How theCHIVE got its name (4 Photos)

Yesterday, we rolled out a popular post titled, How big businesses actually got their names. (That fascinating post here) Surprisingly, most of those big businesses conjured their brand names by using bits and pieces of the founders' or businesses' initials and nicknames, then cobbled the various acronyms together to form the popular brand names you recognize so well today. For example, SEGA is shortened from SErvice GAmes of Japan.

A lively discussion ensued in theCHIVE comment section and we received dozens of emails from people asking how theCHIVE got its name. Most Chivers speculate that theCHIVE (pronounced like the plant) spawned from The Onion or is perhaps shortened from arCHIVE (pronounced with a hard k)? Not at all, actually.

The real answer might surprise you. How theCHIVE got its name is really a tale of two cities. We started theCHIVE in 2008. At the time, Leo was working in Chicago and John was in Venice Beach...

  • Brendan

    So is if it is the Chi from Chicago (pronounced "shy") then is it pronounced "the Shy-ve"??? That puts the Du in Duche!

  • Finger

    I´m a chocorrol XD saludos de mexico

  • carlos ayon

    and how do you pronounce it?

  • GregS18348

    I was wrong again! Not "CHIcks that gave us a VEnereal disease".


    HOW IS IT PRONOUNCED??????????????????????????

  • mike

    i know im late but this site beats the fuck out of

  • Aaron Clement

    So it's not pronounced 'kive'? I thought it was short for Archive, as well.

  • Mike

    So how do you pronounce the name of the site, like the plant or arChive?

  • Aaron

    Shive on?
    Chive (Kive) on it has been to all of us and so it shall remain.

  • Davor

    make money olnineIt also got me to wondering what it is that people get from these things. Do people really draw motivation from this stuff? I have been reading Darren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind , or at least re- reading sections of it, this week. He points out that

  • Benje

    Why is the C green?

    • Kyle

      My guess would be sunlight hitting algae and plant life through the water, and their colors reflecting up to the surface.

  • Anonymous

    You guys can’t read????? Shive? No. Kive?? No. Sound it out CH-I-VE.

  • Always Last


  • Kaylin E. McKenzie

    Thank God for thsi post, I always assumed it was short for archive, and my brother said chive the plant

  • billyjack13

    I had it wrong too. Chive is to church as king is to kong. Chive on, bitches . (Theonion sucks. )

  • Johnny B

    Ive always pronounced Chicago with a "ch" sound, like church. Yes, Ive heard many people say it with the "sh" too.
    My honest assumption before reading this was pronouncing Chive like "Kive" I assumed it was short for archive. Kivers and Kivettes. lol

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