Get tickets to Thursday’s Chicago meetup before they’re gone!

chive chicago meetup tickets now 500 Get tickets to Thursdays Chicago meetup before theyre gone!

We’re flying through Chicago meetup tickets for theCHIVE’s Chicago meetup. We had planned on selling tickets up to the event but they are going pretty fast so get them while you still can. After today, we’ll get a final count and open up the remaining tickets on Wednesday if there are any left.

Come join the entire CHIVE family for our first Chicago meetup. Have a drink or twenty with John, Leo, Bob, Mac the Intern, Rick, Patty, and theBERRY girls -Emily and Megan, and some mystery Chivettes in attendance at Benchmark in Old Town, Thursday Aug 4th from 6-9 PM

Where: Benchmark 1510 North Wells Street
When: 6-9 PM
Price: $45 for dudes and $35 for chicks which includes all beer, wine, booze, and shots! (note: there are no corporate sponsors and we are making no money on this event)
Entertainment: Probably a world renowned DJ, or at least a really really good one.
Prizes: As part of your admission, we are raffling off an iPad 2, gift cards, CHIVE t-shirts, and other mystery prizes
Stipulations: Guys, if you buy more than 3 tickets, at least one of them has to be for a GIRL, with a vagina.

There are only 300 tickets for sale, and they will go fast, so don’t wait!
Get there on time to take full advantage of the open bar! When purchasing tickets, girls, select “Chivette” tickets. Fellas, select “Chiver” tickets. Gender will be checked at the door without rubber gloves. Must be 21 to attend.

Click HERE to buy tickets!

See you soon and CHIVE On!

  • Chicago_Animal

    Wow, tickets are sure moving! Maybe you people aren’t as dumb as Chive thought when they put this together this get together.

  • Chicago_Animal

    290 tickets are left. Hurry!!

  • CaptainStag

    Just playing devil's advocate here, as I appreciate the logic behind the move, but seriously – how d'you get away with charging chivers more than chivettes? From a legal standpoint, I mean…

  • http://Chive Ruth O.

    Where can I get a CHIVE t shirt?

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