Looks like someone ordered a pizza party!!! (28 Photos)

  • equalizermax

    I'm hungry

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Well, I know what's for lunch now.

  • jjj


  • http://renounceapprehension.blogspot.com/ MrRushing

    #14 #16 #28 FTW….. and #5 like a boss

  • Ricardo Saracino

    glad to see Pizza the Hut made the Cut . . . hehe

    • Domino's


      • Ricardo Saracino

        You cut Pizza, Pizza the Hut is a fictional character, he made the list, therefore the made the "cut"

        its a Cheese pun . . . hehe

  • KeyserSoze

    #19 pieception

    • Bud Lee

      Beat me to it

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514615429 Pat Overton

      Yo dawg! We heard you like pizza. So we put some pizza on your pizza! :p

      • Medium00Rare

        Awww… and you beat me to this one!

  • pie

    itsa pizza pie

  • Matthew

    All this post needs is another massive advertisement for Friends with Benefits.

  • E Tex

    #16 great idea

    • hMMMM

      only for the first 3:28 of the pizza being out of the oven. Once it cools, completely useless.

    • Tomas

      No, it's sacrilege! 😮


      (unless it's deep dish) =/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743555460 Katelyn Manchak

    #27 is a win!

    • faemaochasiubao

      Yeah! What time is it? It's pizza time!

    • BigPoker

      It's pronounced clock actually.

    • https://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

      Had one of these. same exact model. was awesome

  • BaconBoy

    This is how you get people to pay their parking tickets.

  • Doug

    #20 "Vote for Pedro!"

  • Ripple

    #17 do want

  • mr.plow

    #14 ROCK ON BROTHER…. oh yeah and I'll take a pepperoni with sausage.

    • Master_Rahl

      that dude is ROCKIN the sign like a mofo! I would order their pizza for his enthusiasm alone. AWESOME advertising.

      • 6655321

        Ditto. I'm still laughing from that shit.

  • MikeOlmos

    #23 I've seen this before. Can't remember…

    • Neight4

      Pizza the hut, Space Balls. I think…

    • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

      Space Balls

    • Creutzfeld


    • saltygary

      One of the nastiest characters ever:

      • Jen


    • Raaandy


    • Master_Rahl

      Yeah, didn't Pizza eat himself to death? With the help of that creepy Max Headroom look-a-like, Vinny.

  • Major Rocker

    #10 Pre-cut pizza = win to me!

  • Sharky

    #7 You've got red on you

  • rlmnofjean-ious

    #13 is so beautiful it almost made me cry 😥

    • Neight4

      Cici's right?

      • hMMMM

        How is CiCi's? We see the commercial all the time but there's not one near us (NYC)

        • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

          tasteless,cold,buffet style pizza.you ain't missing anything. especially in NYC

        • Neight4

          It's ok. Ate it a lot in college. They have some creative pizzas. Worth 5 bucks.

          • Yuppp

            All I'm sayin is if you're stoned and you want some pizza CiCi's is where it's at!

    • I miss Chicago

      Fuck CiCi's. If youre in Chicago, you can get one of those at Ian's Pizza on Clark. Fucking delicious.

  • Anonymous

    #7 is that Pizza or a scene out of True Blood?

  • crookedcrow5150

    #14 waaaaaay better then the wanna be, hip-hop dancin' d-bag fools on the corner of our streets.

  • misschris

    #3 I stared at that for a while. Its still creepy…

    • Guest

      Awkwardly erotic

    • the_junglist

      AHHHH!! Kill IT!! Kill it with a stick!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva


      • drew

        Quaid….start the reactor.

      • ThatGuy

        its shopped onto the pizza but its the face of a real baby. It has a condition call 'Harlequin Fetus'

  • Neight4

    #8 Yo, we heard you like pizza, so we put pizza in your pizza so you can enjoy pizza while you eat pizza.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514615429 Pat Overton

      Damn, I just said the same thing on someone else's post above you. Can I get some kind of "Posting Redemption" ala Tosh.0? Damn, damn, damn!!!:S

  • Captlazarus

    #3 just stop. fucking with pizza will get you popped right in your snot locker buddy.

    • ThatGuy

      That face is from a deformed baby.

  • Brad

    I would need a gravity bong hit before I attempted to eat any of these pizzas…

  • Lonestar

    *gasp* Pizza the Hut!"

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

    #23 Pizza the hutt lol!

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