• xDV8x

    That's great!

  • SkyVader

    Didn't need the video to know that.

  • sheoncebelieved

    Pretty sweet that now we can view a video on the Chive's main page w/out coming here…! Yeah, way to figure that out finally. (so I still came here to comment, mainly to bless everybody with my thoughts)

    • thedude

      … and we ARE blessed! I'm a fan of your comments, really. 🙂 Nice to see you still take a swing now and then even though sometimes the Chivers are kinda mean to you and thumb down what you say on occasion. But I don't, so keep the comments coming 🙂

      • Billy

        And keep up the motor boating, we all enjoy that. Except your sister, don't do that it would be awkward.

        • thedude

          motorboating? Are you being serious, sarcastic, or just trolling?

          • Billy

            You must be new.

  • Beano

    The cumin will give you gas though!

  • etc4779

    Yeah, the concept of body switching in movies is pretty gay but this movie was fucking hilarious. We went to the early screening thanks to theChive and laughed are asses off!!!

    • Drop Stop Roll

      Asses are not off, in case that was a question.

      • etc4779

        our, my fault.

        • Drop Stop Roll

          Just fuckin with ya man.

  • JPAnnichiarico

    Funny stuff

  • Drop Stop Roll

    Not gonna lie, I did start to visibly smile, and even gave off a slight guffaw toward the end of the promo clip. If I see this movie, it will be because Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are awesome and hilarious, and ignore the "plot" altogether.

    • etc4779

      You will like it, its the hardest I have laughed since The Hangover..

    • Halfasandwich

      Saw the sneak peek last week, ignore the plot,and laugh our ass off 🙂

  • white_mandingo

    i like funny. this is that.

    • Larry

      What is?

      • white_mandingo

        this pterodactyl turd that i'm massaging. …this video clip, sir, is what i'm referring to being funny..considering thisis the comments section about said video.

        • Drop Stop Roll

          * Pterofaptyl

          • white_mandingo

            but they have such small, talony hands 😦

  • Dan

    This is marketing at its best… they noticed that the buzz was off, figured out why and addressed it before word of mouth (or lack there of) sunk it. Great job. I didn't want to see it but now I think at least some people involved didn't just make another Freaky Friday cash in…

    • Larry

      Freaky Friday is the body switching movie you go to by default?

  • Bryan

    Funny promo video. Although the plot of the movie has been done quite a few times already, these guys are hilarious and will probably go see it for that reason.

  • Htisss

    Sadly that ad is probably funnier than the movie.

    • Ha!

      Wrong. Go see it, saw the advance screening, frickin hilarious.

  • da2conan

    Don't hurt em lantern!!

  • Paul

    Jason Bateman is the best straight man in the business.

    Michael Bluth 4eva!

  • maggiemay13

    I love Jason Bateman, I'm definitely looking forward to the Arrested Development movie. If I see this movie it will only be because these two men are hilarious and sexy, very sexy.

    • Professor Zing

      Agreed on the Jason Bateman part and Arrested Development.

      … also on the both being sexy part.

  • Bud Ugly

    Yeah, I consider myself a fan of both Bateman and Reynolds, but I had every intention of passing on this movie. The trailer looked pretty damn bad. BUT, after watching this… I'll now probably watch it when it's out on DVD.

  • Ken Hogan

    Wow. Ryan Reynolds is slowly evolving into George Hamilton.

    • Ken Hogan

      -2? Aw come on. Seriously. His lips look like he has pink lipstick on his skin is so bronzed. He's the male equivalent to a blonde with super tanned skin wearing pink makeup.

  • Coldzilla

    "Dont hurt em, Lantern!"


    Like both these actors but sadly Im guessin that this promo is funnier than the movie will ever be…

  • Chris

    Cant wait to see this one XD looks hilarious!

  • Shawn Forth

    That actually makes me want to see the movie.

  • your mate

    why cant all your videos be from youtube 😦 the other player sucks assssssssss

  • -KhmerStory-

    @Drop Stop Roll: If I see this movie, it will be because Olivia Wilde is incredibly hot, and amazing.

    • Drop Stop Roll

      You know you can just hit Reply, right? You must be from Twitter, let me guide you.

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