists in real life.

    CGI is only awesome if its obviously CGI, like fantasy, space, or things that are impossible to film
    a CGI sofa is still just a sofa.

    • Name

      what are you talking about? Ask anyone in the movie industry and they will all say the best special effects are the ones you don't notice (except maybe Michael Bay). Same thing with CGI.

    • sixdeadelves

      I agree, whats the point of making a cgi movie of things you could just filmed

      • Tomas

        COST. You can eventually CGI/Green Screen entire sets, costumes, art direction, weather, lighting, etc, rather than paying for all that physical and manual labor. Saving time, money, make practically immediate changes while removing unpredictable problem/delays.

        It's already being done in the music industry with virtual instruments/plugins where for a fraction of the cost you can with one composer write/score and perform an entire orchestral piece on a recording or for a motion picture soundtrack for a fraction of the cost of hiring the London Symphony Orchestra. And you CAN'T tell the difference. You'd be surprised how many scores and soundtracks in movies and TV shows are done this way already.

        • _J_

          It sounds like you're siting cost as a reason to do more things in CG as opposed to doing them practical?

          The OP here is right, much cheaper to shoot it practical and spice up the lighting in comp, and much cheaper.

          Anything done well in CG costs an arm and a leg. The more you can back it up with practical the better.

    • PandaMagnus

      The point of this wasn't to show "Hey, I can make a sofa in 3D," though. The point was (based on an old interview I read from him,) a response to the people in his field saying architecture isn't art (iirc he worked in the arch visualization field before taking a year off to do this, a field where things like this are done BEFORE a building is constructed.) So, sure, while it would have been easier to take actual footage, it wouldn't have been as relevant to an industry that deals with buildings before they're, you know, built.

      To quote:
      "The lack of respect for the architecture itself in some 'pure' commercial illustration was very frustrating to me. (Well, this is just my opinion, of course.)"*

      Also, Chive, for shame… this is not the original music. Kudos to the person who mentioned the original can be found on Vimeo in HD.

      From: http://motionographer.com/2009/08/16/alex-roman-t

    • Videorules

      Agreed. I'd like to add that drawing, painting, and sculpting are all colossal wastes of time as well. Why weren't renaissance painters just working harder to develop photography instead of trying to capture realistic detail with ink? Almost all the subjects of those paintings existed in real life… wouldn't it have been easier to just take video of the virgin Mary or the Crusades?

      Also writing. Let's be honest, who needs fiction? That's what movies are for. And as far as nonfiction/history goes… I'd honestly much rather just have been there to witness history (or watch the raw footage if those "artists" had their priorities in line) than have some jerk write about it for me to have to read later on. I say, make art easy again. Get yourself a handycam.

  • Andy Valentine

    I just shit my pants

    • bunedoggle

      I just shit someone else's pants.

      • Andy Valentine

        Someone shat in my coffee

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