Miami’s Fashion week makes me appreciate our Chivettes… (24 photos)

...but I will say, some of these girls are off the charts.

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  • Maffu

    They may chart high in the "Scrawny Wretches Who Need Eat Some Fecking Dinner" chart. outside of that you can keep almost all of them.

  • Clover

    ….. I’d rather see Chivettes.

  • Clover

    …… Chivettes. I'd rather see Chivettes. No question.

  • Coldzilla

    Sorry but I like girls that eat lunch….

  • sniggi

    these bitches need some Crisco

  • theatreides

    #17 is the only one here worth it.

  • Pani Booyah

    I just blew a nut

  • Jp

    Boney asses, eh. Put Dylan up there

  • Dano

    Chivettes FTW.



  • Phred

    These girls are far too skinny! Real women have curves. The FLBP and Chivettes are far sexier!

  • konaehukai

    Nice but I'll take the sexy Chivettes.

  • Anonymous


  • DB3

    wow wow oh wow dude wow wow dude. the chivettes better step it up this week

  • carucha

    #24 ftw

  • Herm23

    #26 &#28

    I'll stick to FLBP, Hump Day, Burn your Bra and of course the world famous Chivettes over any of these ladies. I also like a tad more meat on the bones. Muscle is not a bad thing ladies. Saggy asses are.

  • chethive

    #17 that is all

  • Irishstephen

    Not impressed – they all look high-maintenance, stuck up and skinny!! Give my my FLBP's ANY day…


    cant say that i am a fan 😦 could have done a better post like asians

  • nojoke420

    It should be illegal to post a swimsuit thread without Kate Upton

  • S13nobling

    As far as I'm concerned , none of them were Chive worthy… No humps, no dimples, no flbp…no redheads…nothing…

  • Trez

    #3 "Hi yeah, I'd like to order 20 double cheeseburgers, 30 pepperoni pizzas and as much full-fat cola as you can fit in the van". Less Size 0, more FLBP

    • wolf

      you just like fat chicks.

  • wolf

    these comments are crazy! these women are all gorgeous! If any of them walked by you on the street you would drop dead! The Chivettes are highschool and college girls with heads cut off and dirty mirrors.

  • Master_Rahl

    Ugh. Thank goodness for Chivettes, these women are wearing too much make-up and not enough meat on their bones. Need a palette cleanser of Chivettes to make the world alright again. I like what is being repeated all over the comments – Chivettes are REAL – real sexy! real curvy! real(ly) HOT! Is it time for Sexy Chivers yet?

    • wolf

      you just like fat chicks. They're super models! Of course they have make up on ya moron! You are reduced calling girls to "meat" you got your own problems!

      • Master_Rahl

        all good wolf. I'll leave you the bones, dog. Save the meat for the man. Thanks for helping me unload the unwanted parts.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Well I think I'm with you…I will stick with are chivette's we can buy fake all day long…but here…the girls are real..and thats all bright with me…oh right hehe….

  • Jose

    Not a fan of ANY of them!!

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